Everfields Province

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Everfields Province
Thaeldan Fireeye, the Pyromancer, of House Taldiress
House ThaeldanHouse PerelosyrHouse Xonikarig
Greensong City (Capital) • Greatbull
Waypoint (Guild) • HawklakeSeasong (Guild)
Other Locations of Note

Everfields Province, in living up to its name, is made up of fairly wide plains, most of which have been settled for farmland for many generations. Its eastern borders touch on the sea (and the Sea Provinces), as well as the Hawklake, and in its western borders is the westernmost edge of the Delannwood and Great Delann Lake. It also has less-dense woodlands in its southeastern edge.

Everfields is in many ways once of the breadbaskets of the Empire. It produces ample grains, and most settlements also maintain pear and citrus orchards. Everfields is remarkable in its possession of two cities - the capital Greensong City, which is surrounded by forests, on the edge of the Great Delann Lake; and at the end of the Great Imperial Road, the city of Greatbull, known for its massive marketplace and the twenty-foot-tall statue of a great stone bull that stands in its center.

The Guilds play a large role in Everfields, with two of its towns - the caravan town Waypoint, and the port-town Seasong - belonging to the Guild. Its only other town is the town of Hawklake, on the shores of the lake by the same name, a notably luxurious place that is a favored escape from the coldest part of winter for many nobles. As a result, Hawklake has luxurious capabilities even beyond what its size might suggest, being ready and able to accomodate the retinues of any of the rich and powerful of the Empire.