Downtime Actions

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March 18th, 2016

Two months worth of downtime in preparation for travel to Gol Dragga:

  • The first day, Thrax (As Ogen, an everyday Vaalar trader) begins the process of selling his Mithral Breastplate, and spends time perfecting the initiation ritual that he has been thinking up for new members of The Brotherhood: a small branding iron with the shape of an ourbouros burned into the flesh while taking the oath, "We fight for ourselves, We die for eachother."
  • After that, the remainder of the first and second months are spent working on expanding the Brotherhoods influence:
    • Meet with Ivan the Alchemist and work to begin phase one of expansion; the creation of an underground/black market trading company Serpent's Crest with Ivan as a partner. Make sure that he accepts membership into the Brotherhood as part of "sealing the deal." This company is intended to be a source of income, a cover for future Brotherhood operations, a magical/alchemical think-tank, and will eventually be built into a series of Brotherhood Strongholds that will span the known world. The goal with Serpent's Crest is to work in harmony local thieves guilds as a specialty goods supply and/or pit rival criminal factions against one another to gain control when appropriate.
    • Concentrated effort on Brotherhood recruiting. Set up a proxy with the appropriate funds for brotherhood operations. Contact the brothers Kiper and Dingo and get them to take point on the recruiting front. After meeting and testing potential members, tell them to offer a 60%/40% cut to thieves and talented (yet controllable) criminals and assassin upstarts on missions (solo or not), a generous 70gp starting bonus, a set of basic green clothing adorned with the symbol of the brotherhood, and continued support from the Brotherhood provided they follow orders when given. Ensure that they use the oath and branding ceremony with every new member. Eventually, reward their hard work with a title of authority and lavish gifts.