Art of Weather Working

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Whenever a thaumaturge makes more than one request during the same two day period, she must spend twice as long enacting these rituals, and her player suffers a +1 difficulty per subsequent request made before leaving the Council alone for at least a week. Most elementals capable of directing large weather patterns have servants to answer for them and are thus generally immune to summons. Botches or particularly egregious uses of this Art can lead to dangerous retribution on the part of the Council of Winds or the Bureau of Seasons.

Different cultures may use different tools for weather working. Some brew strange potions in cauldrons; others tie elaborate knots in cords. Every ritual, however, includes some form of offering to the elementals.

Apprentice Procedures

  • Foretell Weather (0, Perception, 2, one minute): Whispering to the winds, offering incense and listening for its answers, a thaumaturge uses this ritual to predict the weather, with each success representing one day in the future. Subsequent events of which the Council of Winds was unaware at the time of the ritual may change the Council’s course and render this rite’s results irrelevant.

Initiate Procedures

  • Minor Changes (1, Charisma, 3, 10 minutes): The thaumaturge may convince local elementals to enact minor alterations to the weather. Each specific ritual evokes one minor change, such as raising a fog or a breeze, reducing rainfall or snowfall, changing the direction of an existing wind, or the like. No change is itself improbable; it merely happens when the thaumaturge would like it to. Changes never extend over more than a square mile or last more than an hour.

Adept Procedures

  • Transform Weather (2, Charisma, 4, one hour): True manipulation of weather becomes possible. Each ritual seeks to persuade the Court to change a storm to a gentle rain, a blinding heat to a pleasant summer day, and other signifi cant, distinctly improbable alterations. Changes never extend over more than two miles’ radius and last four hours.

Master Procedures

  • Major Changes (3, Charisma, 5, one day): The thaumaturge can convince the Court to make huge changes such as summoning up gales or giving rain during a drought. Each ritual can affect an area up to five miles’ radius for an entire day.