Calendar of Creation

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Season of Air

The autumnal climate of this season sees a great majority of the harvesting and preparations for winter.


Season of Water

The coldest season of the year, with the North clad in ice, and blizzards and snow common in the Blessed Isle, East and West. The South receives cooling rains during this season as well. Temperatures begin to rise in Descending Water, and early spring arrives.


Season of Earth

Spring continues to bloom, bringing storms in the East, melting season in the North, monsoons in the West and hurricanes to the Blessed Isle and the South. This begins a long growing period, as well.


Season of Wood

Climate continues to warm, with a rich growing spring for half of the season of Wood, moving into a full summer in the latter half of the season.


Season of Fire

Summer is in full swing, with endless days of scorching sun in the South, parched plains and forest fires in the East, and bright, temperate days in the North and the Blessed Isle. The very end days of the season begin to cool, and leaves turn the colors of autumn.



A cursed time of the year, when the night sky is perfectly black, without moon or stars, and spirits of all kinds find it easier to materialize and haunt mortals. Essence flows increase during this time of the year, and Essence-wielders may be prone to slightly euphoric states as a result.