Edgar Treznor

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Edgar Treznor
Race: Half-Elf, Class: Bard (College of Lore)
Background: Entertainer, Alignment: Neutral
Patron Deity: N/A
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Ability Scores
Strength 11 (+0), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution 12 (+1);
Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 18 (+4)
Bonus: 3
Saving Throws: Dexterity & Charisma
Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Medicine *, Performance *, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival
Tools: Healer's Kit, Disguise Kit
Languages: Common, Draconic, Elvish
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple, Rapier, Longsword, Shortsword, Hand Crossbow, Longbow, Shortbow
Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Spellcasting(Spells, Rituals), Class Feature(College of Lore)
Attacks: Rapier, 1d8 pierce
Armor Class: 16, Initiative: +5, Speed: 30 ft
Hit Points: 49, Hit Dice: 6d8
Personality Traits: {{{Personality}}}

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. -Edgar Allan Poe


The events that led to Edgar's conception were considered scandalous, and that affair cast a persistant shadow over much of his young life. The product of a union between a promising young Eladrin enchantress and a handsome young visitor- a musician attached to a visiting Human noble's retinue- Edgar's parents where harshly punished for allowing their affair to lead to pregnancy. It is considered socially acceptable in Eladrin society to take casual lovers from amoung human visitors, but for these liaisons to bear fruit is a significant taboo.

For this breach of protocol, Gilmerelin- still several months pregnant with Edgar- was exiled from Eladrin society. His father Vitario had caused a diplomatic incident and gained the ire of his influential lord. Vitario was dismissed from the nobleman's service, and was further punished by being blacklisted. He would never be able to find work as a minstrel again.

A couple years after Edgar's birth, Gilmerelin- lonely, despairing, and separated from her culture- left Vitario and their half-elven son. Vitario did not take this well. Gilmerelin and Vitario had originally bonded over music, and he found it impossible to play without thinking of her. Vitario, unable to make a living from music and unwilling to stir up the emotions that inevitably surfaced from playing, swore off the performing arts and devoted himself utterly to the arts of healing, of herbology, and studies of anatomy.

This soon led him into conflict with his son, as young Edgar showed evidence of burgeoning musical talent. This led to countless heated arguments over the years, with Edgar believing his father to be selfish and jealous of his son's potential. Vitario, on the other hand, couldn't deal with the memories evoked, and convinced himself that he was protecting his son from the same shattered dreams and fall from social grace that he had suffered as a minstrel.

Gilmerelin, despite her new life as a hermit, attempted to keep a watchful eye on her son, hidden at first. She became known as the Lady in the Forest by the children of the village, by protecting and eventually playing with them as the children- including Edgar- treated the forest as their playground.

Apon reaching adolescense, his mother suddenly came to him during his frequent trips to the forest. She told him he might never see her again, and to ask his father about her. His father was stunned to learn that she had been so near for so long, and confirmed Edgar's suspicions. The Lady in the Forest was his mother. Flush with yearning for the nuturing presence of this beautiful, otherworldly, and absent mother, Edgar's creative and musical talents were the natural outlet- much to his father's chagrin.

After some time, he found he could occasionally draw his mother out of hiding by practicing his music in the forest. His mother became his muse and the subject of much of his poetry, well composed poems of bittersweet yearning that most listeners describe as too depressing. Edgar feels that poetry is the best expressive vehicle for the sweet sorrow in his heart, but he never neglected his music. Music had always been the thing that his mother seemed to love best.

Edgar found his father, by now a successful and talented healer in a large village, shepherding him into learning to be an apprentice healer. He forced the boy to attend a medical seminar with him in the grand free city of Dorrin, the "Jewel of the Sacred Sea". The seminar, Sentients: Anatomy and Essential Care, was taught by House Astaria, leaders of Astrology, Divination and Medicine, at their great Medical College. The City-state of Dorrin was known as a great center of learning, with equality and free access to education core tenets of the Founders of Dorrin. The resentment that teenaged Edgar felt at being forced to learn medicine was quickly overtaken by his enchantment with the City and all the dreams that it seemed to embody.

After returning home, a plan began to form in the young man's mind.


Racial Traits

  • Dark Vision: 60ft
  • Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saves vs being charmed, immune to magical sleep.
  • Skill Versatility: Deception, Sleight of Hand

Class Traits

  • Chosen Bard Skills: Insight, Medicine, Stealth
  • Inspiration: 1d8 bonus to d20 checks, CHA mod number of times.
  • Jack of All Trades: 1/2 proficiency bonus, rounded down, to untrained skills/ability checks.
  • Song of Rest: 1d6 extra hit points healed, if any healed at all during a short rest.
  • Expertise: Double proficiency bonus with Medicine and Performance.
  • Font of Inspiration: Regain all Bardic Inspirations after a short rest.
  • Countercharm: 1 action, start a performance that typically lasts until end of your next turn. During this, you and all friendlies within 30ft have advantage saving against being frightened or charmed. Must be able to hear you. Ends early if bard is incapacitated, silenced, or ends it voluntarily (no action required).

Specialty Traits

College of Lore

  • Bonus Proficiencies: Intimidation, Survival
  • Cutting Words: 60ft, Reaction, Expend bardic inspiration to debuff enemy attack roll, ability check or damage roll. Immune if creature cannot hear, or cannot be charmed.
  • Additional Magical Secrets: (Eldritch Blast) and (Prayer of Healing) - Learn any two (spells) of appropriate level, regardless of class, cast as bard spell. Don't count towards a total spell limit.
  • Bard Instrument Proficiencies: panpipes/flute, lute, glittern.

Background Traits

  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, Viola
  • Equipment: Viola, poetry book, Gothic costume, pouch with 15gp.
  • Feature: - By Popular Demand (can perform for room and board, makes you popular in town)


  • Healer

When you use a healer's kit to stabilize a dying creature, that creature also regains 1 hitpoint.
As an action, you can spend one use of a healer's kit to tend to a creature and restores 1d6 + 4 hitpoints to it, plus additional hit points equal to the creature's max number of Hit Dice. The creature can't regain hit points from this feat until after a long or short rest.

Spells: 9 total except Cantrips and (spells)

Cantrips (3 total +(1))

  • (Elritch Blast): 1 action, 120 ft, V & S, Instant

2 beams of crackling energy streak to targets within range. Ranged spell attack, on hit by a beam, take 1d10 force DMG.

  • Vicious Mockery: 1 action, 60ft, Vocal, Instant

Insult creature you can see within range. Target must hear (doesn't have to understand), must make WIS save or take 2d4 psychic DMG and have disadvantage on next attack roll before end of its next turn.

  • Message: 1 action, 120ft, V S & M, 1 round

Whisper msg to target within range. Only target can hear, can whisper reply only you can hear. Goes around corners. Through solid objects if you know target well. Magical Silence, 1ft stone, 1in metal, thin sheet lead, or 3ft woods blocks spell.

  • Minor Illusion: 1 action, 30ft, S & M,1 min

Create sound or image within range. Can dismiss as an action. If Sound: Volume whisper to scream. Can be any sound, constant or intermittent. If Image: no larger than 5ft cube. Image cannot create sound, light, smell, or any other sensory effect. Has no substance. Can Investigate check to see through.

1st Lvl Spells (4 slots)

  • Cure Wounds: 1 action, Touch, V & S, Instant

Creature you touch heals 1d8 + CHA mod. (1d8 increase per spell lvl over 1st)

  • Healing Word: 1 bonus action, 60ft, Vocal, Instant

Creature of choice you can see within range heals 1d4 + CHA mod. (2nd spell slot or higher, + 1d4 per level other than 1st)

  • Dissonant Whispers: 1 action, 60ft, Vocal, Instant

Whisper to 1 target within range that can hear. Target must make WIS save or take 3d6 psychic DMG and immediately use its reaction, if available, to move max speed away from you. Won't run into obviously dangerous ground. On save, take 1/2 dmg and doesn't have to run. Deafened auto saves. (2nd spell slot or higher, +1d6 per lvl past 1

  • Tasha's Hideous Laughter: 1 action, 30ft, V S & M, Concentration 1 min

Creature you can see within range, must make WIS save or fall prone and become incapacitated by laughter. INT 4 or less immune. Can make WIS save at end of turn or when damage taken. Has advantage on save activated by damage. Success ends spell.

2nd Lvl Spells (3 slots)

  • (Prayer of Healing): 10 mins, 30ft, Vocal, Instant

Up to 6 creatures you can see within range heal for 2d8 + CHA mod. ( 3rd or higher spell slot, +1d8 per level over 2nd)

  • Lesser Restoration: 1 action, Touch, V & S, Instant

Touch creature and end 1 of following: disease, blinded, deafened, paralyzed, poisoned.

  • Shatter: 1 action, 60ft, V S & M, Instant

Choose point in range. 20ft circle centered on point. Each creature in circle must make CON save or take 3d8 thunder dmg. 1/2 dmg on successful save. Metal, stone or crystal have disadvantage. Scene takes damage. (3rd or higher spell slot, +1d8 per lvl over 2nd)

3rd Lvl Spells (3 slots)

  • Bestow Curse: 1 action, Touch, V & S, concentration 1 min

Touch creature, it must make WIS save or be cursed. Choose nature of curse from following:

- 1 ability score has disadvantage on ability checks and saving throws.
- Target has disadvantage on attack rolls against you.
- Target must make WIS save at start of each turn. Failure wastes its turn.
- Your attacks and spells deal extra 1d8 necrotic DMG vs cursed target. 

A remove curse ends the effect. (Higher spell slot usage affects duration)

  • Dispel Magic: 1 action, 120ft, V & S, Instant

Choose 1 creature, object or magical effect in range. Any spell of 3rd or lower on target ends. For each spell of 4th level or higher make ability check using spellcasting ability (CHA). DC = 10 + spell's lvl. Successful check, the spell ends. (Higher spell slot usage affects auto success lvl)

  • Hypnotic Pattern: 1 action, 120ft, S & M, Concentration up to 10 min

Affects 30ft cube in range. Each creature in area must make WIS save, or become charmed for the duration. Target is incapacitated and has Speed = 0. Spell ends for an affected creature if it takes dmg or if someone shakes it awake as an action.


  • Moneys: 35pp, 276gp, 55sp, 10cp
  • Carried Equipment:
- Rapier, Hand crossbow, dagger, Quiver: 60 bolts, studded leather armor, viola, pan flute
- Backpack, belt pouch, poetry book, costume, fine clothes, ink bottle, ink pen
- lamp, 2 x oil flasks, 5 sheets of paper, vial of perfume, sealing wax, soap
- 2 map/scroll cases, Disguise Kit, Healer's kit x 2, water skin
- rations: 7 days, mess kit, tinderbox, bedroll, crow bar. 
  • Stored Equipment xxxx
  • Lifestyle: Comfortable(2gp/day)

Other Important Individuals


Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

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Experience Points


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