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Character History

Hi my name is Adora and I was born into a well known family that everyone seems to both love and fear. I've always wondered why my family has this effect on people and why no one seems to want to talk about my family's past and why if my family owned most of the valley close to where I grew up we had to live in this house secluded from everyone? Why couldn't my parents and I just move and live in the beautiful valley? I often run away to the valley to think and to just be alone, the valley had become my special place. So why couldn't we live there? I mean if we have to be secluded why couldn't we live in a beautiful flower littered valley with a sparkling river running through part of it? I often dream of where my family seemed to originate from, a beautiful land that is forbidden to me now and no one wants to tell me why?

Bound and determined to figure out about my family's past I decided at fourteen to follow in my parents footsteps and become a bounty hunter. It's now eight years since my decision to delve into my family's history to find out why my family is both feared and loved. My family name of Brightmoon is one that will drive all the heat out of a room and bring about hushed glances from everyone in the room. It's my birthday and I was just informed that my parents can't be contacted. It seems that they have vanished without a trace on their last bounty.

I will find out what happened to my parents and I will also find the answers in which I seek regarding my family's past and reputation.


Ancestral Holdings, Occupation Bounty hunter, Geography: Mountains