Background: Wandering Duelist

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Wandering Dualist.jpg

A synthesis of the Far Traveler and Entertainer (Gladiator variant) backgrounds.


You are a foreign duelist traveling in a far away land, seeking worthy opponents to challenge in pursuit of growing your reputation. You are an exotic curiosity and so are often sought out by those of affluence to grace their houses with demonstrations of your skill, stories of your travels, and consultations about the details of life in your homeland.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception (from Far Traveler)
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit (from Entertainer (Gladiator variant))
  • Languages: Any one of your choice (from Far Traveler)
  • Equipment: One set of traveler's clothes; one inexpensive, but unusual weapon; the favor of an admirer (love letter, lock of hair, or trinket); a small piece of jewelry worth 10 gp in the style of your homeland's craftsmanship; and a pouch containing 5 gp (from Entertainer (Gladiator variant) and Far Traveler)

Feature: By Popular Demand

You can always find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern but possibly with a circus, at a theater, or even in a noble’s court. At such a place, you receive free lodging and food of a modest or comfortable standard (depending on the quality of the establishment), as long as you perform each night. In addition, your performance makes you something of a local figure. When strangers recognize you in a town where you have performed, they typically take a liking to you. (From Entertainer (Gladiator variant).)