Columbia Consilium Declaration of Consilium

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It is with great hope for the future that we, the undersigned, declare Consilium along the Columbia River Basin and the northern coast of Oregon and southern coast of Washington states.

For years, these territories have remained ungoverned, a frontier even in these modern times. With solemnity and pride, we raise up our torches to shine the Light of the Watchtowers, which burn with the Last Flames of Atlantis, upon these benighted shores.

It is not for us, but for this legacy that we do this. To those with the eyes to see, it is obvious that the powers of these places must not go unguarded. To do so would besmirch our Sacred and Ancient Duties that hearken back to the Great Dragon Orders of Atlantis.

More than this, though, the Awakened who dwell in these places deserve protection and assistance in their myriad endeavors, the worthy works of the Sons and Daughters of Atlantis, and so this we explicitly form to provide for one another, in all ways that we may do so while remaining true to our own endeavors, allegiances and consciences.

Let it be also known that unlike many older Consilii who sit at the cracked and crumbling table of Ancient Atlantis, we explicitly welcome the newly formed Freedom Council, once named the Nameless, to our table. Our alliance does not depend on their acceptance of the lore of Atlantis, nor our abandonment of it. No matter what we envision of past or future, it is in the present that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these worthies against the Seers of the Throne, against Banishers and Mad and most of all against the forces of the Abyss.

Thus, let this Consilium be Declared over the Oregonian settlements of Astoria, Warrenton and Seaside, and over the Washingtonian settlements of Iwaco and Chinook.

By this decree, we also declare the Lady Alkanost as our founding Hierarch. She shall take her a Council of five Awakened, one from each of the Diamond Orders and one also of the Freedom Council. Let no two or more Councilors come from the same cabal, and let one Councilor hail from each of the member townships where possible.

The Hieararch shall also appoint other titles within the Consilium as needful and appropriate, preferring those not of his or her own cabal, unless there is no other good candidate, as agreed upon by the Councilors.

Thus, we found this Columbia Consilium, within the bounds of the Hotel Regina in Astoria Oregon, on this night of Roodmas, in the year A.D. 1904. May the Flame of the Supernal reflect ever brightly on the waters of our home.

  • Lady Alkanost, Hierarch. Astoria, OR. Of the cabal Tri Ptitsy, Ordo Silver Ladder.
  • Councilor Xue Zhe of Astoria, OR. Independent, Ordo Mysterium.
  • Councilor Firial of Warrenton, OR. Of the cabal Gladius Dei, Ordo Silver Ladder.
  • Councilor Mist of Seaside, OR. Independent, Ordo Guardians of the Veil.
  • Councilor Bear of Ilwaco, WA. Of the cabal Five Stars Rising, Ordo Adamantine Arrow.
  • Councilor Doc Reynolds of Chinook, WA. Of the cabal The Saints, Freedom Council.