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The Field Museum

The Outer Ward

The Forgotten Stair

In one corner of the Field Museum is a nondescript door leading to a nondescript stairwell. Those who look at the door feel no interest in it, and anyone opening the door to glance into the stairwell will quickly grow bored. The stairs descend to an out of the way storeroom filled with empty packing crates

The Mural of Minos

The walls of the storeroom are as bland as the stair leading to them. However, if Magesight is used on the wall a series of Atlantean runes can be seen slowly crawling around the wall. When the runes meaning “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” are tapped in order, the bricks of the wall begin to shimmer and anyone may freely walk through them. An ancient looking spiral staircase leads down.

The Atrium

Those exiting the stair case come into a circular chamber deep underground. The floor is covered in black marble, with the pentagram of the paths inlaid in silver in the centre of the room. Opposite the staircase is a large pair of bronze double doors depicting an ancient lighthouse. The words “Ex Antiquo, Consilium.” Are carved into the arch above the doors.

The Athenaeum Proper

The Private Gallerys