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Scion of Lugh


"Show me a guy who's afraid to look bad, and I'll show you a guy you can beat every time."

A friendly, engaging individual with a competitive streak as strong as his pension for death-defying thrills, Aiden Connor works as one of the up and coming performers in the Cirque de Soleil, his performance specializing in a mixture of the disciplines of fire dancing, fire juggling, and fast-paced acrobatics.

Aiden was born to a single mother in a small town in Western New York. Aiden's mother, Patricia Stevens, was an ex-Arkansas Beauty Queen turned Beautician and Soap Opera Enthusiast. Around when Aiden turned 5, his mom enlisted him in gymnastics as a way to have her afternoons free for Christian Singles get-togethers. Aiden, enamored with the new-found sport, seemed to learn things as quickly as someone could teach him, taking to the floor as naturally as a fish taking to water.

Shortly after Aiden turned 7, Patricia married a man named Mark Campbell, a gruff, middle-aged Buffalo beat cop. Mark and Aiden always had problems relating to one another and seeing eye to eye in any situation, a trend that would later continue through Aiden's High School years. After Patricia married, she quit her profession as a beautician to become a more devoted wife, taking care of Aiden and the general maintenance of the house. Against his step-father's wishes, calling it a sport for girls and fags, Aiden continued to take Gymnastics per his mother's final say. Mark resented the fact that Aiden always came first with Patricia, and would sometimes take it out physically on Aiden, threatening more severe violence if Aiden were to ever tell his mother about it.

By the beginning of High School, Mark and Aiden were getting into arguements whenever Aiden would come around the house, which Aiden made a point to be as little as possible, finding any activity to do as an excuse to not be home, including getting a job, joining his school's juggling club and dance team, and leading the school's Yoga club on top of going to school and having year-round sports commitments. The dynamic between Aiden, Patricia, and Mark was shaky at best, things becoming very verbally abusive between Patricia and Mark as well, though Aiden always stood by his mother, trying to be the support for her that they both knew Mark wasn't.


Despite this fact, Aiden filed for Emancipation when he was 16, convincing his mother that it would be best for everyone's sanity (his step-father needed no convincing). However, due to the increasingly dysfunctional aspects of her relationship with Mark at that point, and the absence of Aiden, Patricia quickly became an alcoholic, drinking herself into a shouting stupor almost every night.

On August 10th, 1997, Aiden's 18th birthday, he showed up to his mom and step-father's house for a small celebration of family. He got there a few hours early to find Mark, already quite drunk, yelling at his mother. He waited outside the house for a short while listening, and opened the door to the house right as Mark struck Patricia across the face. Aiden snapped, throwing Mark up against a wall, breaking his collar bone telling him to pack his belongings and get the hell out. Mark stormed out of the house, driving away peeling rubber. Later that night, it'd be reported that Mark had died in a drunk driving accident. Patricia mourned his loss for a great while. Aiden couldn't think of a better birthday present.

Shortly after, Aiden left for college in Arizona where he continued to do gymnastics. He was always among the top contenders in the NCAA, specializing in the Floor and Vault exercises. Along with doing Track and Field, in which he set unprecedented records in the Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, and Javelin, Aiden was one of the most celebrated athletes at Arizona State University.

After college, as a graduation present to himself, he took a trip to Las Vegas, where after seeing a performance of the Cirque de Soleil, he decided that that's what he wanted to do. He applied as a juggler, and they told him that they had jugglers. He applied as an acrobat, and was told that that they already had acrobats. He applied as a contortionist, also as a dancer, and was again told that they already had those. He then asked if they had someone in the troupe who did all of these things, to which they congratulated him and welcomed him aboard.

Aiden has been really questioning himself since becoming a Scion and joining the NAOS group. One week, he's juggling and flying through the air and the next, he finds that he's killed several people, as have others, and everyone seems to just be taking it in stride like it doesn't even matter. Then again, it's not like he finds many others around him to have much in the way of morals or respect, not to mention any manner of professionalism. Just because one finds them self to be a godling one morning doesn't mean that you should treat others any differently, or necessarily manipulate others just because you can. People are going to start paying attention to your actions, and they're going to realize what sorts of people they want sticking around, and which ones they don't.



Chiyoko: Chiyoko lately has seemed a bit of a conflicting puzzle. He doesn't seem to really take others into account in his everyday life. Sarcastic comments, dismissive statements, and all manner of different sorts of disapprovals towards any given situation is just part of his charm, I guess. However that being said, when things escalate past just normal human interaction, Chiyoko is always the first at the front line, making sure as few people get hurt as possible, usually sacrificing himself in the process, if it comes down to it. I don't get it, I mean, if you actually didn't care about people, why would you go rushing in to fix everything? I think Chiyoko either has some guilt over something he's not telling us about or isn't as mean-spirited as he'd like the rest of the world to think.

Riley: Goddamn, anyone who would pull a gun on his boss is to be respected. Respected? Is that the right word? I think it is... I have to admit that at the time, I was in complete agreement of his actions, the gods know I was thinking it hard enough. If you have the power to do something while people are dying and you're sitting idly by twiddling your thumbs, you pretty much deserve a gun to your head as encouragement to actually do something. While I think his methods were a bit rash, there was a small part of me that smiled when everything transpired, which leads me to all sorts of weird questions about who I've become since my visitation, but that's something to think about later, I think.

Johnathon: Okay so, maybe first impressions were jumping a little too quickly to conclusions. Jonathon has proved more than useful and competent on several occasions now, and has shown himself to not be nearly as much of a bad guy as I thought him to be. In him, I'm finally starting to be aware of why we all got thrown in this mix all together. We all bring something completely different to the table, and Jonathon's got the computer ability and the intelligence that I think is going to bring us a lot more information and insight through planning things out rather than running into things blindly.

Lora: I think this girl may have an edge to her that no one anticipated. I don't know if she did it on purpose, or has just changed so much already since her visitation, but that innocent girl routine (facade?) is definitely not shining as brightly as it did when we first all got together. There's something there that she's holding back, and I'm sure I don't want to be on the receiving end of whatever it happens to be when she finally pops. Also, what's with that mean dog of hers? I think we all need to sit down, talk, and explain ourselves in full to the other Scions in our group so we can know what to expect, and why certain things are the way they are.

Vlad: Much like Lora, I think Vlad's growing into his breeches rather well, so to speak. He's starting to get his bearings a bit more, and is maybe learning that there's not as much to be afraid of or to freak out about as he originally thought. Mind you, there's some crazy mythic shit out there, but we're part of that crazy mythic shit, so it can't be all bad, right? Also, I'm glad he's acting like a person now instead of some weird villain out of a horror movie or something, going off about dead people and the like.

Characters Stats

  • Calling: Carnival Fire Dancer; Nature: Bravo
  • Attributes: Str 3, Dex 5, Sta 3; Cha 5, Man 2, App 2; Per 2, Int 2, Wits 3
  • Abilities: Academics 1, Art (Dance) 4, Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Command 3, Control (Car) 1, Empathy 2, Fortitude 2, Integrity 3, Larceny 1, Melee 2, Occult 2, Presence 4, Survival 1, Thrown 4
  • Legend: 4
  • Epic Attributes: Epic Dexterity (2), Epic Charisma (2), Epic Strength (2), Epic Wits (2)
  • Knacks: Lightning Sprinter (Epic Dexterity), Untouchable Opponent (Epic Dexterity), Benefit of the Doubt (Epic Charisma), Never Say Die (Epic Charisma), Hurl to the Horizon (Epic Strength), Mighty Heave (Epic Strength), Social Chameleon (Epic Wits), Rabbit Reflexes (Epic Wits), Ricochet Symphony (Epic Dexterity), Escape Artist (Epic Dexterity)
  • Boons: Sky's Grace (Sky 1), Wind's Freedom (Sky 2), Fire Immunity (Fire 1), Bolster Fire (Fire 2), The Unlidded Eye (Magic 1), Evil Eye (Magic 2), Brenan's Law (Enech 1)
  • Willpower: 5
  • Virtues: Expression 3, Intellect 2, Piety 1, Courage 3
  • Join Battle: 5(9); Soak: 3B/2L/0A; Armor (Moosehide): +4B/+3L/+0A, Mob: -1, Fat: 1, -4 to all stealth rolls; Armor (Bulletproof Vest): +2B/+2L/+0A, Mob: 0, Fat: 1; Dodge DV: 9(11); Parry DV: 6; Move: 7 yds; Dash: 15(30) yds; Jump: 9 yards vertical, 18 yards Horizontal; Lift: 1650 lbs.
  • Attacks: Aidanconnadh (Thrown: Spd 4, Acc 14, Dam 5L, Rng 120; Melee: Spd 4, Acc 8, Dam 5L, +0 Def)
  • Health Levels: -0 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -4 / Inc.
  • Languages Known: English, French, and Portuguese
  • Other Notes: Aiden has three relics as follows:
    • Aidanconnadh (Relic 5 Spear): Speed 4, Acc +1, +2L, Rng 15; Purviews: Fire; Unique Abilities: Speed +2; Adds Legend rating to all Dex + Thrown rolls made with the spear; Aidanconnadh will automatically return to it's wielder after an attack has been made
    • Spéirgeata (Relic 2 Torc): Purviews: Sky; Unique Abilities: Adds rating in Legend to Wits + Awareness rolls.
    • Uaithne (Relic 1 Whiskey Flask): Purviews: Magic;

Experience Points

Earned: 82
  • Pregame: 5
  • Pilot - The Recruitment
    • Session 1: 10
  • Ep. 1 - First Mission
    • Session 1: 5
    • Session 2: 5
    • I can has spudz: 1
    • 3-die Stunt: 1
    • End of Episode 1: 5
    • Episode 1 Report: 1
  • Ep. 2 - The Dead Walk
    • Session 1: 5
    • Session 2: 5
    • I can has meadz: 1
    • Session 3: 5
    • Tacos + Cookiez: 1
    • Session 4: 5
    • End of Episode 2: 5
    • Episode 2 Report: 1
  • Ep. 3 - Hyborean Vengeance
    • Session 1: 5
    • Session 2: 5
    • Session 3: 5
    • End of Episode 3: 5
    • Mo' Naked Hos: 1

Spent: 83; Unspent: 0

  • Epic Strength (Rank I), 10xp: The Recruitment
  • Presence (Rank IV), 5xp: The Recruitment
  • Epic Strength (Rank II), 5xp: First Mission (pt. 1)
  • Epic Wits (Rank I), 8xp: First Mission (pt. 2)
  • Sky (Rank I [Sky's Grace]), 4xp: First Mission (pt. 2)
  • Epic Wits (Rank II), 4xp: The Dead Walk (pt. 1)
  • Empathy (Rank II), 2xp: The Dead Walk (pt. 1)
  • Enech (Rank I), 3xp: The Dead Walk (pt. 2)
  • Legend (Rank IV), 24xp: Hyborean Vengeance (pt. 1)
  • Dex Knack (Ricochet Symphony), 5xp: Hyborean Vengeance (pt. 2)
  • Dex Knack (Escape Artist), 5xp: Hyborean Vengeance (pt. 3)
  • Magic (Rank 2 [Evil Eye]), 8xp: Hyborean Vengeance (pt. 3)



Wits (Rank IV) 12xp
Perception (Rank III) 8xp
Epic Perception (Rank I) 10xp
Manipulation (Rank III) 8xp
Epic Manipulation (Rank I) 10xp


Occult (Rank III) 3xp
Awareness (Rank III) 4xp
Integrity (Rank IV) 5xp
Marksmanship (Rank I) 3xp
Medicine (Rank I) 3xp
Command (Rank IV) 6xp
Survival (Rank II) 4xp
Melee (Rank III) 4xp
Empathy (Rank III) 4xp

Occult (Rank IV) 5xp; Awareness (Rank IV) 6xp; Marksmanship (Rank II) 2xp; Marksmanship (Rank III) 4xp


Enech (Rank II) 4xp
Magic (Rank II [Bona Fortuna]) 8xp
Magic (Rank II [Evil Eye]) 8xp
Legend (Rank V) 32xp;
Willpower (Rank VI) 10xp