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The Emperor-Magus

The adhalmagus is the head of House Taldiress, its lord and master. The adhalmagus is not always male, either - it is simply enough that a member of the House is among the most powerful magi of the House when the previous adhalmagus dies to be considered for the role. The adhalmagus is usually chosen by the Nine at the death of the previous head of House. Usually, it is one of the Nine themselves who become the next adhalmagus but not always.

The Current Adhalmagus

The current adhalmagus is Kepeskdaar, whose title means "King of Storms." Though he once ruled Rainshire Province, he was the natural choice for next adhalmagus with the passing of his predecessor, Selara the Vigilant. Kepeskdaar bears the markings of a blue dragon lineage, to the point of having developed a great set of draconic wings on his back, a trait not seen in the adhalmagus in two hundred years.

Adhalmagus Kepeskdaar lives in the highest tower of the Imperial Citadel in Stormpeak, and is fond of flying out into the middle of storms to dance with the lightning. He is also a master of storm magics, which he does not hesitate to use against his enemies. However, he also does not hesitate to use them to the aid of his people, calling up rainy weather for those portions of the Empire that need the relief of the rain after too much dryness. Kepeskdaar is a tall man, with rich arthonath features and long dreadlocks bound in coils of copper set with amber down his back. His eyes are a rich, electric blue that actually spark with dancing arcs of lightning when he is angry.