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Life seems to be moving fast since I exalted, and my Circle is so hasty. I keep advising patience, but to no avail. I can't seem to make them understand that when forging a weapon, being in a hurry to quench can ruin the steel. It becomes brittle and easily broken. Although it is true that even the best clay can be overworked and will shatter, if one does not recognize when to finish, knowing when this will happen requires careful observation. Rushing to complete your work always leaves room for errors. When dealing with the situations in which I find my Circle and I, such errors could be fatal.

Perhaps they have the right of things, and speed is what is needed now. Perhaps my misgivings are merely those of an old man. Certainly this Circle is comprised of formidable individuals. Shen is a trader without peer. I have seen him find, and negotiate more than fair prices for, items I would never have believed were near by. Sandstone Crow, seems an able battle commander, and is certainly lethal with those flame pieces. Transcendant Discord, although sometimes disturbing, is unswervingly devout in her homage to the Pale Mistress. Her off hand comments, while not comfortable to hear, often contain a harsh wisdom far beyond her age. And Zepher. Her spirit seems unquenchable. She seems utterly conviced she can free her people from the harsh rule of the realm, and moves to do so with a determination I can't help but admire.

More and more I find myself wanting to help Zepher. To make her vision reality. It's true that she is more impetuous than our other companions, but I think this is because she takes the current situation so personally. It seems to be an affront on her honor that her people are reduced to servants for the Dragon Blooded. Upon reflection, I fear my feelings for her are moving beyond those of mere friendship. I must temper myself to the patience I advise so often. I have heard she has a history of abuse, and has been ill-used. I must be sure not to rush things, lest I hurt her myself. Should something rise between us, I want it to have the solidity of a fastness built on bedrock, it must not be the river fort, slowly sinking through the banks of the river. I only hope I can make my intentions clear to her.