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US Senator Colin Brovik (father)

Colin is the US Senator for the state of Nebraska and a very vocal member of the Democratic party. He has been involved with a number of scandals and is often referred to as the leader of the US Socialist party. This aside, he remains popular amongst Nebraskans and continues to keep his eyes on his presidential goals.

Colin smokes cigars enough to qualify as a living smokestack, is an avid golf player and adores the photographs of his rarely seen children. He is rarely home and he and his wife only speak when in the public eye, where they get along famously. Colin spoils his children by way of giving them large enough allowances so that they stay out of his hair. He is genuinely fond of his daughter Lora and son Miles when they are present, though when not actively in sight, his political goals tends to push thoughts of them aside.


Grace Helena MacPherson Thomas Brovik (step-mother)

Grace was born into money, married into more money, widowed to an even larger sum of money, inherited yet more money and then decided that she had enough money and that it was time to marry into power, thus her marriage to Colin.

Grace has two daughters from her previous banker husband, Phoebe & Juliet, who she dotes upon and a son named Miles spawned from a night of too much wine with her current husband that she was all too eager to send away to school once he was old enough to drag away from his nanny. She also has a step-daughter, which is unimportant.

Grace is a social creature and loves to be in the spotlight. She shares a mutual dislike for her husband, but they agree that what they have to offer each other is worth the inconvenience of their partnership. Balls, parties, socials & formal dinners, these are her weapons of choice and she wields them well in her campaign to reach the top where she will redecorate the entire White House as the First Lady.


Phoebe Thomas (step-sister)

The eldest of the siblings, Phoebe is four years older than Lora. Phoebe tends to be a quiet and lazy girl. She commutes to college and lives at home with her mother and servants. She has very few goals and less motivation. Phoebe spends most of her time on the couch watching television. She has a tendency to accidentally ignore everyone around her unless they stand in front of her, in which case they may be noticed. Her mother gave up years ago at trying to motivate her, finally accepting that her oldest daughter did not have an ounce of ambition in her.

Phoebe is a vegan because she claims she can hear the animals' ghosts crying out in pain. She also no longer eats any vegetable that has a nervous system after Miles had informed her that broccoli can feel pain. Phoebe's step-father tends to regard her as furniture.


Juliet Thomas (step-sister)

Juliet is only two years older than Lora, but always treated Lora as if she was still a child. She has no time for any of her siblings, feeling that they are far below her status. Juliet attended college for two semesters before she dropped out in order to pursue her destiny as a film star actress.

Juliet currently lives in California in a small apartment and works as a stripper while desperately trying to land any film roles in any way she can. Her mother thinks that she is working as Sandra Bullock's personal assistant. Her step-father usually cannot remember if her name is Juliet or Julie...or Jessica?


Miles Brovik (half-brother)

Miles is three years younger than Lora. Attending an all boy Catholic school, Miles is actively involved in nearly every sport he can make time for in his schedule. He is an all A student, teachers love him, the dean loves his fathers money, and he'll gladly throttle anyone who denies him what he wants into the nearest locker.

Miles and Lora have always gotten along and usually team up in order to thwart the schemes of their older siblings. Lora is the only person Miles has ever confided in that he's gay. He figures he can wait and blackmail something fun out of his dad when he runs for president.


Ludwig von Barkbark

A Scottish terrier rescued from a flood by Lora's younger brother Miles, Ludwig was adopted by Lora when he had not been claimed. A loyal friend and companion to Lora, his true nature was not revealed to her until after her Visitation.


One of the divine gifts that Lora had received was a horn that allows her to communicate with animals when she holds the horn. In addition, when the horn is blown, it allows Ludwig to channel his past life and transform into a wolf.

Ludwig is the reincarnation of the great wolf Sverð Vígtönn (sword fang) who allied with the gods and men of Asgard, betraying his former master Fenris Wolf.