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The Nobility

  • King Sandrew: King Sandrew is 52 years old and unusually short, barely clearing five feet in height. This is well known to be a sore subject (his half-brother and most hated enemy had been nearly seven feet tall) and he tends only surround himself with other short people or else keeping himself elevated and distant from others. Sandrew has long pale blonde hair and a short, neatly trimmed beard. He tends to be impatient and cares little for many of the responsibilities of his office, handing them off more and more to other officials and his mother in her tower prison. Sandrew has a passion for ships and boating. He desperately wishes to have a navy, but the Lirsa Compact prevents him from doing so. He is openly hostile towards the asool and the other aquatic races of the Compact, but has yet to find a means of waging war against them in their watery realm. When Sandrew was young he had prayed before the altar of the Tribunal, but has long ago cast the justices aside in favor of Rallos Zek, going so far as to claim himself an avatar of the war god during the war with his half-brother.
  • Queen Thera of Estland: Queen Thera is a pale and petite beauty with long auburn hair. She is only sixteen years old and had been betrothed and sent to live with her future husband when she was six years old by her father, King Jakeh of Estland. She is already taller than Sandrew, and spends a great deal of time sitting or otherwise going great lengths to conceal or distract from her height. Thera is very quiet and rarely speaks with anyone outside of her ladies in waiting. She is an open follower of Loki.
  • The Black Queen Amis: Priestess of Talona, third wife, widow and murderer of the late King Orfan and mother of King Sandrew. The Black Queen had been imprisoned to live the remainder of her life imprisoned in a tower. It's rumored that she still possesses a great deal of influence over her son, a handful of noble houses as well as many in the guilds.
  • Lady Jinala of House Bannik: Griffin's unusual sponsor. The second child of the Lord of House Bannik is well known as a dabbler in divination and chicanery. Her older sister and heir to the House of Bannik has been trying to marry her off for years, but Jinala has thus far slipped away or chased off every intended suitor brought before her. Recently she had been chosen by her sister to accompany Baroness Malnova as part of the new settlement in Katrica forest. Instead Jinala found herself a proxy, her "champion" she called him. Some poor scindo elf with amnesia that the City Watch had found beaten nearly to death in a gutter. With a little help from her friends at the Temple of Selune, she assured that her champion would survive and recover just in time to make the journey in her name. Her sister was most certainly not amused, but it was a valid diversion from her plan by the law, which Jinala was all too happy to drag a Tribunal priest before her sister to confirm.
    Jinala is 19 years old, unwed and gorgeous with big blue eyes, a devilishly playful smile and long raven black hair past her waist.

The Church

  • Arch-Prelate of the Church of Dom in Dulnai, Father Shuni, Priest of Erollisi Marr: a strange, tiny man who came from the distant Dynasty of Zhan long ago. Father Shuni is a warrior renown for his skill with staff and unarmored combat. He was amongst the clergy that did not support Kind Sandrew's claim to the throne, which has resulted in strained relations between them ever since.
  • Arch-Prelate of the Church of Dom in Dulnai, Mother Bella, Priestess of Deneir Ro: this plump woman was once a member of Daltes nobility until she gave up her position to become a priestess. Mother Bella is a well known artist, specializing in portraits for nobility and others wealthy enough to afford her talents. She was a vocal supporter of King Sandrew during the Ascension War, bonding her closely to the royal family, but putting a great deal of distance between herself and Father Shuni, who accuses her of having been seduced with power and wealth by a pretender king.

The Guilds

Those Other People of Less Import

Dame Martinique's Family

  • Taulre: Father.
  • Daeumira: Mother.
  • Siblings:
    • Jhona (25), older brother; married to Ealia, with a 2-year old son, Jhoran
    • Laedara (23), older sister; married to Ganyal, with 2 children, 3 yr old Lania and infant son Dunis
    • Waenda (19), younger sister; betrothed to Marqus
    • Vandil (18), younger brother
    • Paendra (16), younger sister; left to become Justicar
    • Dovis (14), younger brother
    • Narik (12), younger brother