Careless Whisper Tavern and Inn

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General description of the Careless Whisper

Tavern Overview

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First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Serving Room
Standard Rooms (3)
Common Room
Storage Room
Master Suites (2)
Meeting Room
Fourth Floor
Master Suite (1)
Lhara's Office
Rooftop Garden
Stone Bridge leading to Residence of Lhara & Adnama
Food Storage
Tunnel Access to Market



The Careless Whisper is owned by Lhara and her wife Adnama.

Lhara d'Aela
Owner & Proprietress of the Careless Whisper - Member of the Finder's Guild - Member of the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild - Former Adventurer - Adnama's wife
Lhara opened the Careless Whisper a year and a half ago after the Last War. The dragonmarked heir of House Tharashk loves telling the story of how she had used her galifars earned in the Last War serving with the Finder's Guild to purchase the space that is now the Careless Whisper after coming home from a particularly rough mission to a proposal of marriage from her beloved Adnama. Within 2 weeks, they were sweeping out a space they had found in Hareth's Folly and turning it into their business together. Lhara is warm and welcoming, although she doesn't trust easily or immediately. She has deliberately turned her tavern into a safe place for queer folk in Sharn, and adores the folk who come with that. She is very protective of them, as well – those who step out of line are in for a rude shock, as Lhara's clever wit can go from nurture to savagery in the blink of an eye. Lhara is swift and deadly with her rapier.
Adnama Fareous
Owner & Proprietress of the Careless Whisper - Member of the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild - Former Adventurer - Lhara's wife
Though Lhara doesn't really want much to do with running the Careless Whisper, she is the reason that the tavern and inn exist. She convinced Lhara that Eberron had seen enough fighting for now... at least from them, and wouldn't it be nice if they could just open up a place that serves up good food, good ale, and good memories of fighting? Six months ago Adnama gave birth to a baby boy, which take up quite a bit of her time, while Lhara takes care of the day-to-day running of the Careless Whisper. However, she will still stop in from time to time to say hello and let the staff dote on him. Adnama is an accomplished Abjurationist. As a result, The Careless Whisper is heavily warded.


You got a problem with the folks who hang out at the Careless Whisper? The you got a problem with Grother and his friends. That's a big problem, capice?
Grimmund Uruindrin
The burly man who keeps the Careless Whisper's bar has a quiet demeanor to him, often listening to his patrons' problems in a gentle way that is comforting and betrays his large size and intimidating demeanor. He is also very good at remembering what people prefer to drink.
Tawnie Nurwickett
Floor Runner and Server
Tawnie Nurwickett, the elderly gnomish floor runner comes across as brusque and all business but is a keen watcher of people. She has a lean athleticism that belies her apparent age and never seems to tire. Quick witted and sassy, she has an eye for trouble before it starts and often serves as an alarm for fights and those looking to cause trouble, alerting the house bouncers when they need to step in.
Wait Staff & Performer
Sky is an entertainer and waiter at the Careless Whisper. He plays the mandolin and drums. Despite his large frame he sings in a beautiful soaring tenor voice that surprise some, and is quite fond of love ballads. He loves to playfully pick out couples, or even potential couples, and serenade them with sweet, tender, embarrassingly raunchy melodies.
Royen (Roy) d'Ghallanda
The larger than life Roy is absolute master of his domain, for which Lhara is thankful. Though he runs his kitchen like a tyrant, the food that comes out of it certainly seems to make it worth it.
Alonek Ethlek
Cook's Assistant
Alonek is a hard-working lass who is trying to work her way out of the Cogs by learning a respectable trade. Though she is diligent in her duties, she also frequently peeks out of the kitchen doors at the spectacle and revelry going on out in the serving room, watching until Roy barks at her to get back to her task.
Filganos Staleene
Fil's job is to tend to the taproom, lending a hand with whatever is needful. His first job is making sure that the bar has everything it needs, from clean glasses to new casks. He fills in the time between by making his way through the large taproom to round up dishes to take to the kitchens, and lends a hand with dish-washing and serving when he has a moment. The handsome young man is a favorite of many of the inn's patrons, especially given his preference for working shirtless when nights heat up in the taproom.
Wait Staff & Performer
Gohr is another member of the crew at the Careless Whisper who does a little bit of performing and is also a part of the wait staff. He's a dancer and the gentlest soul you'll ever meet. Unlike a lot of other half-orcs he isn't interested in talking about the scar across his face or the battles he's fought. He just wants to paint a beautiful picture with his body. He's not into sleeping around, but he relishes in the casual intimacy with others on the couch between shows. He will snuggle you for hours.
Silver had met Lhara during the Last War. She liked the no-nonsense yet compassionate attitude of the warforged then, and when she was paired with them on the last mission she took on right before retiring from mercenary work she decided to approach them about taking on a role as bouncer at the Careless Whisper once it opened. That mix of no-nonsense and compassion has served Silver well in their role of protector and doorkeeper and they have found some enjoyment and even a place of belonging in doing it.


Sharn City Watch
Part of the local Watch patrol, Phaumrover is fond of the Careless Whisper. Considering himself a sort of guardian of the Queer Community (he himself being queer), he is a sweet-natured, quiet fellow and often stops in for dinner and a listen to the music before heading home.
Lady Lovestriss
Warehouse Guard & Barfly
The Lady Herself is a fixture in several establishments that cater to queer folk in Sharn, but can often be found at the Careless Whisper. Frequently intoxicated, and prone to performances on open stage nights. As Lhara once said fondly: "Her performances are to singing what the Spellplague was to magic." Still, queer folk in Sharn are often quite protective of their own even while rolling their eyes at what a mess they can be. Tawnie in particular is well-known for insisting that the Lady Herself eat something solid, and occasionally shuffles them off to bed when the melancholy and cheap alcohol have done them in, and there is still a room open for the night.
Zeldjik Korran
Zeldjik Korran is a regular of the carless whisper. This blue collar gnome is a general handyman, but focuses on plumbing. Getting in under sinks and behind toilets is super easy when you're small. He's been single for as long as anyone can remember and is quick to buy a drink for a tall, handsome lad.
City Lamplighter
don't ask Syndaela about her elven family name, she left them behind a long time ago. By day Syndaela is a low level magewright employed by the Sharn city government to make sure the city's numerous ever-burning lamps stay in decent shape. By night she's a bad-ass. She also has magical aspirations higher than simple lamplighting. She's been studying the magitech operations that empower the lightning rail and is secretly working on her own solo powered bike. She's smart, she's magically proficient, and she's ready to make some noise in Sharn.
Quimby d'Jorasco
Monk & Healer
Quimby a halfling monk with the dragonmark of healing who is in Sharn as part of his training to explore service to the self (exploration of identity) and to community as a way to enlightenment. As a refugee from the Last War which devastated his family's wealth, he has grown suspicious and shrewd, but he is nevertheless quick-witted, sassy, and has a heart of gold. He likes to spend time at the Careless Whisper to find out more about himself while helping to organize, protect and generally be a professional helper for other like-minded queers.
Ozbuird Silmak
Ozbuird is a hard inquisitive to hire. You could live a hundred lifetimes in Sharn and never once bat an eye at her, but to those who have seen or heard of her, she's impossible to miss. A powerful goblin sorcerer and once considered a secret weapon in the war, she is never without coin for a cocktail. If you need to make someone disappear or you want to change your fate forever, you can most reliably meet with her at the Careless Whisperer occupying the west facing common room on the second floor. Don't waste your time outside watching for her to come in. If she wants to see you, you'll be able to walk in without a problem. (Though there are rumors that around closing, if she's had a particularly good client, she'll order another round for the room and read your tarot for a pittance, and even these are said to be life changing.) No one knows where she actually lives, though popular rumor has it that the Last War made her so disgusted with this plane of existence that she set up an abode in Thelanis. Lhara invited her to join the Company of the Careless Whisper, knowing she would be a valuable asset, but Ozzie rejected the offer with a shrug and a wave of the hand, "You know I work best alone. You wouldn't want me to accidentally polymorph your bouncer would you?"
Sveldak Borstad
Sveldak has an owl companion, Peace, who prefers to perch in the rafters to watch over the patrons. No one knows why the owl followed him when he came back from the Last War. He buys new bards in town a drink. If they ask if he has an appreciation for fine arts, he'll drop his good demeanor long enough for you to start counting the scars on his face. He'll only tell people he used to trade in secrets, but now it was important to support new voices with new, happier songs. Then he'll change the subject abruptly with that charming little half-smile. He melts hearts, and boasts a wide variety of silk floral shirts. The only time you'll know Peace is in the tavern is if some misled roughnecks try to scam Sveldak. Usually folks back down just from Peace's unnerving scowl, but Sveldak has no qualms about taking challenges outside. There have been only a few so stupid, and most of those tired out before Sveldak even had to retaliate. His true power is unknown, but some suspect he is training to hone his skills as an astral monk.