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The Dragon Within the Earth, Lord of Storms, the Earth-Binder
Ghorummaz is a primal, elemental force, often depicted as a serpentine dragon of stone and fire, spitting molten magma. It is strongly connected with “dragon lines” of force within the Earth and with the elements. Ghorummaz is Lord of Earthquakes and Storms, and a binder of what is unnatural.

Common Spells

Ghorummaz's Dictum

A powerful abjuration of the unnatural that hedges out unnatural creatures (including those from other planes) in a 30-foot radius around the caster.

  • Affliction • 1 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Entranced > Compelled • Standard Action, Close Range, Instant • Area (Burst), Progressive • Limited Degree, Limited to Unnatural Creatures, Limited to Holding at Bay

Grasp of Ghorummaz

This spell creates a clawed hand of stone, bursting up from the earth to seize and hold a target.

  • Affliction • 2 points per rank + 3 points • Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage; Hintered + Vulnerable, Defenseless + Immobilized • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant • Affects Incorporeal, Extra Condition, Increase Range 1 (Ranged), Indirect 1 • Limited Degree

Great Gale of Ghorummaz

This spell summons a powerful storm over an area, the equivalent of a 4-point Environmental Control effect (Distraction and Hamper Movement). The caster of the spell can direct the gale’s effect, moving the center of it within range.

  • Environment (Impeded Movement 2, Visibility -5) • 4 points per rank • Standard Action, Rank Range, Sustained

Storm of Ghorummaz

This spell unleashes a powerful elemental fury, allowing the sorcerer to strike foes with bolts of lightning.

  • Damage (Lightning) • 2 points per rank + 2 points • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant • Increase Range 1 (Ranged), Indirect 2

Thunderous Tread of Ghorummaz

This spell creates a localized earthquake where the magician stomps the ground.

  • Affliction • 1 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Fortitude; Vulnerable > Defenseless • Standard Action, Close Action, Instant • Area (Burst), Instant Recover • Limited Degree, Limited (caster and targets must be touching the ground)