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Hero Points

  • A character starts with 5 hero points at 1st level. Each time the character gains a level, he or she loses any unspent hero points and gains a new total equal to 5 + half the character’s level.
  • Gain Advantage: A player can spend a hero point whenever he or she makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw to make that check at advantage.
  • Gain a Reroll: On a failed roll, the player may spend a hero point to re-roll.
  • Healing Surge: As an action, you may spend a Hero point to roll a number of your Hit Dice (maximum equal to your Proficiency bonus), and add your Constitution bonus to each die result. You recover that many hit points.
  • Heroes can gain additional Hero Points through Social Traits.

Social Traits

  • Personality Traits: These are simply quirks and habits of the character. They do not gain Hero Points.
  • Bonds: These are the entities, places, and things that that character holds dear.
  • Ideals: These are the personal beliefs and philosophies that drive the character's decision making.
  • Flaws: These are the limitations, weaknesses, vices, and phobias that inhibit the character in some way.

Player-Generated Difficulties

  • When you roleplay your character's decision making with these in mind, you can gain additional Hero Points.
  • You must make a decision that is unwise, tactically unsound, or otherwise causes difficulties for you or the other PCs.
  • If this decision is motivated by one of your Social Traits, the DM may grant you an extra Hero Point.
    • Bonds can motivate decisions in order to preserve or assist your Bonds.
    • Ideals can motivate decisions as part of upholding that belief or philosophy.
    • Flaws can motivate decisions because of the character's limitations or weaknesses.
  • If you make such a choice, inform the DM of your doing so, and indicate which Social Trait you are motivated by.
  • If the DM agrees, they will award you 1 Hero Point. You may only gain 1 Hero Point in this way per encounter.

DM-Generated Difficulties

  • The DM may also choose to take advantage of your Social Traits in order to make the scene more difficult.
  • The effects of this may vary, but can include the triggering of traps, arrival of additional enemies, the infliction of disadvantage on a PC's roll or the addition of advantage to an NPC's roll.
  • When the DM does this, they will award you 1 Hero Point. You can only gain 1 Hero Point this way per encounter.