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Edyman PCs
  • Domains: Hope, Life, Skill
  • Channel Divinity Feats: Power of Amaunator, Kord's Favor, Amoth's Grace, Kol Korran's Boon, Berronar's Salve

Avengers of Edyma

Avengers of Edyma seek to exact brutal justice on those who would despoil the home and family. They often seem kindly and nurturing - indeed, many of them are - but they hunt down their foes with grim resolve and see that justice is wrought. Many avengers called to Edyma's service were once mothers who survived some tragedy that left them widows mourning dead children.

Clerics of Edyma

If the priesthood of Aevo is most often seen in urban areas, it is the clergy of Edyma (and her sister Ulandira) that all but dominate rural regions. Every community longs to have one of the so-called "hearth-saints" to call their own, to bring blessings at births and help smoor the hearths at the start of the new year. Frequently bearing staffs (sometimes adorned with lanterns or disguised as brooms), these holy nurturers protect mothers and children.

Invokers of Edyma

When a man or woman touches the flame of a hearth and comes away not with burns on their flesh, but a searing heat in their hearts, they have touched part of the essence of Edyma. These "fire-touched" are uncommon, even for invokers. They almost never have a proper place within Edyma's church, and often use their powers to their own ends.

Paladins of Edyma

Though few and far in-between, those paladins who revere Edyma are some of the staunchest defenders of the common folk in all of Rinhony. About half of them belong to one of the two knightly orders of the Church of Edyma: the Croftknights of Dorevaer (an order that also includes paladins of Ulandira) and the Order of the Hearth.

Runepriests of Edyma

Though almost unheard of, the runepriests of Edyma - like all runepriests of the Empyrean gods - study and research the runes that were born with the splitting of the Elemental Chaos from the Astral Sea, terrible sigils of great power.