DaiCamber of the Garda Kings

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Artifact •••; Attune 5

  • This bow, crafted of orichalcum, amber-hued yellow jade and silvery-red adamant, is more than just an Exalted weapon. It was the symbol of the Garda Kings, a dynasty of lords who ruled a small kingdom based around Dehenna (in the Dragon Coast) during the Shogunate era who traced their lineage back to Solars of the First Age.
  • Nicknamed the Rebel Kings by the Shogunate, who strove for centuries to bring them under heel, it wasn't until the coming of the Scarlet Empress that they were finally pacified in RY 490.
  • Even then, their clan fled into the cliffs of the Dehennen Mountains, and continued to raid and lead uprisings for the entirety of the so-called Enslavement War, which finally ended in Dehenna when a decisive battle ended poorly for the descendants of the Garda Kings. Those that could not be quickly brought to heel by drugs were executed publicly.
  • The preferred weapon of the Garda Kings - and their elite god-blooded soldiers, the Clavigers, who traced their lineages to actual Garda elementals - was the camber, a curved weapon like a spreads-the-water knife that could also work as a short bow in immediate conflict. The Sun-blooded children of the House often wielded Exalted artifact versions of these weapons, the DaiCambers.
  • This DaiCamber is special, however. In the hands of anyone else, it is a simple orichalcum DaiCamber, with the stats below.
    • Blade: Speed 4, Rate 3; Accuracy +3, Damage +6L, Defense +3; Tags 2, M
    • Powerbow: Speed 5, Rate 4; Accuracy +2, Damage +5L, Range 300
  • With other effects in place, however, all having to do with the lineage of the Garda Kings and their rulership over Dehenna, it gained additional powers:
    • Heir to Gardas: In the hands of a descendant of the Garda Kings, the bow reduces the cost of Essence attacks made with Archery while using the bow by 2m.
    • Sun-Wise Heir to Gardas: If the descendant of the Garda Kings is a Solar, or is a Sun Child, any Charms that benefit from the above discount and are reduced to 0m in cost are not considered Charm activations, but rather innate powers.
    • In addition, there are two other powers, whose functioning is unknown. They activate once the weilder is acknowledged as rightful ruler of Dehenna by a group of Dehennans of at least Magnitude equal to his Essence; and once he lays claim to the Palace of the Garda Kings in Dehenna.