Astoria City Center

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City Center
District Traits
Interactive: Access {{{Access}}}, Information {{{Information}}}, Prestige {{{Prestige}}}
Reactive: Safety {{{Safety}}}, Awareness {{{Awareness}}}, Stability {{{Stability}}}
Notable Locations
Businesses: Ardorman's Fine BooksBank of AstoriaDollhouse Hair SalonPilot House Art Gallery
Schools: University of Astoria
Eateries:Blue Ocean ThaiDrina DaisyKaffeWet Dog Cafe
Hotels: Columbia Inn
Nightlife: Crossroads
Residences: Columbia House CondosElaine's House • Neena's VictorianWarner's Loft
  • Central portion of Astoria
  • Northern section abuts the Columbia, and is an historical district, usually called "Old Town" or "Old Astoria".


  • Made up mostly of small (studio to two bedroom) to medium (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes.
  • Occupied by a mixture of renters and owners.
  • Most residences are relatively historic, built no later than 1939, and in some cases quite earlier.


  • Below average income neighborhood, with a majority of lower-middle income.
  • Income lower than 70% of U.S. neighborhoods.
  • 26% of the children here live below the poverty level.
  • 35% of population are employed in executive, management and professional occupations.
  • 28% of population are employed in sales and service jobs.
  • 20% of population are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations.
  • 14% of population are employed in clerical, assistant and tech support occupations.


  • 14% German
  • 13% Irish
  • 10% English
  • 4% Norwegian
  • 4% Swedish


  • 92% English
  • 5% Spanish
  • 3% Other