Attacking Extras in Exalted

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Even with the Extras rules, taking care of lots of extras can still take a while. So, this set of rules is here to provide an additional way for Exalts to mow through lots of Extras without resorting to War of Ages combat.

  • Attack Extras (Action): By taking a -2 penalty to the attack roll, the Exalt makes an impressive attack, mowing through multiple people with a single hit. This attack is made against the highest DV of the Extras, and inflicts damage as normal. For every three HL of damage inflicted, one Extra is taken out.
    • This rule explicitly excludes heroic mortals and more powerful individuals, who are explicitly excluded from the attack. In fact, it's a useful way of determining if there are more potent heroes hiding in the midst of the mooks - mow down the mooks and identify the ones left standing.
    • This attack may be flurried.