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Identity: Jon Corey • Affiliation: Leadership of Eden • Base of Operations: New Eden
Ethnicity: Caucasian • Nationality: United States
Age: 31 • Gender: Male • Height: 6'2" • Weight: 190 lb
Eyes: Blue • Hair: Black • Other Features: None
Origin: Repression • Power Level: 8 (120 Points: Abilities 22, Defenses 0, Skills 15, Advantages 15, Powers 111)
Strength 0 Stamina 2
Agility 2 Dexterity 0
Fighting 2 Intellect 0
Awareness 2 Presence 3
Points: 22 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 2 2 6 8
Fortitude 2 2 7 9
Parry 2 2 6 8
Toughness - 2 7 9
Will 2 2 7 9
Points: 0 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 2 + 0 = +2

Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
Close Combat (Swords) 7 2 (Fgt) 0 +9
Insight 4 2 (Awe) 0 +6
Ranged Combat (Searing Light) 7 2 (Agi) 0 +9
Expertise (Counseling) 8 0 (Int) +8
Persuasion 4 3 (Pre) +7

Points: 15 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: Defensive Roll (5 ranks), Fascinate (Persuasion), Move-by Action
Fortune: Inspire 5, Leadership
Skill: Attractive (2 ranks)

Points: 15 (1pt per rank)
Points: 111
Other Traits
Equipment: None
Complications: Motivation:

Powers 111 Points

Searing Light (Standard Array)

  • Sword of Eden: (35 pts) Close Damage 9, Multiattack, Penetrating (9 ranks), Improved Critical 4, Improved Defense, Improved Smash, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break
  • Hand of God: (26 pts) Ranged Damage 9, Penetrating (6 ranks), Extended Range (2 ranks)
  • Judgment: (36 pts) Ranged Damage 9, Alternate Resistance (Will), Limited to Minds, Affects Insubstantial, Linked Weaken (Will), vs. Will, 8 ranks

Aura of Glory (Standard Array)

  • Blinding Light: Ranged Cumulative Affliction (Visually Impaired, Visually Disabled, Visually Unaware), Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude, Limited to Vision, 9 ranks
  • Behold My Glory: Burst Area Cumulative Affliction (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude, Sight-Dependent, 9 ranks
  • Reverence: Burst Area Cumulative Affliction (Impaired, Compelled, Controlled), Resisted by Will, Overcome by Will, Limited to Minds, Selective, 9 ranks

Grace (Standard Array)

  • Healing: (9 pts) Persistent, 4 ranks
  • Aura Reading: (6 pts) Senses 3, Acute, Analytical

Sacred Defense

  • Holy Mandate
    • Mind Shield, 7 ranks
    • Enhanced Fortitude 7 ranks
  • Heaven's Glare
    • Enhanced Dodge, 6 ranks
    • Enhanced Parry, 6 ranks

Angel's Wings

  • Flight Wings, 5 ranks


Environment (Light) Rank 1: Full Daylight, Feature: provides sunlight benefits 1 pt + 2 pts per rank


  • Responsibility [Eden]: Although he didn't come to Manhattan with the intention of building a new community, Beacon nevertheless fell into it easily. Now, he feels a personal responsibility to ensure Eden's survival and growth.
  • Secret [Closeted]: Beacon does not accept his sexuality and makes every effort to downplay and hide it.
  • Obsession [Spiritual Practices]: Beacon has always been too easily fascinated by the study of diverse spiritual philosophies, often becoming obsessed with one modality and learning everything he can about it. He'll seek out writings, mentors, and online forums dedicated to it and become distracted from his other duties.
  • Identity [Unconcealable]: Although Beacon can dim his light to be nearly imperceptible, his skin always has a telltale glow that is almost impossible to fully conceal. Not to mention the huge wings.
  • Enemy [Braze]: Beacon killed Braze's boyfriend during the fall of the first Eden, which Braze knows full well and wants vengeance.
  • Hunted? [The Anvil of Prometheus]: Although Beacon has seen no sign of the Prometheans since he fled Sedona, he keeps a wary eye out. After all, they are responsible for his powers and by their own confession wish to put those empowered to their own mysterious uses. He isn't certain if they have any intention of coming after him, but he can't rule it out, and he's not even certain what their pursuit would look like.


Jon was born on September 2nd, 1999 in Flagstaff, AZ to a wealthy Catholic family. Although known for philanthropic and social benevolence, the Coreys are nevertheless staunchly traditional in critical ways. Jon struggled with same-sex attractions from an early age, which he hid from his family because it had always been clear that a traditional marriage was expected of him. Even in his early teenage years, he sought ways to sublimate his feelings through the exploration of varied spiritual philosophies, dabbling in a hodgepodge of Native shamanism, Eastern philosophy, and New Age thought. Although his family tolerated his interests, Jon earned increasing ire as his attempts to master his feelings pushed him progressively further from his family's foundation. Jon had come to equate his Catholic upbringing with the shame of his rejected homosexuality, and he tried to purge both.

Jon earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Arizona State University with the intention of continuing on to a PhD in Psychiatry, the only remotely acceptable outcome in this path to his family. However, while at Arizona State, his continued pursuit of alternative spiritual practices put him in contact with the Anvil of Prometheus, a New Age church that arose following the Quantum event in Manhattan.

The Prometheans claim to have access to artifacts from that event, and their philosophy is a natural evolution from the study of those artifacts, the consideration of the societal impacts of the event, and contact with those empowered by it. They eschew traditional forms of spirituality in favor of a wholesale reform of thought in the wake of the radical changes wrought by Quantum events. The Anvil's origins, including what they actually have access to, are shrouded in mystery and kept as a promise to those ascending their ranks.

Jon was entranced by the promise of the church's transformation, and against his family's wishes, abandoned entry into graduate school to instead join the church to help establish a new study camp outside Sedona. His days were spent in a variety of activities, including farming, construction of the new grounds, study in the church's online forums, and meditation in cells claimed to hold the frequencies of artifacts possessed by the church.

The Coreys attempted to remove Jon from the Anvil's influence several times, even attempting legal action against it, but the Anvil proved to have considerable resources of its own. Jon's family was never able to force him away from the church, and Jon's loyalty gained him considerable favor within it.

Because of Jon's position in the Sedona chapter, he was chosen to participate in a new course of study: the Ascension protocol. The Ascension is a rigorous course of mental and physical training capped by the application of a serum claimed to have been developed from the artifacts in the Anvil's control. The Ascension serum is meant to enhance the subject's natural gifts, and its best expected outcome is the development of superpowers.

Jon completed the initial protocol successfully, but as he began to take applications of the serum, the impulses of his youth surged to the forefront of his mind. He found himself dwelling on his family, his attractions, and the symbols of his Catholic upbringing. In his meditations, he sensed the root of something wrong but also precious in this past, and try as he might, he couldn't continue to sublimate it as he had. He hid his newly emerging struggles with his past from his mentors in the church, hoping to prevail on his own.

Finally, while meditating after an application of the Ascension serum, Jon lost his struggle. The swell of his repressed past burst from him in an aura of radiance and angelic wings as he became a symbol of the very things he once regarded as divine but had rejected. As he stood in confusion at his transformation, other Prometheans gathered around to see what had happened. Some were arrested by the glory of his light, and they began to tell him their secrets, including that the Anvil intended to control and use those who completed the Ascension for its own ends. They begged Jon to take control of the church instead and allow them to repent for their sins against him.

However, Jon discovered just as soon that some of the Prometheans, those who had mentored him and administered the Ascension protocol, had superpowers of their own, and they reacted to this brewing revolution with brutal force. Jon, confused and frightened, fled on new wings.

After taking time for reflection, Jon was ashamed that after all his effort, he was still helpless in the grip of his past, and now his failings were physically manifest for all to see. But he also saw how those with access to power from the Quantum effects would use it for their own ends. He decided to enter Manhattan willingly, to use it as the site of his repentance and, perhaps, to find a new path toward redemption in the company of others struggling in the fallout.