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Character History

"To say that my village was destroyed by a single woman sounds incredulous.. but as they say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

However, this was no ordinary woman. She was in fact a rather powerful necromancer of some repute, but that kept to herself and was only mentioned in hushed whispers or so I was told. Gesthane (one of the many names she goes by) lived in a dark corner of a vast expanse of woods a good ways from the village. It was dangerous but bountiful for the experienced hunter. Armene was our best hunter, He was as beautiful and talented as he was skilled with a knife and bow. Unfortunately, his beauty would be the death of him. Gesthane had been watching him, for she had eyes everywhere in the forest and she longed for a new plaything. A skirmish ensued, Armene barely managed to escape back to the village albeit gravely wounded.

Less than a day's ride away, a dwarven trading party, was on it way to make their yearly stop at the village as it was the closest settlement to the dwarven fortress nestled in the mountains to the east. Among the merchants were a paladin and a rune priest sent to guard the caravan on its journey. Murdock and Merrin, twin dwarfs who would end up being my saviors, were well seasoned adventurers but were no match for what would befall them. Upon arriving in the village of Trindam's Pass, the leader of the village (whose name has been long lost to me) begged the twins to help Armene. After inspecting him, they determined that he had been cursed and upon death would be turn in to a ghoul. They did the only thing they could do, calling upon blessed Moradin, purifed and sealed his spirit away so that Gesthane could have no hold on him. Realizing that her poppet was late on returning to her, Gesthane went looking for him. Raising an army of undead from lost and unfortunate adventurer's the forest had taken over, she marched on Trindam's Pass. My story picks up here, She attacked in the dead of night, searching for Armene's body, I being less scrupulous than I am now was perusing the dwarfs cart in hopes of finding something interesting to play with.

When the attack came, the dwarfs were quick to pick up and leave, they had no wish to defend territory that was not their own let alone die for it. Murdock and Merrin tried to do the best they could, but in the end turned and fled trying to protect their dwarven brethren, unknowingly carrying a small human child with them. In her Rage, Gesthane razed the village turning its inhabitants in to more undead for her army. The dwarfs ran until morning light and it wasn't until then that I was discovered. Upset that I had been trying to steal from them, they took pity on the fact that I was the only survivor and only being 4yrs old decided to take me in. I swore that one day I would find a place in the world for me and find the means of destroying Gesthane and all that she took from me.


  • Background:Birth among another race: Dwarf
  • Background:Parentage: Orphan
  • Background:Recent Life: Fighting the undead