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God of Madness and Savagery

Admaak'Raasian PCs
  • Domains: Destruction, Madness
  • Channel Divinity Feats: Power of Amaunator, Asmodeus's Fiery Command, Gruumsh's Battle Fury, Righteous Rage of Tempus

Avengers of Admaak'Raas


Clerics of Admaak'Raas


Invokers of Admaak'Raas


Paladins of Admaak'Raas


Runepriests of Admaak'Raas


Also called XXX

  • Portfolio: XXX
  • Depiction: XXX
  • Symbols: XXX
  • Origins: XXX

The Wildhell (Talion Hell)

Vast and overgrown is the wilderness-hell of Admaak'Raas, a thorn-ripped wasteland of sharp stone, iron-like vines and soil that greedily drinks blood. Even the perfumes of its many flowers instill madness in those who breathe their spore. The hunting-devils of the Mad God hunt the souls of those who wielded savagery to sate their lusts, and who were wanton in their dealing of death. Beneath the ever-shifting, mad surface of the Wildhell is imprisoned Ydma-Logos, the primordial of order, bound in chains of sheer insanity.

Known Factions