Book of Agony

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The Book of Agony is covered in a leather cover with pins of brass and copper driven through its surface, lying flush against it. It is a grimoire containing four rotes and a series of notes that clearly belonged to some torturerer from the late 19th Century. From the writing, it's clear the author was a doctor or other medical professional. The contents focus on methods of causing pain, but also some other techniques that came from the research.


  • Ignite the Humours: "Living Conduit," Forces •••, Stamina + Science + Forces; Drink a small elixir containing suspended liquid copper (Resources 2 per dose) +2
  • Ignite the Blood: "Call Lightning," Forces •••, Wits + Medicine + Forces; Scatter handful of copper filings at target +1
  • Calamitous Pitch: "Cutting Scream," Forces •••, Strength + Medicine + Forces
  • Unseen in Pain: "Personal Invisibility," Forces •••, Stamina + Composure + Forces, Suffering pain penalties (bonus equals penalty, max +3)