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General Contracts

These Contracts are available to any Changeling to learn.


Entering and shaping the dreams of others.

  • Pathfinder (•): Grants the ability to divine the nature of the local Hedge, finding Hollows, trods, paths, goblin fruit and the like. Intelligence + Wyrd
  • Forging the Dream (••): Allows the crafting of every detail of a dream a subject experiences. Wits + Wyrd
  • Phantasmal Bastion (•••): Allows the creation of arms and armor in the dreamscape. No Roll
  • Cobblethought (••••): Allows the extraction of an image or item from a target's recent dreams, which then appear in the waking world. Intelligence + Wyrd
  • Dreamsteps (•••••): May enter the dreams of one person physically, travel to the dreams of another and emerge in the waking world in that area. Intelligence + Wyrd


Altering and shaping the reality of the mortal world in small ways.

  • Rewriting the Image (•): May alter the details of any two-dimensional image (but not words). Expression + Wyrd
  • Trivial Reworking (••): May temporarily reshape a small object in minor ways. Crafts + Wyrd
  • Discreet Conjuration (•••): May remove a small object from a place of containment, even though the item wasn't there originally. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Hidden Reality (••••): May create or change some small feature in surroundings that was not previously obvious. Wits + Wyrd
  • Paths of Desire (•••••): May open a gateway that leads to anyplace in the Hedge previously visited. Academics + Wyrd


Traditional fae blessings of fortune.

  • Fickle Fate (•): Minor curse inflicting a -2 penalty to target's next roll. No Roll
  • Favored Fate (••): Blessing that grants a +4 bonus to target's next roll. No Roll
  • Beneficent Fate (•••): Blessing that grants Success at target's next roll. No Roll
  • Fortuna's Cornucopia (••••): Blessing that grants 8-Again Quality on target's next roll. No Roll
  • Triumphal Fate (•••••): Blessing that grants Exceptional Success on target's next roll. No Roll


Magics of the passage of time and the reckoning thereof.

  • Restoration of Dawn Beauty (•): May transform an old object into a younger object in better condition. Craft + Wyrd
  • Frozen Moment (••): Cause object to become frozen in time for a few minutes, rendering it immune to movement or harm. Wits + Wyrd
  • Thief of Days (•••): Causes inanimate object to age rapidly. Investigation + Wyrd
  • Flickering Hours (••••): May alter the passage of time for self and allies while within the Hedge. Wits + Wyrd
  • Leaping Toward Nightfall (•••••): May cause an object or person to be shoved forward in time. Investigation + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd


Altering one's appearance.

  • Riddle Kith (•): Alters the mien to appear as a member of another kith. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Skinmask (••): Alters a portion of both Mask and mien to appear as that of another person. Stamina + Wyrd
  • Transfigure the Flesh (•••): Alters the Size of the wielder. Stamina + Wyrd
  • Oddbody (••••): Alters a bodily feature into something inhuman, gaining a benefit of some kind. Strength + Wyrd
  • Chrysalis (•••••): Alters the body into the form of something else entirely, transforming into an inanimate object. Strength + Wyrd


Magics of moonlight and insanity.

  • Lunatic's Knowing Glance (•): Can immediately sense if target possesses a derangement, including identifying derangement. Wits + Wyrd
  • Maddening Eye (••): Can cause already-possessed derangements to grow worse. Manipulation + Wyrd - Composure
  • Touch of Bedlam (•••): Cause touched target to suffer from a severe derangement. Presence + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd
  • The Madness of Crowds (••••): Cause mass hysteria, causing crowd to suffer mild derangement. Expression + Wyrd
  • Lurking Insanity (•••••): Instill insanity in target that is triggered by specific event. Subterfuge + Wyrd


The ability to peer into the future and past

  • Visions of Strife (•): Gain a glimpse of the most traumatic and emotionally charged event experienced. Empathy + Wyrd
  • Glimpse of Fortune's Favor (••): Examine outcome of an action about to be performed. Wits + Wyrd
  • Reading the Portents (•••): See most significant upcoming event of target. Wits + Wyrd
  • Vision of Disaster (••••): Allows the replaying of one turn of play, having already foreseen that outcome. Wits + Wyrd
  • Tying the Knots of Fate (•••••): Ritual that forges a fate for another, creating a very likely occurrence within a month. Presence + Wyrd


Magics of reflections in mirrors and other surfaces.

  • Reflections of the Past (•): May see what has been reflected in the surface within the past week. Wits + Wyrd
  • Glimpse of a Distant Mirror (••): May look into a reflective surface and see out of any surface that has reflected his face before. Composure + Wyrd
  • Reflection's Grasp (•••): May reach through a reflective surface to extend grasp through any reflective surface touched, including the ability to pull object through. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Mirror Walk (••••): May step through a reflecting surface big enough to fit his body, stepping out of any reflecting surface of proper size that has reflected his whole body before. Athletics + Wyrd
  • Stealing the Solid Reflection (•••••): May reach into a surface and remove the reflection of an object, giving it reality and form. Larceny + Wyrd


Powers of stealth and passing unseen.

  • The Wrong Foot (•): Change the nature of marks left by passage through an area. No Roll
  • Nevertread (••): Eliminates all traces of passage through an area. Intelligence + Wyrd
  • Shadowpatch (•••): Darkness congeals around the wielder, hiding him. Wits + Wyrd
  • Murkblur (••••): Smoky caul manifests before the eyes of a target, blinding him. Intelligence + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd
  • Light-Shy (•••••): Renders the wielder invisible. Intelligence + Wyrd


Powers of the natural world

  • Wildwalker (•): Ignore environmental penalties and hinderances. Persuasion + Wyrd
  • Nature's Curse (••): Cause nature to impede and harass target. Intimidation + Wyrd
  • Viridian Embrace (•••): Cause nature to actively aid efforts. Expression + Wyrd
  • Calling Wind and Weather (••••): May summon different kinds of weather. Presence + Wyrd
  • Calling Nature's Wrath (•••••): Cause nature to rise up and attack targets. Survival + Wyrd

Beast Contracts

These Contracts are available to Beasts; other Changelings may learn them with a teacher.


The Beast connection with his territory, increasing his ability to detect intruders and defend his den.

  • Trespasser's Spoor (•): Gain Perception bonuses while within territory. No Roll
  • Trapdoor Spider's Trick (••): Makes an entrance to territory appear to be impassable or not there at all. Wits + Wyrd
  • Cuckoo's Ruse (•••): Causes wielder to appear to be someone who belongs in an area. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Blessing of the Burrow (••••): Allows the creation of a den or burrow instantly. Survival + Wyrd
  • Collapsing the Entrance (•••••): May cause a portion of territory to collapse in such a way as to prevent invasion. Strength + Wyrd

Fang and Talon

The Beast ability to emulate, speak with and command animals. Contracts must be purchased separately for each type of animal, though purchasing versions of Contracts already known costs half normal cost.

  • Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves (•): Grants the ability to speak with animal type. Animal Ken + Wyrd
  • Beast's Keen Senses (••): Gain the special senses associated with animal type. Animal Ken + Wyrd
  • Pipes of the Beastcaller (•••): Gain the ability to summon animal type. Animal Ken + Wyrd
  • Tread of the Swift Hooves (••••): Gain the ability to use exceptional transportation method of animal type. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Cloak of the Bear's Massive Form (•••••): Gain the ability to turn into animal type. Manipulation + Wyrd

Darkling Contracts

These Contracts are available to Darklings; other Changelings may learn them with a teacher.


The Darkling affinity for cunning nocturnal witcheries.

  • Creeping Dread (•): Causes target to become less resistant to fear or intimidation. Manipulation + Wyrd - Resolve
  • Night's Subtle Distractions (••): Avoid notice by increasing distractions. Stealth + Wyrd
  • Balm of Unwakeable Slumber (•••): Causes all sleeping targets to become nearly unwakeable. Manipulation + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd
  • Boon of the Scuttling Spider (••••): Grants the ability to climb along nearly any surface. Atheltics + Wyrd
  • Touch of the Paralyzing Shudder (•••••): Causes target to shudder and twitch with terror, reducing physical capabilities. Presence + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd

Shade and Spirit

The Darkling affinity for ghosts and death.

  • Ghostly Presence (•): Allows wielder to see, hear and speak with any ghosts in Twilight. Presence + Wyrd
  • Dread Companion (••): Ghost gains the ability to interact with one sense within a room. Manipulation + Wyld
  • Haunting Intercession (•••): Grants a ghost the ability to be seen, heard and physically interacted with by the living. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Waking the Dead (••••): Calls up the echo of a ghost to answer questions. Strength + Wyrd
  • Opening the Black Gate (•••••): Tears open a passage between the lands of the living and the Underworld. Stamina + Wyrd

Elemental Contracts

These Contracts are available to Elementals; other Changelings may learn them with a teacher.


The Elemental powers for communing the elements to which they are bound. Contracts must be purchased separately for each type of element, though purchasing versions of Contracts already known costs half normal cost.

  • Sense Element (•): Gain ability to perfectly pinpoint element in area. Wits + Wyrd
  • Primordial Voice (••): May ask element about events that have occurred in the past in its presence. Socialize + Wyrd
  • Distant Connection (•••): May share senses and experiences of distant elements, and ask elements to perform actions. Persuasion + Wyrd
  • Elemental Servitor (••••): May call up element to act as willing ally. Persuasion + Wyrd
  • Elemental Ally (•••••): May imbue element with intelligence and awareness. Presence + Wyrd


The Elemental powers for commanding the elements to which they are bound. Contracts must be purchased separately for each type of element, though purchasing versions of Contracts already known costs half normal cost.

  • Cloak of the Elements (•): Grants protection against element, including immunity to weather associated with that element. No Roll
  • Armor of the Element's Fury (••): Creates defensive armor from element, damaging those who touch him. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Control Elements (•••): Grant power to control and move element. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Calling the Element (••••): Summon element from known location where element exists. Wits + Wyrd
  • Become the Primal Foundation (•••••): Become a living manifestation of element. Manipulation + Wyrd

Fairest Contracts

These Contracts are available to Fairest; other Changelings may learn them with a teacher.


The Fairest superiority and exception from the rules that govern mundane life.

  • Tread Lightly (•): Take only bashing damage from falls and walk or run over surfaces that would not normally support her weight. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Evasion of Shackles (••): May automatically escape from restraints. Larceny + Wyrd
  • Breaching Barriers (•••): May walk through closed doors or windows. Presence + Wyrd
  • Elegant Protection (••••): Manifestation of pure elegance in defense. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Phantom Glory (•••••): Ability to become intangible for a short time. Persuasion + Wyrd


The Fairest mastery of supernatural beauty and splendor.

  • Mask of Superiority (•): Convinces a target that wielder is his social superior. Intimidation + Wyrd - Resolve
  • Songs of Distant Arcadia (••): Power which enchances performances. Expression + Wyrd
  • Splendor of the Envoy's Protection (•••): Dazzles mortals into not attacking wielder. Presence + Wyrd
  • Mantle of Terrible Beauty (••••): Terrifying beauty fills viewers with awe and fear. Intimidate + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd
  • Words of Memories Never Lived (•••••): Performance which warps the memories and recollections of audience. Expression + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd

Ogre Contracts

These Contracts are available to Ogres; other Changelings may learn them with a teacher.


The Ogre blessings of might and brute force.

  • Might of the Terrible Brute (•): Gain increased Strength. Strength + Wyrd
  • Ogre's Rending Grasp (••): Reduces Durability of inanimate objects being rent or destroyed. Strength + Wyrd
  • Display Grandiose Might (•••): May increase Strength for non-combat purposes. Athletics + Wyrd
  • Gluttonous Feast of Health (••••): May heal damage through consumption of lots of food and drink. Stamina + Wyld
  • Red Rage of Terrible Revenge (•••••): Enter a strength-increasing berserker frenzy. Resolve + Wyld

Oath and Punishment

The Ogre talent for finding those who need punishing and meting it out to them.

  • Pursuer's Seven-League Leap (•): May leap incredible distances. Athletics + Wyrd
  • Sense Tainted Vows (••): May determine by touch if target has broken any vows or oaths. Wits + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd
  • Inexorable Pursuer (•••): May resist attacks on Clarity or emotional-based attacks. Resolve + Wyrd
  • Relentless Pursuit (••••): Gain ability to sense general direction and distance of quarry as long as they are in the same realm and on same side of planet. Stamina + Wyld
  • Cruel Vengeance (•••••): Inflicts grievous penalties against oathbreaker, allowing wielder to mete out punishment. Presence + Wyrd vs. Manipulation + Wyrd

Wizened Contracts

These Contracts are available to Wizened; other Changelings may learn them with a teacher.


The Wizened ability to bring inanimate objects to a semblance of life.

  • Knowing Touch (•): May speak with an object by touch, learning of damage, weak points and secret details. Crafts + Wyrd
  • Instant Expertise (••): Gain instinctive knowledge of how to use item. Wits + Wyrd
  • Inanimate Communion (•••): Psychometrically experience things object handled has experienced. Empathy + Wyrd
  • Animate Device (••••): Causes objects to animate and operate on their own. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Command the Inanimate (•••••): Cause objects to animate, with mobility and obey orders. Presence + Wyrd


The Wizened talent for supernatural craftsmanship.

  • Brief Glamour of Repair (•): May perform a temporary repair on an object, even without tools or materials. Craft + Wyrd
  • Touch of the Workman's Wrath (••): May damage or disable an object with a touch. Larceny + Wyrd
  • Blessing of Perfection (•••): Bless an item to improve its function. Wits + Wyrd
  • Unmaker's Destructive Gaze (••••): May disable an object by staring at it. Presence + Wyrd
  • Tatterdemalion's Workshop (•••••): May create useful items out of unlikely materials and tools. Craft + Wyrd

Spring Court Contracts

These Contracts are available only to Changelings with Mantle or Court Goodwill in the Spring Court.

Fleeting Spring

The Emerald Court powers over desire.

  • Cupid's Eye (•): Reveals the desires and passions of the target. Wits + Wyrd + Composure + Wyrd
  • Growth of the Ivy (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Grants the ability to alter the nature of desires or the targets thereof. Manipulation + Persuasion + Mantle (Spring) - Resolve
  • Wyrd-Faced Stranger (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Grants the ability to appear as whomever the subject most desires to see at the moment. Presence + Subterfuge + Mantle (Spring) vs. Composure + Wyld
  • Pandora's Gift (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Creates an object desired by another. Wits + Craft + Mantle (Spring)
  • Waking the Inner Faerie (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Causes the target to pursue his greatest desires, regardless of other considerations. Inteligence + Expression + Mantle (Spring) vs. Composure + Wyrd

Eternal Spring

The Spring Court's Contract of growth and rejuvenation.

  • Gift of Warm Breath (•): Grants healthy energy to a target, alleviating hunger and fatigue. Resolve + Survival + Mantle (Spring)
  • New Lover's Kiss (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Grants the ability to cause rain to fall from the sky. Intelligence + Survival + Mantle (Spring)
  • Warmth of the Blood (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Grants the ability to heal injuries and soothe pain. Wits + Medicine + Mantle (Spring)
  • Yesterday's Birth (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Endows a creature or living object with a season's worth of growth and nurturing in an instant. Medicine + Wyrd
  • Mother of All Deaths (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Causes nearby area to become very healthy and rise up in defense. Presence + Empathy + Mantle (Spring)

Verdant Spring

Channeling one's passions into great feats.

  • Font of Inspiration (•): Gain inspiration to get bonus for next Expression or Crafts challenge. Wits + Empathy + Mantle (Spring) - Resolve
  • The Ineffable Gift (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Manifest inner passions as compelling social power. Presence + Manipulation + Mantle (Spring) vs. Resolve + Composure
  • Impassioned Blow (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Draw on inner passions to empower a single strike. Resolve + Brawl/Firearms/Weaponry + Mantle (Spring)
  • Spur the Crowd (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Triggers hidden desires in crowd to sway them more easily. Presence + Expression + Mantle (Spring)
  • Verdant, Roiling Heart (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Tapping into his inner passions, the wielder renews himself. Composure + Empathy + Mantle (Spring)

Summer Court Contracts

These Contracts are available only to Changelings with Mantle or Court Goodwill in the Summer Court.

Fleeting Summer

The Crimson Court's powers to manipulate wrath

  • Baleful Sense (•): Gain the ability to sense the greatest wrath nearby. Wits + Wyrd
  • Goblin's Malignance (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Causes subject of target's wrath to shift to another subject. Manipulation + Persuasion + Mantle (Summer) vs. Composure + Wyrd
  • Friendless Tongue (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Incites a target into unreasonable rage through innocent conversation. Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mantle (Summer) vs. Composure + Wyld
  • Sundown Eyes (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Causes rage to drain from nearby targets, calming them. Presence + Socialize + Mantle (Summer) - Composure
  • The Flames of Summer (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Causes wielder's anger to blossom into a full berserker fury, lending focus and strength. Stamina + Animal Ken + Mantle (Summer)

Eternal Summer

The Summer Court's Contract of heat and vigor.

  • Son of the Hearth (•): May be comfortable in all temperatures, and may even heat a chamber. Survival + Wyrd
  • Ulf's Heart (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Creates illumination equal to noonday sunlight. Strength + Occult + Mantle (Summer)
  • Noonday Grasp (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Borrows some of the Sun's strength for own use. Stamina + Brawl + Mantle (Summer)
  • Solstice Revelation (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Channels sunlight in order to reveal deception and illusion. Presence + Occult + Mantle (Summer)
  • The Lord's Dread Gaze (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Sears enemies with sunlight. Dexterity + Athletics + Mantle (Summer) - Defense

Punishing Summer

Magics of punishment, wrath and revenge.

  • Smoldergrip (•): Cause a small object to steadily increase in temperature, possibly scalding those holding the item. Strength + Wyrd - Size
  • Battle Bright (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 May radiate coruscant light, making it hard to target wielder in battle. Presence + Wyrd vs. Wits + Composure
  • Crown of Clashing Fire (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Creates a circle of burning thorns around target and weilder, in preparation for a duel. Resolve + Wyrd - Stamina
  • Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Weapon strike infects target with sunstroke and heat exhaustion. Stamina + Wyrd vs. Stamina + Composure
  • Scorched Earth (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Blasts an area of land with scorching heat, cracking the earth and bringing terrible heat and light to those there. Strength + Wyrd

Autumn Court Contracts

These Contracts are available only to Changelings with Mantle or Court Goodwill in the Autumn Court.

Fleeting Autumn

The Ashen Court's powers to induce and ward against fear.

  • Witches' Intuition (•): Uncovers knowledge of one fear from target's mind. Wits + Wyrd - Composure
  • Tale of the Baba Yaga (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Uses fearmongering conversation to instill terror of a single subject in listeners. Manipulation + Intimidation + Mantle (Autumn) - Composure
  • Heart of the Antlion (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Grants defense against fear. Resolve + Investigation + Mantle (Autumn)
  • Scent of the Harvest (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Grants protection against fear to others. Presence + Expression + Mantle (Autumn) - Resolve (for those who resist only)
  • Mien of the Baba Yaga (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Takes on the appearance of one of the target's greatest fears. Wits + Empathy + Mantle (Autumn)

Eternal Autumn

The Autumn Court's blessings of harvest and curses of withering.

  • Last Breath Isaac (•): Causes a plant to ripen and be ready for harvest. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Withering Glare (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Can wither plants and sicken animals with a gaze. Presence + Science + Mantle (Autumn)
  • Brother to the Ague (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Sickens and weakens the target. Dexterity + Medicine + Mantle (Autumn) - Stamina
  • Riding the Falling Leaves (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Grants sudden and fleeting transformation into a spray of autumn leaves blowing on the wind. Dexterity + Survival + Mantle (Autumn)
  • Tears of Autumn (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Summons a hailstorm from the sky. Manipulation + Occult + Mantle (Autumn)

Spell-Bound Autumn

Magics of sorcery and otherworldly phenomena.

  • Warlock's Gaze (•): May detect the presence of the supernatural, including things deliberately concealed. Occult + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd
  • Barrow-Whisper (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Gain the ability to hear and be heard by the restless shades of the dead in the area. Manipulation + Occult + Mantle (Autumn)
  • Smith's Wisdom (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Learn the intended purpose and power of a supernatural object. Intelligence + Occult + Mantle (Autumn)
  • Arcadian Commandment (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Gain the authority of the Gentry in speaking with hobgoblins and other minion creatures. Presence + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd
  • Oathbreaker's Honesty (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 May manipulate the power of a pledge to violate its strictures without falling victim to its Sanction. Resolve + Wyrd

Winter Court Contracts

These Contracts are available only to Changelings with Mantle or Court Goodwill in the Winter Court.

Fleeting Winter

The Onyx Court's powers to invoke and control sorrow.

  • The Dragon Knows (•): Grants insight into the reasons for a person's sorrow or regrets. Empathy + Wyrd - Composure
  • Slipknot Dreams (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Causes a target to forget the reasons for her sorrow for a short time. Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mantle (Winter) - Resolve
  • Faces in the Water (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Causes a target to recall a sad memory, inflicting Social penalties. Intelligence + Investigation + Mantle (Winter) - Composure
  • Fallow Fields, Empty Harvest (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Eliminates a target's ability to experience positive emotions for a time. Manipulation + Intimidation + Mantle (Winter) vs. Composure + Wyrd
  • Every Sorrow A Jewel (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Incapacitates a target with grief. Manipulation + Persuasion + Mantle (Winter) vs. Composure + Wyrd

Eternal Winter

The Winter Court's Contract of snow and ice.

  • Jack's Breath (•): Cause a room or similar area to cool quickly. Survival + Wyrd
  • Touch of Winter (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 May freeze liquids by touch. Intelligence + Science + Mantle (Winter)
  • Riding the Devil's Jawbone (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Creates an aura of cold capable of disabling enemies. Dexterity + Stealth + Mantle (Winter)
  • Fallen from the Timbers (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 Calls a shaft of wintery cold over target. Dexterity + Athletics + Mantle (Winter) - Defense
  • Witch's Paradise (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Summons a large snowstorm over an extended area. Presence + Occult + Mantle (Winter)

Sorrow-Frozen Winter

Magics of finding power in one's personal sorrow.

  • A Mere Vessel for Loss (•): May dwell on sorrow in order to ignore physical debilitation. Resolve + Occult + Mantle (Winter)
  • Fear is Nothing (••): Requires Mantle 1 or Court Goodwill 3 Dwelling in sorrow in order to cast off the effects of fear, disgust and other such emotions. Composure + Expression + Mantle (Winter)
  • Grief is Stronger than Death (•••): Requires Mantle 2 or Court Goodwill 4 Immersion in grief in order to ignore damage taken for a short period of time. Resolve + Survival + Mantle (Winter)
  • Remorseless Strike (••••): Requires Mantle 3 or Court Goodwill 5 A savage strike, driven by a lack of remorse for the pain the wielder might cause. Resolve + Brawl + Mantle (Winter)
  • A Cold Hand on the Heart (•••••): Requires Mantle 4 Instill part of own sorrow into a target, granting target the benefits of the first, second or third clause of Sorrow-Frozen Winter. Composure + Expression + Mantle (Winter) vs. Composure + Wyrd (may elect to forego opposition)

Goblin Contracts

These Contracts are dangerous, black-market illict powers which enact a price for every boon. They are usually purchased at Goblin Markets.

  • Shooter's Bargain (•): Grants exceptional accuracy with two out of the three next shots; one out of those three will be very inaccurate. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Sight of Truth and Lies (•): Gain ability to sense lies, but may not utter falsehoods. Subterfuge + Wyrd
  • Trading Luck for Fate (•): Grants immediate knowledge of the outcome of seemingly random events or situations; will create bad luck within 24 hours. Wits + Wyrd
  • Calling the Guardian (••): Summons a semi-animate force to defend wielder, but it cannot tell between actual danger and harmless contact. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Diviner's Madness (••): Gain supernatural insight into the past or present of target, but also gain madness for one day; afterwards, divination information is forgotten. Wits + Wyrd
  • Fair Entrance (••): May open any door or bypass any security, but will likewise be compromised at some point in the future. Larceny + Wyrd
  • Fool's Gold (••): Masks an item to appear as another one; once effect ends, those duped retain a certainty that the changeling was responsible. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Blessing of Forgetfulness (•••): Cause target to forget any single event that lasted no longer than three hours, but will dramatically fail a single attempt to lie in the future. Manipulation + Wyrd - Composure
  • Burden of Life (•••): Grants healing or recovery to target; for 24 hours, changeling takes on any damage instead of target. Empathy + Wyrd
  • Delayed Harm (•••): May avoid damage from a source, but next source of damage does much more damage. Dexterity + Wyrd
  • Good and Bad Luck (••••): May make a single spectacularly lucky guess; tremendous bad luck strikes later. Wits + Wyrd
  • Call the Hunt (••••): Summons the Wild Hunt through an entrance into the Hedge, who mistake the call as that from one of the Gentry. Presence + Wyrd
  • Blood-Binding (•••••): Strips target of all defenses and Glamour, but requires striking the target with a bit of blood and all remaining Glamour. Presence + Wyrd
  • Lost and Found (•••••): Allows wielder to escape from almost any situation, but his whereabouts become known to another enemy. Presence + Wyrd

Sacrifice Contracts

Invocation of these Contracts always demands a harsh price.

  • Fortune's Favor (•): Can grant tremendous good luck (Rote Quality) or bad luck (Chance Die) to a roll. Manipulation + Wyrd
  • Healing Sacrifice (•): Cause target to heal any wound or illness. Medicine + Wyrd
  • Fortune's Swift Blessing (••): Can avert disaster and guarantee Exceptional Success. Wits + Wyrd
  • Seven-Year Gift (••): Grant target seven extra years of life. Stamina + Wyrd
  • Fortune's Bane (•••): May curse a target with tremendously bad luck for a night. Subterfuge + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd
  • Trading Beauty for Love (•••): May trade the beauty of one's face and the color of one's eyes for a close relationship with a mortal. Manipulation + Wyrd - Composure
  • Changing Minds (••••): May permanently change the opinion an individual has about any person or group. Persuasion + Wyrd vs Resolve + Wyrd
  • Distracting the Hounds (••••): Create a coincidental distraction in order to escape pursuit or combat. Stealth + Wyrd - Wyrd
  • The Fatal Transformation (•••••): May slay a target at cost of one's own vitality. Intimidation + Wyrd vs. Stamina + Wyrd
  • Recalling the Lost (•••••): May call back someone who has been taken to Arcadia within the last week, by touching their Fetch. Occult + Wyrd




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