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Legal Name: Ronald Tagerson
Metatype: Human, Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 26, Sex: Male, Height: 6'2", Weight: 185 lb
Street Cred: 1, Notoriety: 0, Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 14, Total Karma: 48/14
Primary Lifestyle: Low
Nuyen: ¥11,524
Licenses: Ronald Autrey (Cryo 3, Rocuronium 3, Parasol Dart Pistol 4, Narcoject 3), Gabriel Calice (Bounty hunter license 4, Cavalier Deputy 4, Reg Ammo 3, Tracker Ammo 3, Flare Ammo 3, SCK Model 100 6, FN HAR 6)
Other Identities: Ronald Autrey (SIN 4; contract EMT worker), Gabriel Calice (SIN 4; bounty hunter), John Donaldson (SIN 4; unemployed)
Combat Info
Armor: Armor Jacket (AR 12/15)
Ranged: Automatics 10 (13 cyberarm), Pistols 8 (11 cyberarm)
Melee: Unarmed Combat 8 (11 cyberarm)
Condition Monitors Physical: 9 (10 cyberlimb) Stun: 9 Overflow: 3
Body: 3, Agility: 5 (8 cyberarm), Reaction: 3 (4 Wired Reflexes), Strength: 3 (6 cyberarm)
Willpower: 2, Logic: 4, Intuition: 2, Charisma: 2
Edge: 5, Essence: .95, Magic: -, Resonance: -
Initiative: 5 (6) +2d6, Matrix Initiative: 6+2d6 (AR), 7+3d6 (Cold VR), 7+4d6 (Hot VR), Astral Initiative: -
Composure: 4, Judge Intentions: 4, Memory: 6, Lift/Carry: 6, Movement: Walk 10, Run 20, Sprint +2m/hit
Physical Limit: 5, MentalLimit: 4, SocialLimit: 3
Active Skills: Groups: Biotech 5 (Cybertechnology, First Aid, Medicine)
Agility: Automatics 5, Gymnastics 2, Pistols 3, Sneaking 3, Unarmed Combat 3
Reaction: Pilot Aircraft 1, Pilot Ground Craft 4
Strength: Running 2
Charisma: Etiquette 2, Leadership 2, Negotiation 3
Intuition: Navigation 1, Perception 4
Logic: Automotive Mechanic 1, Biotechnology 1, Computer 2, Electronic Warfare 1
Knowledge Skills:
Academic (Log): Biology 2, Chemistry 1, Medicine 3
Interests (Int): Urban Brawl 1
Professional (Log): Doc Wagon Procedures 2, Small Unit Tactics 2
Street (Int): Area Knowledge (Seattle Layout) 3
Languages: English (N), Japanese 1, Aztlander Spanish 1
Positive: Agile Defender (3, use Agility instead of WP for Full Defense), Gifted Healer (2, +1 Treatment), Home Ground (10 - The Transporter, +2 dice Evasion Tests in area)
Negative Qualities: Code of Honor (+15 - Hippocratic Oath, innocent bystanders), Dependents (6 - Kincaid, 13 y/o orphan), Records on File (+2 - DocWagon, plus Other)
Control Rig 1, Skilljack 3, Cybereyes 2 (Smartlink, flare comp, low-light, thermo), Wired Reflexes 1, Cyberarm (Agility +3, Strength +3, Biomonitor, Vasotech Autoinjection Gun, GE Statscan, Gyromount 3)
Fixer (2/2), Mechanic (2/2)
Commlink or Cyberdeck
Proteus Poseidon Rigger Command Console: Rating 5, Data Processing 5, Firewall 6; Common Programs: Encryption, Signal Scrub, Toolbox, Virtual Machine; Hacking Programs: Armor, Biofeedback Filter, Guard, Shell, Sneak, Wrapper
GMC Bulldog Van: Hand 3/3, Spd 3, Accel 1, Body 16, Armor 12, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 6, Rigger interface, satellite link
Biotech Gear
Medkit 6: Rigger adapted, IV infusion, gas administration, body fluid analysis
Drug Stores: Crash (10d), Cryo (5d), Hemosynth (5d), Nanoscan (10d), Ondansetron (5d), Sugammadex (10d), Rocuronium (20d)

Skill Uses

Situation Modifier
Good (Med Facility) +0
Average (Indoors) -1
Poor (Street/Wilds) -2
Bad (Combat/Swamp) -3
Terrible (Fire/Storm) -4
No medical supplies -3
Improvised medical supplies -2
Wireless medkit/autodoc +Rating
Remote care -2
Assistance Teamwork
Uncooperative patient -2
Patient is Awakened -2
Patient has Implants -1 per 2 full Essence lost

First Aid

  • Reduce trauma of wounds (Stun or Physical), must have a medkit, applied within 1 hour of injury.
  • First Aid + Logic [Mental] (2) Test, plus Healing Modifiers.
    • Halve net hits if treating through body armor.
    • Glitch inflicts 1d3 extra boxes of damage.
  • Each net hit removes 1 box of damage, to a maximum of (First Aid Rating) boxes.
  • May only use one per set of wounds, and may not be used on injuries with magical healing.
  • Using takes a number of Combat Turns equal to boxes healed, min 1 (even if failed).
  • Stabilization: First Aid or Medicine + Logic [Mental] (3) to stabilize.
    • Physical meter filled. Take one additional box damage per (Body) minutes due to blood loss, shock, etc.


  • May speed natural healing process.
  • Medicine + Logic [Mental] Test, plus Healing Modifiers.
  • Each hit provides a +1 to subsequent healing tests by patient, as long as doctor treats patient for 30 minutes per day (recovering Physical) or 10 minutes per hour (recovering Stun).
  • Stabilization: First Aid or Medicine + Logic [Mental] (3) to stabilize.
    • Physical meter filled. Take one additional box damage per (Body) minutes due to blood loss, shock, etc.


Leadership + Charisma [Social] Test.

  • Command: Target resists with Leadership + Willpower [Mental]. Net hits has the target accept you as leader for 1 Combat Turn.
  • Direct: Hits act as Teamwork Test for one subordinates Skill or Composure test on or before next Action.
  • Inspire: Hits act as Teamwork Test for subordinates' Surprise Test for rest of Combat Turn.
  • Rally: Subordinates add 1 to Initiative per 2 hits.

Small Unit Tactics

  • Choose Maneuver.
  • Leader rolls Small Unit Tactics + Intuition.
  • Team members roll, and add as Teamwork.
  • Tally hits and compare with Maneuver Successes Required.
  • Apply bonuses if successful, or penalties if not.

Martial Arts


Brazilian style featuring elbow slams, leg strikes, and head butts. (Other Techniques: Called Shot [Feint], Sweep, Tricking)

  • Bending of the Reed: +1 die bonus to Defense Tests when using Dodge Interrupt Action.
  • Kick Attack: +1 Reach to basic Unarmed Combat Actions.
  • Kip-Up: Simple Action. Agility + Gymnastics [PL] (3) test to rise from Prone and make an immediate Close Combat Attack against a foe within Reach.

Combat Gear


  • Armored Black Jumpsuits (2): AR 6 (9 Orthoskin)
  • Armor Jacket: AR 12 (15 Orthoskin)

Unarmed Weapons

  • Hardliner Boots: Acc 5 (PhysLimit), Reach -, Dam (Str+1)P, AP -

Automatic Weapons

  • SCK Model 100: Acc 5 (7), DV 8P, AP -, Mode SA/BF, RC (1), Ammo 30c • Features: smartgun, internal folding stock; sling, 20 clips • Ammo: Regular (1000)
  • FN HAR: Acc 5 (6), DV 10P, AP -2, Mode SA/BF/FA, RC 2, Ammo 35c • Features: smartgun, Gas Vent 2; 20 clips • Ammo: Regular (1000)

Pistol Weapons

  • Parashield Dart Pistol (2): Acc 5, DV as toxin, AP -, Mode SA, RC -, Ammo 5c • Features: Smartgun (internal) • Ammo: Injection darts (200)
  • Cavalier Deputy (2): Acc 6, DV 7P, AP -1, Mode SA, RC -, Ammo 7cy • Features: smartgun, concealed quick-draw holsters, 10 speed loaders • Ammo: Regular (100), Tracker (50), Flare (10)



  • Control Rig (1): Ess 1 Built in sim module and data jack; +1 to all Vehicle tests, Handling and Speed of vehicle when jumped in; reduce Vehicle test thresholds by 1 when jumped in.
  • Cybereyes (2): Ess 0.3, Capacity 8 20/20 vision, image link, camera.
    • Smartlink: Capacity 3 • +2 Accuracy; shoot around corners without exposing self (-3 pen); keep track of ammo, heat buildup, material stress • Wireless: +2 dice pool, ejecting a clip and changing fire modes are Free Actions
    • Flare Comp: Capacity 1 • Negate penalties due to glare or bright flashes.
    • Low Light: Capacity 2 • See normally in low-light conditions.
    • Thermographic: Capacity 2 • See heat signatures.
  • Wired Reflexes (1): Ess 2 • +1 Reaction, +1d6 Initiative die; activated with a Complex Action • Wireless: Activate with a Simple Action, can stack with other Reaction enchancers, and go above +4.
  • Cyberarm: Ess 1, Capacity 15 • Agility 6 (6 two limb avg), Strength 6 (4 two limb average); Full arm replacement; Obviously cybernetic due to matte black shell; customized Agility +3; +1 Physical Monitor
    • Strength Enhancement (3): Capacity 3 • +3 Strength
    • Implanted Devices (Biomonitor, Vasotech Autoinjection Gun): Capacity 2 • Built in biomonitor to track medical signs; built-in injection gun, with space for 9 ampules, use Unarmed Attack to inject unwilling opponent.
    • Implanted GE STATscan: Capacity 2 • +2 to Diagnose Biotech actions
    • Cyberarm Gyromount: Capacity 8 • Rating 3 gyromount; activate with Simple Action • Wireless: Activate with Free Action.


  • Orthoskin (3): Ess 0.75 • +3 to Armor Rating

Biotech Gear

Medkits & Autodocs

  • Medkit 6: Rating 4, but upgraded by double expenditure to +2 rating (per B&B p18) • Wireless: Dice pool bonus of (Rating) to First Aid + Logic tests, or can operate on its own with dice pool of (Rating x2) and a limit equal to (Rating)

Medical Drugs

  • Narcoject (20) - ¥50 per dose, 8R

Injected Drugs

  • Crash (10) - ¥800 per dose, 8R • Injected; grants immediate Stabilization test using Body instead of First Aid or Medicine.
  • Nanoscan (10) - ¥500 per dose • Injected nano-biomonitor that sends bio data to subscribed commlink or medkit; lasts 24 hours or (Hive Rating) days for those with nano-hives.
  • Neostigmine (5) - ¥100 per dose • Injected on subject suffering from Paralysis; doubles Reaction for purpose of determining paralysis, and halves duration.
  • Ondansetron (5) - ¥50 per dose • Injected on subject suffering from Nausea; doubles Willpower for purpose of determining incapacitation, and halves duration.
  • Sugammadex (10) - ¥100 per dose • Injected; Reduces remaining Power of Rocuronium by 2 per Combat Turn.

Infuser Drugs

  • Cryo (5) - ¥1000 per dose; Infuser • Slows Progressive and Overflow damage accrual to one per (Body x4) Combat Turns; target is incapacitated; upon stopping (each dose = 30 min), regains consciousness after (Body) turns, suffering a -4 to all tests, which decreases by 1 per (Body) turns until reduced to 0.
  • Hemosynth (5) - ¥2000 per dose; Infuser • Takes (Body) turns to infuse; roll (Body x2), with each hit removing one level of Progressive or Overflow damage; does not Stabilize subject.


  • Rocuronium (20) - ¥50 per dose, 6R • Injection; Speed 1 Turn; Penetration 0; Power 10; Effect Paralysis

Slap Patches

  • Antidote Patch 5 (10) - ¥250 per patch • Add (Rating) to toxin resistance tests within 20 minutes of application
  • Chem Patch (20) - ¥200 per patch • Blank patch; may add one chemical to it.
  • Stim Patch 5 (10) - ¥125 per patch • Remove (Rating) boxes of Stun for (Rating x10) minutes; afterwards, target takes (Rating +1) unresisted Stun damage. Unable to rest while Stim is active.
  • Tranq Patch 10 (4) - ¥200 per patch • Inflicts (Rating) Stun damage, resisted by Body only.
  • Trauma Patch (5) - ¥500 per patch • Immediate Stabilization test using Body instead of First Aid or Medicine.

Rigging Gear

Remote Command Console

  • Proteus Poseidon Command Console: Rating 5, Data Processing 5, Firewall 6 • Current Programs Running (5 max):
    • Common Programs: Encryption (+1 Firewall), Signal Scrub (Noise Reduction 2), Toolbox (+1 Data Processing), Virtual Machine (2 extra program slots; take 1 extra unresisted Matrix damage when attacked)
    • Hacking Programs: Armor (+2 resist Matrix damage), Biofeedback Filter (+2 resist biofeedback), Guard (reduce damage from marks), Shell (+1 vs Matrix and biofeedback damage), Sneak (+2 vs Trace User), Wrapper (defy Matrix rules)
  • Autosofts (RCC Native): Clearsight 3, Electronic Warfare 3
    • GMC Bulldog Evasion 3, GMC Bulldog Maneuvering 3
    • Microskimmer Evasion 3, Microskimmer Maneuvering 3, Microskimmer Stealth 3
    • Doberman Evasion 3, Doberman Maneuvering 3
    • FN HAR Targeting 4


  • GMC Bulldog Van: Hand 3/3, Spd 3, Accel 1, Body 16, Armor 12, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 6 • Rigger interface, satellite link • Autosofts (1 max): GMC Bulldog Evasion 3 • Sensors: Motion sensor, Radio signal scanner


  • Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer: Hand 3, Spd 3, Accl 1, Bod 0, Arm 0, Pilot 3, Sensor 3 • Autosofts (2 max): Clearsight 3, Evasion 3 • Sensors: Camera, Laser microphone, Vision magnification
  • GM-Nissan Doberman (2): Hand 5, Spd 3, Accl 1, Bod 4, Arm 4, Pilot 3, Sensor 3 • Autosofts (2 max): Clearsight 3, FN HAR Targeting 3 • Sensors: Cyberware scanner, MAD scanner, Radio signal scanner • 1 Weapon Mount mounted with FN HAR Assault Rifles (250 rounds each)

Lifestyle & Identity

  • Low: ¥2045 per month (¥2454 due to Dependent Negative Quality) • 4 months
    • Comforts & Necessities 2/3, Security 2/3, Neighborhood 2, Points 4
    • Local Bar Patron (1), Private Room (1) • Obscure/Difficult to Find (+1) • Attached to Ronald Autrey identity
  • One Bedroom Apartment in Auburn
    • This also has a secret doorway from the bedroom closet to the unused bedroom of the apartment next door, the majority of which burnt in a meth-lab fire, and so has remained unused and locked up for five years or so (Private Room benefit).
    • Cad is a regular at Casey's a bar on 162nd Ave SE & Lake Moneysmith Rd, around the corner from the Clone Zone Mall.


  • Basic Black Jumpsuits (10): Simple blue-collar style jumpsuits, in black and grey


  • Transys Avalon Commlink (6): Hot sim upgraded • Small rectangle that fits inside jumpsuit pocket


  • Ronald Autrey: Fake SIN (4); contract EMT worker - day to day transactions, medical stuff
    • Licenses: Cryo drug (3), Rocuronium toxin (3), Parasol Dart Pistol (4), Narcoject (3)
    • Credit:
  • Gabriel Calice: Fake SIN (4); bounty hunter - shadier transactions
    • Licenses: Bounty Hunter License (4), Cavalier Deputy (4), Regular Ammo (3), Tracker Ammo (3), Flare Ammo (3), SCK Model 100 (6), FN HAR (6)
  • John Donaldson: Fake SIN (4) - emergency use
  • Martin Weldon (Kinkaid): Fake SIN (4); high school student
  • Credsticks: Silver x5, Gold x2

Important NPCs

Kinkaid is thirteen - a kid that Caduceus tries to parent the best he can, but their relationship is really more like that of siblings. He's lived with Cad for more than a year now, and doesn't seem as frightened of the neighborhood they live in anymore, much to Caduceus' chagrin. Kinkaid's made one or two friends, but Cad is concerned about the local gangs trying to recruit the kid. So far, Kinkaid's made intelligent choices when it comes to involvement with the locals, but Cad knows that once a friend or two gets involved, it becomes that much more tempting. Cad has arranged for decent schooling for the kid with Donald.
Donald Enderman
Retired High School Teacher
Donald is one of Cad's neighbors in their apartment building. He's a retired high school teacher with emphysema. Unfortunately, his retirement benefits don't quite cover his medical treatment, so he and Cad have come to an arrangement: Cad will take over treating him in return for Donald teaching Kinkaid a couple of hours a day. Kinkaid has clearly become attached to the older man, and the feeling is obviously mutual.


Fixer (2 • 2)
Marian is a fixer out in Auburn. In her day job, she runs a cleaning service ("Marian's Maids") which gives her access to a number of local establishments and clients. She's leveraged this into a small-time fixer career that focuses on Robin Hood-type jobs: when folks need help, they often come to Marian, who tries to hook up those genuinely in need with those willing to help - often, people like Caduceus. He's done several things for her for very cheap or even gratis, and she's returned the favor now and again.
Old Man Yung
Mechanic (2 • 2)
The old mechanic down at the end of the block, Zachariah Yeung worked for his whole adult life in the various factories of Auburn, working in the motor pools of those big corporate facilities. In his retirement, he runs his own mechanic shop on the down-low, supplementing his sad retirement funds with cash from the locals to make his life a little more tolerable.



  • Grew up in Seattle, the son of Dane Tagerson, a low-level A-class corp salaryman and his wife Justine, a nurse who worked infrequently due to her illness.
    • He grew up attending public school, though he didn't make many friends in it, as he spent as much of his time taking care of her as possible.
    • She taught him a great deal about nursing - above and beyond what he needed to take care of her - and instilled in him a desire to be a doctor.
  • His mother died when he was seventeen, a blow to the young man.
    • His father quickly remarried a woman named Violet, who worked at the same corp as he did.
    • Violet and Ronald didn't get along, so he made the effort to get early enrollment in a pre-med program at the University of Seattle.


  • His father died when he was 22, and he couldn't pay for school anymore, as his widow Violet objected to her husband's dispersal of funds in the will and took Ronald to court, ending up getting all of it, leaving him with nothing for schooling.
  • In order to continue his education, Ronald took a job with DocWagon as an assistant clinic nurse.
    • He quickly proved his ability, and DocWagon paid for him to get his EMT training to get him a place with their LTR divisions.
    • Still, this didn't quite pay enough to let him do more than take occasional night-classes, but he became aware that their HTR teams were given funds to pay for increasing education.
  • He signed up for the HTR program, spending six weeks learning tactics, firearms, and the other basic tests intended to weed out those unsuitable for HTR team-members. He succeeded at the top of his class, and was offered a position in the actual training program, which he accepted.
    • The HTR training was a six-month program, training him in combat as much as medicine, and he even accepted the offer to have cyber-augmentations installed, to ensure him a better pay grade and placement upon graduation.
  • He went to work in an armored ambulance, working first as an EMT and back-up rigger (rigging mainly medical drones and overwatch systems).

The Shadows

  • He was 26 when he was involved in the job that would change his life (though he had no way of knowing that). It was a routine medical extraction that turned ugly, while rescuing a NeoNet executive. He saw the Executive grab a gun from one of the HTR team and start shooting his own bodyguards. After some effort he was eventually restrained and taken to the local Doc Wagon Hospital.
    • His team was given danger leave, the standard three-day period of leave after very violent rescue ops.
    • While they were on leave, his teammates began dying. One caught a bullet in a bar-fight that went bad, another was poisoned while out partying, another was hit by a car.
  • Ronald figured out what was going on just shy of too late. He recognized the signs of breaking-and-entering into his apartment at the last moment and was half-way out the door when the explosive device detonated.
    • The explosion almost totally obliterated his apartment, and collapsed the apartment adjacent to his.
    • As he was trying to escape, he heard someone calling for help, and stopped to save them from the debris.
    • This was the kid of his neighbors, the Kinkaids.
  • Realizing that NeoNet was trying to kill him, he fled and found a safe place to hide in his parent's old apartment, which Violet still owned but hadn't visited in years (she was trying, without success, to sell it).
    • He contacted DocWagon to tell them what was going on while he patched up the Kinkaid kid.
    • A short while later, two thugs showed up with violent intent, and Ronald killed them in self defense.
    • Realizing that DocWagon was in on his demise, he vanished into the Barrens.
    • He quickly nuked the trackers on his van and worked to clumsily erase his presence.
  • Once the Kinkaid kid was better, he offered to take the kid to relatives, but he didn't have any.
    • Though Ronald wasn't sure about being able to take care of a teenager, the kid (who he just calls Kinkaid) insisted on staying with him - it would be better than ending up an orphan in the Seattle Child Services system.
  • Once in the Barrens, he quickly found some work at a shadow clinic, helping stitch folks up where he could.
    • When some gangers broke into the clinic looking to off a fixer who was on the operating table, it was Ronald who fought them, though the street doc was killed in the process.
    • The fixer who was on the table offered to get him set up with a couple of jobs, and that's how he entered the shadows.
  • Now he's got a small place in YYYY, with enough to eat for both himself and Kinkaid.
    • He's teaching Kinkaid some of his medical skills, and generally doing his best to raise the kid the best he can.
  • Current Age: 27


Metatype: D (Human, 3) • Attributes: C (16) • Magic/Resonance: E (None) • Skills: B (36/5) • Resources: A (450,000¥)

  • Clothing & Armor: ¥2300
  • Electronics: ¥85,500
  • Vehicles: ¥36,500
  • Drones: ¥6000
  • Cyberware: ¥156,000
  • Bioware: ¥18,000
  • Weapons: ¥17,510
  • Biotech: ¥45,800
  • Lifestyle: ¥9816
  • Identity: ¥69,300