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Lillia Sandoval
Part of the Squad
One of Leona's good friends from before she made it big, Lillia has appeared in nearly all of Leona's shows and videos. She's also got a big modeling career of her own, and lives for the limelight.
Elliot Samarkand
Leona's Bodyguard
A former football player, Elliot likes to be called the "chief of security" for Leona. He watches closely, and is great in a fight. He's a little clingy, though, and is still working on that thing where a great bodyguard blends into the background until he's needed.
Devona Chisworth
World Renowned Choreographer
Leona has worked really hard to get Devona to choreograph a tour of hers, and now the insanely busy and in-demand choreographer has agreed. She is all business, and has no time for people who can't dance - but those who do have all of her attention. She has single-handedly made and broken the careers of hundreds of dancers.
Sebastian Moresci
Leona's Current Boy-Toy
An absurdly pretty man with a body that just won't quit, Sebastian has decided he wants to be a model. He wanted to be a dancer, but that was way too much cardio – he's got a gym routine that keeps him cut Instagram-perfect, so he's not looking to mess with perfection. He's a Hollywood party boy, and has the best connections for party favors.