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Class IV droids are skilled in military and security functions.

Assassin Droids
Sienar Intelligence Systems E522-series Assassin Droid
61,000cr credits • Rarity 8R
Burly, hard-hitting droids first developed in the lead-up to the Clone Wars. As much combat droid as assassin, they are festooned with weaponry and thick armor plates.
Source: CaM51
Interrogation Droids
Arakyd Industries TS-series Interrogation Droid
58,000 credits • Rarity 9R
Marketed as "medical droids," they are small, inhuman-looking constructs over two meters tall, with thin, flat, curving torso and two long spindly arms festooned with blades, injectors, and other vicious-looking apparati. Relatively quiet when working, asking simple, uncomplicated questions in a straightforward and often cheerful manner. Nearly all of them are in the hands of the Imperial Security Bureau.
Source: CaM51
Law Enforcement Droids
Rim Securities AC-series Law Enforcement Droid
9600 credits • Rarity 5 (Restricted)
Standing two meters tall and programmed with brash, harsh, authoritative personalities. Very strong, programmed with knowledge of streets, piloting vehicles, intimidation, and perception, and armed with shields and stun-batons
Source: FH49
Tracking Droids
T-series Tactical Droid
8000 credits • Rarity 8R
Originally deployed by Separatist forces during the Clone Wars, the T-series tactical droids served as tactical advisors and even as intermediate-level commanders themselves. Though extremely competent strategically, their personalities tend to evolve into impatient, patronizing, didactic patterns. They are rarely put to any use today, although the Rebel Alliance is known to use a small number of them.
Source: LbE45

Tracking Droids
Arakyd Industries DZ-70-series Fugitive Tracker Droid
9800 credits • Rarity 4 (Restricted)
A small black spherical droid used by military and law enforcement throughout the galaxy to hunt down wanted fugitives. Equipped with blaster pistol and ionization blaster, skilled in tracking and stealth.
Cost/Rarity: 9800cr/4R
Source: FH49



xx credits • Rarity x
Source: xx