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Crew of the Sublime Huntsman

  • Burgundy
    • An erymanthos bound in servitude to Pathfinder
    • Spends most of his time incorporeal
  • Lavender
  • The Otterpops
  • Sublime Huntsman, the little god of the ship.
    • The spirit takes the form of an old sea-captain, with skin of wood and a uniform made of sail-cloth.
    • an ornery and insulting spirit that doesn't quite realize that it's much weaker than it once was.
    • The spirit is short of stature and speaks in a higher-pitched, squeaky voice which is reminiscent in tone to the creaking of a vessel rocking on mostly calm waters. It is inordinately fond of recounting tales of its adventures on the high seas, aggrandizing its own role in the telling.
    • He suffers aches & pains that reflect the ship's physical condition
    • He has an appetite for fine wines, expensive & rare fine wines. When we are able to procure such to his satisfaction, the ships seems to sail so much easier than on days he is without.
    • He loves to love the lovely ladies & often reminisces of sirens, mermaids & water nymphs he had known in the past
  • Turtle

Lunars of the West

  • Wave Dancer, Changing Moon, Dolphin Totem
    • Affiliation unknown

Crossroads Society

  • Adamant Depths, No Moon, Sea Turtle Totem; member of the Crossroads Society
    • Mentor to Dead Eye
    • Victim of the Writhing
    • Killed by the players when he attacked them
  • Fathom's Pen, No Moon, Squid Totem; member of the Crossroads Society
    • Mentor to Obsidian Gaze, and marked him with moonsilver tattoos distinctly of the Lintha style
    • Friend of Adamant Depths

Seneschals of the Sun Kings

  • Leviathan, Full Moon, Orca Totem
    • Oldest of the Western Lunars
    • De facto leader of the Seneschals, though he rarely takes any sort of active role
    • A recluse, he did not attend Fathom's Pen's moot

Swords of Luna

  • Deepklaive, Full Moon, Swordfish Totem; member of the Swords of Luna
  • Red Tusk, Full Moon, Walrus Totem; member of the Swords of Luna
    • Inducted Obsidian Gaze into the Swords of Luna
    • Oldest of the Lunars to appear at Fathom's Pen's moot

Wardens of Gaia

  • Infinite Hunger, Full Moon, Caiman Totem; member of the Wardens of Gaia
    • The earliest settlement to be affected by the Writhing---as far as Capering Sifu is aware---lies within Infinite Hunger's territory.
  • Nine Blade Reaver, Changing Moon, Sea Lion Totem; member of the Wardens of Gaia

Winding Path

  • Capering Sifu, No Moon, Gibbon Totem; member of the Winding Path
    • Disapproves of Fathom's Pen's treatment of Obsidian Gaze
    • Has previously encountered another, unnamed Lunar suffering from the Writhing, before Adamant Depth's attack on the players
    • Ally of the players
  • Pearlescent Seneschal, Changing Moon, Sea Gull Totem; member of the Winding Path
    • Does not possess a war form


The Writhing

  • Mysterious, essence-based sickness manifesting as writhing eels
  • May be able to exert some insidious influence over the behavior of its host, though it does not outright possess them
  • Seems to be somehow Wyld in origin
  • Has been encountered by the Sublime Huntsman before
  • Infected Adamant Depths, and Capering Sifu has referenced at least one other Lunar that was infected, though we do not know his/her name

The Lintha

The Devil-Queen of the Lintha
  • Umra thach Igli, the Devil-Queen: The terrifying Lintha pirate queen and captain of the Ravenous Behemoth, Umra's secret is that she is an Infernal Exalt, one of the Green Sun Princes. Though she has many years of legend behind her, the West has not yet seen the true horror Umra has been chosen to bring to it. There are many tales about the Devil-Queen of Bluehaven:
    • Umra is quite tall, standing just above six and one-half feet in height, thanks to her very-pure Lintha blood. She wears her hair in elaborate braids and dresses in leather and buckles. She loves nothing more than finding exotic new (sentient) slaves, and forcing them to wear collars and chain leashes, taking them with her wherever she goes.
    • Many years ago Umra did the unthinkable--she plundered the Coffin Vurjawna and brought forth a prize from that great sunken tomb. Umra stated that Kimbery herself came to her in dreams and showed her how to breach the dead Lintha defenses--the truth of this is a matter of debate. Regardless, one of the most whispered legends told about Umra began when she rose from those murky depths upon the back of a wonder of ancient Lintha creation, a greened copper automaton. Against all odds the thing was operational, and followed Umra's every whim and dictation. The terrifying thing, called The Verdigris Manta by some, walks on land or through the water and bears great, manta like wings. The automaton rarely leaves Umra's side, and terrible tales have been spread regarding the things implacable ferocity in battle.
    • Tavern-whispers tell of Umra thach Igli's terrible fetishes--Umra is apparently obsessed with castration, whether as a product of her unique heritage or simply because of the cruelty and debasement the act entails. Rumor tells that Umra's slaves are castrated by herself personally, and that she takes great delight in eating the genitalia afterward. What is known for sure is that castration is a common practice on the Ravenous Behemoth as a method of torture, often carried out by Umra or with her present. Some claim she has an entire collection of cruel and wonderfully crafted instruments for this purpose.
    • Umra is particularly feared, of all the Lintha, for the disturbing method she uses to dispose of her enemies and those that she deems unworthy to be taken as slaves. In the hold of her raiding barge are a great many strong, ceramic pots -- just big enough to hold an adult-sized male. Victims are sealed inside these jars and are dropped overboard, suffocating to death in their cramped tombs. Umra believes that because the jars are airtight and thus no creature of the sea will be able to smell the remains inside and consume them; the souls of the victims remain trapped inside the jars, cut off from the wheel of reincarnation. Given her secret exaltation, it is possible that she makes this true, but regardless of whether it is just folklore or fact, this practice has done wonders to terrify her enemies and to inspire fanatical obedience in her slaves, lest they also be entombed on the sea floor. It should be noted, though, that on the rare occasion that she must execute one who bears Lintha blood, this technique is not employed---Lintha blood is precious and Lintha souls are fed to the sea that they might be sped on to redeem themselves and strengthen the family in their next life.
    • She's demon blooded
    • She's a cannibal
    • Her ship was forged in Malfeas & is crewed by demons or else the ghosts of her vanquished foes, or both - or demons who dine upon the souls of her vanquished foes.
    • She keeps slaves of ship captains who's will she has broken.
    • She does what she does in order to keep a curse at bay that had been cast upon her by a jilted lover...or a shiv'd lover.
    • She had a fondness for gibbon monkeys.
    • She hates anyone deemed prettier than her and will scar them in order to knock them down the totem pole.
    • She loves theater...especially if the actors are unwilling; there is nothing better than to see someone struggling to portray delight or joy through their genuine terror.
    • Not yet encountered during the course of play