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The Empyrean Salle is the Adamantine Arrow for the state of Oregon and originally extending to the few Arrows in Washington state as well. They are based out of Springfield, OR, though they have members in all the Oregonian Consilii, and more than a few who are part of no Consilium.

Caucus House

The Empyrean Salle has laid claim to an old Boy Scouts camp grounds, which includes a potent Hallow. The facility has seen life as a camp grounds and eventually a doomsday survivalist cult compound before the Empyrean Salle laid claim to it. The facility itself features extensive training grounds and is very rustic in nature, with magic performing many of the functions (particularly in security) that most people depend on technology to fulfill.


Though the Empyrean Salle is always busy with training Arrows, it is often a virtual ghost town (which helps keep it under the radar of nosy neighbors). The main exception to this is every four months (in February, June and October, when the Salle hosts its Grand Melee training weekends, four day intensives that feature extensive combat and military-style training, as well as discussions of policy and the tending to the Order's mystic initiations and similar functions.

Titles in the Empyrean Salle

Adamant Sage

Though the Salle has found itself in the middle of a burgeoning war with the Seers of the Throne, an Adamant Sage has not been chosen to act as general to that conflict - although one may be chosen very soon.

Thunderbolt Guardians

The Thunderbolt Guardians sit on a council, deciding policy and direction for the Salle as a whole amongst themselves.

  • Adder, of [Cabal]. (Status X (FACTION); PATH; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Eugene/Springfield.
  • Nimue, of the River Wardens. (Status X (FACTION); Obrimos; Perfected Adepts; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
  • King, of Adamant Security. (Status X (FACTION); PATH; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
  • Crucible, of the Bastion. (Status X (FACTION); PATH; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Salem.

First Talons

The first Talons are the mentors and instructors of the Salle. All Talons are assigned to individual First Talons who oversee their training.

  • Ares, of the Olympians. Portland. Ares is a Thyrsus Perfected Adept. The Talons assigned to Ares include:
  • Kusanagi, of the River Wardens. (Status X (FACTION); Mastigos; Brotherhood of the Demon Wind; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland. The Talons assigned to Kusanagi include:
    • Leash, of the River Wardens. (Status X (FACTION); Obrimos; Whipping Boys; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
    • Octavia, of Adamant Security. (Status X (FACTION); Obrimos; Transhuman Engineers; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
  • Doyle, of Adamant Security. (Status X (FACTION); Acanthus; Eleventh Question; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland. The Talons assigned to Doyle include:
  • X, of the X. Eugene/Springfield. X is a X. The Talons assigned to X include:
    • Morana, of the Bastion. (Status X (FACTION); Moros; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Salem.
    • X, of the Brotherhood of the Argent Torrent. (Status X (FACTION); Obrimos; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Lyons.

  • Cavalier, of the Seekers of the Sublime Truth. (Status X (FACTION); Moros; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
  • Gate, of Reclamation House. (Status X (FACTION); Moros; Bokor; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
  • Shield, of Vox Populi. (Status X (FACTION); Acanthus; LEGACY; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Portland.
  • Serafina, of Fivefold Vigil. (Status X (FACTION); Thyrsus; Tamer of Rivers; KNOWN ARCANA MASTERY) Astoria.