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Imperial Backing

The Thousand Scales

  • All-Seeing Eye: X
  • Magistracy: Being a magistrate is no easy task these days. The so-called Magistracy of Hares has ample Imperial permissions to enforce their judgments, but their powerful patron is now gone. Those who consider themselves to have been wronged over the years feel free to seek their revenge. As many magistrates were Dynasts who did not belong to any of the Great Houses (descendants of the Iselsi, Manosque or others of the Empress' children who did not form a Great House), they have nowhere to turn.
    • Junior Magistrate (•): Only just promoted from the status of archon, the junior magistrate is carefully watched by his mentor, the magistrate for whom he used to be an archon. The few magistrates that did not start off as archons are only brought into the Magistracy by an already-extant magistrate, who acts as his mentor. The junior magistrate may not appoint Archons. He is assigned to a small territory of no more than a week's ride or a single city within his mentor's jurisdiction.
    • Magistrate (••): The Magistrate is no longer under the watchful eye of his mentor, but now answers to the Throne directly. He is given a territory the size of a few weeks' ride, and may appoint up to 4 archons.
    • Senior Magistrate (•••): Senior magistrates are those magistrates with some experience under their belts. They are given a territory the size of a small or half-Prefecture, and may appoint up to a dozen archons. Senior magistrates often act as mentors for new magistrates.
    • Elder Magistrate (••••): Elder magistrates are those with several decades of experience behind them; many have as much as a century. Senior magistrates become accorded the honor of elder-hood after they have sponsored multiple junior magistrates who prove to have the mettle to be made magistrates proper. Elder magistrates are given entire prefectures to watch over, though their territory may also have other magistrates who roam it. Such magistrates are not beholden to the elder magistrate, but they are wise to treat him with deference and respect. Elder magistrates are permitted to maintain up to 18 archons.
    • Lord Magistrate (•••••): A lord magistrate oversees multiple prefectures, often territory in which other magistrates operate. Like the elder magistrates, lower-ranked magistrates need not obey the lord magistrate with whom they share jurisdiction, but they are wise to defer to them. Lord magistrates may appoint up to 25 archons.

Military & Law Enforcement

  • Imperial Legions: X
  • Merchant Fleet: X

Secret Societies

  • White Veil Society: X