Dr. Francis Goddard

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Virtue: Charitable • Vice: Boorish • Aspirations: x
Path: Thyrsus • Order: Mysterium • Legacy: None • Cabal: None • Obsessions: x
Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Mental: Academics 2, Crafts 1, Investigation 2, Medicine 5 (First Aid, Pathology), Occult 2, Politics 1, Science 2 (Chemistry,Biology)
Physical: Athletics 1, Survival 0
Social: Empathy 2 (Calming), Expression 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1
Mental: Professional Training 5, Latin 1, Greek 1, Multilingual 1 (French, German), Library (Medical)
Physical: Tolerance for Biology 1
Social: Resources 2, Staff 1 (Nurse - Medicine), Fame 1 (Whitechapel)
Combat: {{{CombatMerits}}}
Awakened: High Speech 1, Mysterium Status 1
Health: 7, Willpower: 5, Wisdom: 7, Size: 5, Speed: 9, Defense: 3 (Armor: 0), Initiative: 4
Mana: 10/1 • Yantras: 2 • Ritual Interval: 3 hours • Arcana Limits: 3/2 • Paradox: 1 • Combined Spells: 1
Obsessions: 1
Arcana: Life 3, Prime 1, Space 1, Spirit 1
Rotes: Investigation, Occult, Survival

• Manifest Potential (Body Control, Life ••, Medicine)
Dian Cécht's Perfection (Honing the Form, Life •••, Medicine)
Blessing of the Cadeuceus (Knit, Life •••, Medicine)
Praxes: Dispel Magic
Magical Tools: A Cane of Ash wood with a snake carved around the shaft, its head is the handle.

{{{NimbusTilt}}}• Spend 1 Mana to activate Immediate Nimbus (roll Gnosis for Strength)
• Spend 1 Mana to deliberately place Signature Nimbus on person, place, or object.
Mage Sight
Peripheral: Always Active. Automatic sensory awareness of supernatural phenomena.
Active: Reflexive Action. Perceive Ruling Arcana phenomena for [Gnosis] minutes or one scene (1 Willpower); -2 to non-magic rolls while active. Instant Action. Spend 1 Mana/Arcanum to add a Common or Inferior Arcanum.
Focused: Used to engage in Scrutiny and Revelation of Mysteries.
Ruling Arcanum: None
Attainments: None
Yantras: None
Oblations: None
Other Abilities
Pattern Restoration: 3 Mana to heal 1B or 1L or 1 Mental Condition or 1 Physical Tilt
Pattern Scouring: Physical Attribute -1 or 1 resistant Lethal to gain 3 Mana
Current Conditions
Nightmares (Persistent)
Experience terrifying nightmares that inhibit rest. Frequently lose sleep due to terrible dreams, failing to recover Willpower from rest.
Possible Sources: Failed breaking point, mental powers
Resolution: Face down what is responsible for nightmares, or gain treatment for condition.
Beats: Gain one Beat at the end of any game session in which the Storyteller denies Willpower recovery from rest.
Fixated (Persistent)
You are focused on a single thought or command. -2 to all actions unrelated to that thought or command until resolved.
Possible Sources: Powers, hypnosis
Resolution: You satisfy the command or otherwise excise the thought.
Beats: You do something opposed to your Virtue to fulfill the command or thought.
Briars-Lost (Persistent)
Your character is one of the Awakened in the city of the Greenjack, where the power of Arcadia is quite strong. You may use the city itself as a Location Yantra for any Fate or Time magic, worth +2 dice; if you use this yantra and are not an Acanthus, you also may negate the Mana surcharge for using non-Path arcana. Using any magic from the Forces arcanum inflicts a -2 penalty to the dice pool, however, and adds +1 to the Mana cost of the spell. You also gain a second Vice, "Fickle" (regain one Willpower when you follow your random compulsions that utterly derail the main plot or cause your character difficulties in doing so). Finally, all Paradox dice pools are reduced by 2 automatically while in Greenjack London.
Possible Sources: Awakened transported to Greenjack London
Resolution: Depart Greenjack London once more
Beats: Run afoul of the Greenjack or any of the other Huntsmen, or their minions and servants.


Born: March 20, 1845

Born to John and Flora Goddard, Francis spent his childhood playing in and amongst the machines of his father's textile factory. His brother Edward who is 10 years older than Francis did not find him to be a suitable playmate. His sister Willamina, being 8 years older, found him best used as a living doll and Francis found himself with no lack of homemade clothing. Since his siblings did not see fit to entertain the young Francis, he instead grew up playing with the various workers in the factory. He got to know the workers very well and frequently got upset as they fell ill or got injured. As he neared adulthood his father, having grown quite rich, offered him the chance to attend university at Oxford. It was John's wish for his son to gain an education worthy of the Noble and Gentry classes. He then planned to help invest as Francis began his own business ventures. Francis was thrilled and eagerly accepted the chance to study at university. However, while he found he did well at classical studies, he found them ultimately unfulfilling. He remembered the workers he had grown up with, and wanted to find a way to help them. I was only too happy to discover that Oxford had recently re-opened it's medical school. After graduating from Oxford, Francis found his way to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. It was while working at St. Bart's that Francis met Mary Selby a nurse and midwife trained at St. Thomas Hospital. Initially, her family approved of the match as the Goddard's were known to be well-to-do, but once they found that Francis was not going into the family business, their sweet dispositions soured. In fact, only her sister Emma, who had married for advantage and visited her sister frequently, had any warmth for Francis. By this time, John Goddard had expressed his disappointment in the direction of Francis's studies, though he heartily approved of Mary.

Upon Francis's graduation from St. Bartholomew's he opened his own clinic in Whitechapel with Mary acting as his Nurse. They were married later that same year. Over the next 6 years Francis's clinic became a fixture in Whitechapel. He realized his dream of helping the poor and working class. He found his clinic visited by the workers with whom he grew up, and their children as well. His knowledge and skill earned him a reputation that caused wealthier individuals to seek his care, at times. His wife, became an activist and organized events for her various causes, mostly surrounding women's rights. Her loving husband, supported her, but did not attend her get-togethers. Francis had found success in almost all his endeavors. Unfortunately, his house was still empty. Tried though they might, He and Mary were still childless. Then, in 1875, a miracle occurred. Mary, was pregnant. During the next 8 months, Francis reconnected with his family. His brother, now running the factory, had two boys of his own. His sister, married to a wool merchant, had moved to Leeds and had two girls and a son of her own. Just 3 months after giving her the news, he received his first shipment of baby clothes.

In 1876 while, Francis was away on an emergency house call, Mary went into labor. It lasted only 3 hours, but she and her daughter died. He did not react well and for several months, his clinic remained closed. It was not until Elizabeth Cooper, Mary's best friend from her days at St. Thomas, and fellow midwife, came round and reopened his clinic that he began to come round. Elizabeth, who had never married, did not hesitate to quit her job and move to Whitechapel, where she took Mary's place in the clinic. Francis began going to political rallies and events for women's rights in his wife's memory. It took a couple years, but he began to see how life continues.

In 1878 whilst enduring another birthday Francis had an awakening that would change his life forever. He inscribed his name upon the watchtower and emerged a mage. This experience completed the healing from his loss. He knew it was okay to be sad for Mary's loss, but now he could rejoice for all the new life around him as well.




  • Virtue: Charitable: Regain Willpower when he aids another at significant danger or detriment to himself.
  • Vice: Boorish: Regain Willpower when my ill manners cause problems.


  • to be determined
  • Rescue Edward
  • Reluctantly become The Doctor in London.


Walking the Thames

It's not something you plan. It's not something you intend. Hells, it's even something you tell yourself, over and over, that you're going to never do again.

And yet, on some night, there you find yourself, walking the shores of the Thames, squelching through the mud and stepping over the gin-soaked, passed out poor (at least, you hope they're only passed out).

There is something uncanny and strange that calls to you. It doesn't always do this, mind - in fact, most of the time when you find yourself out on its shores, you're not following that call. You're looking for it. Because when you do hear it, that call overwhelms you with its beauty and power. You begin to understand a little about it already; you're sure it has something to do with why, since before Romans landed in Britain, folk have founded settlement after settlement along its shores.

History aside, you long to hear that call again.

For You To Do

  • Decide what state of mind or other situation leads you to being out walking the lengths of the Thames at night.

Francis needs to feel life. For all that the river banks seem squalid, they are teaming with life both human and animal alike. Francis finds himself walking the river bank, helping those in need and rejoicing in the vitality of it all. He works to increase the health of humanity, of course, but he recognizes that people are almost an intrusion here. This place belongs to the rats, the birds, the worms in the ground. This place is a wilderness in the heart of London.


  • Take one dot in Contacts (River Folk). These are the people you've come to know, here and there, as you walk up and down the shore night after night. They call to you now when they see you, offer to share a sip of their rotgut and the warmth of their fires. From the way they talk, you think perhaps they hear the call sometimes too.
  • Take the Fixated Condition. Its effects are not constant, however - it only comes into play when whatever it is that triggers your desire to hear the call again occurs. On nights when you do hear it, however, take the Inspired Condition.


  • Possessions: x
  • Weapons:
    • x

Merit Details


Friends and Family

Mary Goddard-small.jpg Mary Goddard
Born Mary Selby, Mary studied nursing at St. Thomas Hospital. Before her death, she was a nurse in Francis's clinic as well as a local midwife. Sadly, neither she, or her daughter Esther, survived Esther's birth.
John Goddard-small.jpg John Goddard
Nophoto-small.gif Flora Goddard
Edward Goddard - small.jpg Edward Goddard
Edward is Francis's older brother. He is 10 years older, in fact. He is married with two boys and has run the textile factory after John's retirement.
Nophoto-small.gif Evelyn Goddard
Evelyn is Edward's wife.
Nophoto-small.gif William Goddard
William is Edward's oldest son. He is 16 years old at game start.
Nophoto-small.gif Edward Goddard II
Edward is Edward's youngest son. He is 13 years old at game start.
Nophoto-small.gif Willamina Barrows
Willamina is 8 years older than her brother Francis. She has three children, two girls and a boy. She is married to Robert Barrows, a wool merchant from Leeds
Nophoto-small.gif Robert Barrows
Robert is a wool merchant and is married to Willamina.
Nophoto-small.gif Eleanor Barrows
Eleanor is Willamina's oldest daughter. She is 12 at the start of game.
Nophoto-small.gif Thomas Barrows
Thomas is Willamina's son. He is 8 at the start of game.
Nophoto-small.gif Angelina Barrows
Angelina is Willamina's youngest daughter. She is 5 at the start of game.
Nophoto-small.gif Emma Cavendish
Emma is the older sister of Mary Goddard.
Elizabeth Cooper-small.jpg Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth was Mary Goddard's best friend. They studied nursing and midwifery together. She took on Mary's responsibilities at Francis's clinic following Mary's death.


  • Money: Middle Class
  • Clothing & Jewelry: x
  • Food: x
  • Hobbies & Distractions: x
  • Housing: Dr. Goddard's Surgery
  • Days: x
  • Evenings: x


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 2
Unspent Experiences: 3
Spent Experiences: 5
Experiences Earned
Arcane Experiences
• Current Arcane Beats: 3
• Unspent Arcane Experiences: 2
• Spent: 4

12/11/17-1 beat 2 Arcane, 1/8/18-1 beat 3 Arcane, 2/5/18 - 3 beats 2 Arcane, 2/19/18 - 3 beats 1 Arcane, 3/20/18 2 beats 1 Arcane, 4/16/18 3 beats 1 arcane, 5/14/18 2 beats 2 arcane, 5/28/18 3 beats 1 arcane, 6/25/18 2 beat 2 arcane, 7/9/18 1 beat 3 arcane, 8/20/2018 2 beats 1 arcane, 9/3/2018 3 beats 1 arcane, 10/15/2018 3 beats 3 arcane, 10/29/2018 4 beats 1 arcane, 11/26/2018 3 beats 3 arcane., 12/10/2018 6 beats 6 arcane
Purchases: Fame 1(Whitechapel) - 1 experience. Resources 2 - 2 experiences, Buying Mr. Aberforth - 1 Arcane Experience. Gnosis 2 - 2 Experiences 3 Arcane