Greeph's Burden

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Note: You can exchange coin and the trade bars at Malnova without issue. They charge a fee of 1% of the total value being converted (fee caps at 10gp per exchange total). They will hold valuables, but charge a monthly fee based on the total in storage.

Currently you will only be able to sell a few of the less extravagant pieces of art and gems in Malnova if you wish to, and for the most part you will only be able to get a third, possibly up to half of the listed value at best. In order to sell off more of the treasure or in order to receive better prices, you will need to go to a larger market. At that time I will need some Charisma/Persuasion rolls on the behalf of whoever it is that is doing the haggling.

Selling magic items generally isn't possible in any market without agreeing to sell them for far less than their potential value. Such items are generally traded for others and only occurs in the largest of markets (such as Ma Kare in Salista Hoventesh or Lamshi-Dara in Darshiniath) or via the Daltes Bardic College network (which covers numerous markets and individual collectors and adventurers so as to have better opportunities, but take much longer).

Trade goods may sell a little better in Malnova, but still likely not as well as they would in a larger market - BUT nobles do not like to go without things and could be convinced (especially after going without for a while) to part with a few more of their coin than they'd like for some luxury goods.

Division of Treasure





Magic Items

Note: Delete these items off this list when you add them to your character sheet, please.

  • Unclaimed
    • blackened iron longsword of orcish make (19-20 crit range vs. ilfyd elves, also normally invisible runes will illuminate with a dull red glow and shed warmth when ilfyd are within 100')
    • Ornately-carved magical restful chair

Weird Shit

  • Rusty murder dagger
  • An ancient bank deposit receipt for the following items:
    • 2 "Miscellaneous items":
      • One (1) Undead Treant Root
      • One (1) Talking Magical Axe (with the notice that the axe is not to be contacted in any way)
  • Vials of corrupted plant ick
  • Refined silver poison for corrupting animals and the environment