Celestial Bureaucracy

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Bureau of Destiny

The Bureau of Destiny is divided into Divisions, one associated with each of the Maidens. Likewise, Sidereal Exalted are assigned to one of these Divisions, depending on their Exaltation.

  • Mistresses of Destiny: The Maidens
  • The Most Excellent Designers of Destiny Conjunctions: Sidereal Exalted

Division of Journeys

Captain of the Golden Barque: Ruvia, God of Roads

Division of Serenity

Bearer of the Lapis Ewer: Yaogin, God of Beautiful Dreams

Division of Battles

Lord General: Hu Dai Liang, Shogun of the Crimson Banner

  • God of Portents of War: Weaver of Dreams of Victory

Division of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets: Nara-O of the Hundred Veils

  • God of Celestial Portents: X
    • God of Eastern Celestial Portents: X
      • God of Comets and Portents over the Maruto River: Scarlet Hunter of the Firmament

Division of Endings

  • Minister of Endings: Wayang the Black Puppet Mask, God of Silence

Bureau of Heaven

The Bureau of Heaven is divided into two Departments, each of which is headed up by a Shogun.

The Department of Abstract Matters

Shogun: Taru-Han, Lady of Souls

  • God of Peace: Open Hand
    • Goddess of Southern Peace: Jewel of Prosperity
    • Serene Glade, God of Eastern Peace
      • Goddess of Peaceful Mornings: Dawning Star of Glory
    • [Gods of Peace, by direction]
  • Lady of Intoxicants: Burning Feather
    • [Gods of individual intoxicants]
  • Goddess of War: E-Naluna
    • Ahlat, Southern God of War and Cattle
      • Clan Strife, Major Domo
      • Bloody Brush, Factotum
      • Horn of Ink, Overseer of Cattle
      • Sharp Edge, Dedicant of the Daiklaive
      • Cunning Stratagem, Warleader
      • Broken Horn, Herald
    • Siakal, Western Goddess of Battle, Slaughter and Sharks
    • Sunipa, Eastern Goddess of War and Strategy
      • Shield of a Different Day, Goddess of Urban Defense
    • Voharun, Northern God of War and Crows
    • Tachi-Kun, Central God of War and Exalted Warfare
  • God of Decay: Hran-Tzu
    • Kel-Aina, God of the Deadened Circle
    • Sylvi, the Crone of Fire, Goddess of the Frenzied Circle
    • The Nameless God of the Utter West, God of the Changing Circle
  • God of Pain: Ahau
    • Searing Agony, God of Southern Pain
      • The Pale Mistress, Goddess of Pain and Hardship in An-Teng
    • [Gods of Pain, by direction]
      • [Gods of Pain, by location]
  • Daimyo of the Division of Exaltation: Lytek
  • Daimyo of the Division of Lost Things: Madame Marthesine of the Lost
  • Goddess of Sacrifice: Shining Flower the Bloody Goddess, Mistress of Hearts and Knives

The Department of Celestial Concerns

Shogun: Ryzala, Lady of Bureaucracy and Paperwork

  • God of Law and Magistracy: Crimson Ribbon
    • God of Eastern Law: Edict of Oak
      • God of Magistrates in the Confederation of Rivers: Stoic Quill of the Vaults
  • Celestial Censor of the South: Wong Bangerok
  • Celestial Censor of the West: Fakharu
  • [Celestial Censors, by Direction]

Bureau of Seasons

The Bureau of Seasons is made up of but a single organization within itself, though each of the major gods is god over both a span of time and a weather phenomenon most commonly associated with that span of time. Lesser gods oversee either spans of time or weather phenomena. This bureau also employs many lesser elemental dragons.

Shogun-Regent of the Seasons and Weather: Ghataru

Court of the Season of Air

Daimyo of the Season of Air: Nasri, Goddess of Rainstorms

  • Ruler of the Month of Ascending Air: The Kindly Ones
  • Ruler of the Month of Resplendent Air: The Divine One
  • Ruler of the Month of Descending Air: The Dreamer
  • Naresh, Arbiter of Northern Storms & Lesser Elemental Dragon of Water

Court of the Season of Earth

Daimyo of the Season of Earth: X

  • Ruler of the Month of Ascending Earth: White Sand
  • Ruler of the Month of Resplendent Earth: Gleaming Crystal
  • Ruler of the Month of Descending Earth: Whispering Clay

Court of the Season of Fire

Daimyo of the Season of Fire: X

  • Rulers of the Month of Ascending Fire: The Golden Stars
  • Ruler of the Month of Resplendent Fire: Ravenous Flame
  • Ruler of the Month of Descending Fire: Desert Noon

Court of the Season of Water

Daimyo of the Season of Water: X

  • Ruler of the Month of Ascending Water: The Howling Bears
  • Ruler of the Month of Resplendent Water: The Men of Ice
  • Rulers of the Month of Descending Water: The White Terrors

Court of the Season of Wood

Daimyo of the Season of Wood: X

  • Ruler of the Month of Ascending Wood: Scarlet Kitsune
  • Ruler of the Month of Resplendent Wood: The Green Man
  • Ruler of the Month of Descending Wood: The Twins of the Labyrinth

Bureau of Humanity

The Bureau of Humanity is divided into the Five Directions Directorate and the Directorate of Universal Human Affairs, each headed by a Director.

Five Directions Directorate

Director: Wun Ja, the Shining Metropolis, God of Cities

  • Satrap of the Realm: Jagalza
    • Jade Dragon, Plenipotentary of the Blessed Isle
    • Ameru, God of Meru
    • Gri-Fel, God of the Imperial City
  • Satrap of the East: Scavenger of Wood and Bone
    • Ivy Hatra, Plenipotentary of the East
      • Wind-Bourne Blessing, God of Messenger Birds
    • Gen, God of Nexus
    • Leeayta the Lizard Queen, Goddess of Rathess
    • Tien Yu, God of Lookshy
    • Tu Yu, God of Deheleshen
    • Rose and Gold Seneschal, God of Maharesh
    • Triumphant Monarch of the Foremost Peak, God of Kalishar
  • Satrap of the South: Burning Gemstone
    • Weary Heron, Plenipotentiary of the South
    • The Golden Lord, God of An-Teng
    • Grandmother Bright, Goddess of Chiaroscuro
  • Satrap of the West: Empress of Sapphire and Sand
    • Serene Kraken, Plenipotentiary of the West
    • [Gods of Cities]
  • Satrap of the North: Ulgarin Frostmaw
    • Furious Strix, Plenipotentiary of the North
    • [Gods of Cities]

Directorate of Universal Human Affairs

Director: Amoth City-Smiter, God of Tumbled Ruins

  • Plentimon of the Dice, God of Gambling
  • Vanileth, God of Artificial Flight
    • Relza, Aerial Satrap of Rathess
    • X, Aerial Satrap of Lookshy
    • [Aerial Satraps of other cities/locations with flight]
  • Janvael, Satrap of the Hunt
    • Bright Spearpoint, Southern God of Hunting
    • [Gods of Hunting, by direction]
  • Blackest Terror, Satrap of Disease
    • Black Eye Cyst, Southern Commissioner for the Board of Ill-Health
    • [Commissioners for the Board of Ill-Health, by direction]
  • Ryall, God of Stories and Legends
    • Spinner of Glorious Tales, God of Wandering Storytellers

Bureau of Nature

The Bureau of Nature is divided into two Hierarchies, the Hierarchy of Type and the Hierarchy of Function. Each of these are led by a Shogun.

Hierarchy of Type

Shogun: Flashing Peak, God of the Imperial Mountain

  • Chel-hu, Lord of the Blessed Isle, Daimyo of All Mountains
    • Defiant Eminence, God of the Dehennan Mountains
      • Unwholesome Blossom, Goddess of the Poison Vale
  • Xian'kung, Daimyo of the Southern Wastes
    • Ahlat, Southern God of Cattle and War
      • Clan Strife, Major Domo
      • Bloody Brush, Factotum
      • Horn of Ink, Overseer of Cattle
      • Sweet Ivory, Goddess of Calving and Milk
      • Dahush, God of Thoughtful Cud-Chewing
    • Diall, God of Oases
      • The Rentava, Lady of the Emerald Oasis
      • Wafting Sweetness, Southern Steam-vent Goddess
  • Zhuziao, Lord of the Deep, Daimyo of the Dark Depths
    • Siakal, Western Goddess of Sharks, Slaughter and Battle
    • Bashixun, Lord of the Surf, God of Crustaceans, the Shore and Shoreline Fishermen
  • Steel Wind, Daimyo of the Biting Northern Cold
    • Voharun, Northern God of War and Crows
    • Long Tusk, Walrus Avatar
      • Tsugari, God of Walrus Mating Fights
    • Thunderfoot, the Mammoth Avatar
  • Glorious Emerald Seer, Daimyo of the Eastern Boughs
    • The Fish-Eater, God of River-Beasts
      • Joyous Crane, God of Frogs and Cranes in the Maruto River
    • White Maw, God of Wolves
    • Jade Bulwark Soldier, God of Eastern Mountains
      • Garbed in Granite, God of the Kalishari Mountain Range
    • Father Water Spider, God of Eastern Rivers, Patron of the Riverlands
      • Anjara the Sixth Spider, Goddess of Communication and Mercantilism along Rivers
    • O-Dara, God of the Eastern Firmament
      • Undefeated Granite Daughter, Goddess of Field-stones and Scavenger Lands Masonry

Hierarchy of Function

Shogun: Burnished Talon, Daimyo of Mammalian Predators

  • Kireeki, Huntress of the Waves, God of Oceanic Predators
  • Du'saal, Lord of Scaly Death, God of Reptilian Predators
  • Brass Claw, God of Avian Predators
  • Nan-Chal, Eminence of Mammals
    • The Great Pack, Gods of Pack-hunters
  • Visashil, Eminence of Reptiles
  • Glorious Plumage, Eminence of Avians
  • Athmah, God of Carrion-eaters
    • Odiferous Talon, Goddess of Southern Carrion