Guilds of Waterdeep

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Joining A Guild

Joining a guild is possible in one of two fashions.

  • Find a Master: Someone who wishes to join the guild may best do so by finding a master and negotiating for them to take them on as an apprentice. This is the most reliable way of doing so, and most of the bureaucracy is handled by the master (though the new apprentice must still pay entry fees).
  • Approach the Guild Speaker: Whoever is the designated Speaker for the guild has a job that includes interviewing those interested in joining. The exact process depends on the rank the newcomer seeks in the guild:
    • Apprentice: The Speaker works with the apprentice to find them a new master. This takes about a tenday worth of interviews, tests for aptitude, meetings with other masters, and the like. At the end of that, they are given a master who will agree to apprentice them. There is a 10% chance of a downtime complication.
    • Journeyman: The candidate who believes they are worthy of journeyman rank because of previous training is expected to take the Journeyman's Work test immediately. This is not only administered with no time to perform the Journeyman Work Preparation, but it also comes with a fee for the judging equal to the fee needed to enter the guild (or 20 gp, whichever is greater).
    • Master: The only time a newcomer is brought in as a master is if they arrive with a recommendation from another master whose skill the guild acknowledges, or with a mastery rank in another guild recognized by the Waterdhavian guild in question. Even then, the would-be new master must pay the entry fee and then take both a Journeyman's and Master's Work, with a testing fee of the cost to enter the guild for each test. Failure to succeed at the first results in the candidate being turned away entirely; failure on the first results in the candidate being turned away in shame, and failure on the second merely results in their being accepted only as a journeyman.

The Guilds