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Horizon Notes

Identity: Unknown • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations: None
Ethnicity: Caucasian • Nationality: None
Age: Unknown • Gender: Male • Height: 5'7" • Weight: 125 lb
Eyes: Hazel • Hair: Brown • Other Features: None
Origin: Quantum • Power Level: 10 (124 Points: Abilities 16, Defenses 4, Skills 7, Advantages 2, Powers 91)
Strength 0 Stamina 2
Agility 0 Dexterity 0
Fighting 0 Intellect 4
Awareness 2 Presence 0
Points: 16 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 0 0 0 0
Fortitude 2 2 0 4
Parry 0 0 0 0
Toughness - 2 7 9
Will 2 2 0 4
Points: 4 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 0 + 0 = +0

Integrity Disruption (Wormholes): No Roll (30' Area, Selective); Damage (8 ranks) + Affliction (4 ranks; Fortitude; Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated)
Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
Athletics 0 0 (Str) 0 +0
Close Combat 0 0 (Fgt) 0 +0
Deception 0 0 (Pre) 0 +0
Expertise (MCZ) 4 4 (Int) 0 +8
Expertise (Military) 2 4 (Int) 0 +6
Expertise (Science) 4 4 (Int) 0 +8
Insight 0 2 (Awe) 0 +2
Intimidation 0 0 (Pre) 0 +0
Perception 4 2 (Awe) 0 +6
Persuasion 0 0 (Pre) 0 +0
Ranged Combat 0 0 (Dex) 0 +0
Stealth 6 0 (Agl) 0 +6
Technology 4 4 (Int) 0 +8
Treatment 4 4 (int) 0 +8

Points: 7 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: None
Fortune: None
General: Benefit (Wealth) 2 • Diehard (automatically stabilize when dying) • Eidetic Memory (total recall, +5 to remember things) • Equipment 2
Skill: None

Points: 2 (1pt per rank)
• Spatial Manipulations: Wormhole (+Neurasthenia), Locational Shift, Warp Space, Integrity Disruption (+Neurasthenia)
Points: 91
Other Traits
Equipment: None
Complications: Motivation: Acceptance • Hunted • Secret • Social Awkwardness


Teleportation Awareness

Horizon's spatial sensitivity extends to his environment. He is aware of teleportational and translocational effects around him, a crackling sensitivity to the sudden appearance of bodies via instantaneous means.

  • Teleportation Awareness: 4 ranks • Senses (Teleportation Awareness, mental; Accurate, Extended, Radius)
    • Horizon can sense as someone is teleporting into his area. This is a normal Perception check, with a -1 to the check for every 100 feet away from his location (Extended). He can sense their precise location and means by which they transport (Accuracy) and can sense this all the way around him with perfect acuity (Radius).

Danger Evasion Protocol

When Horizon is in danger of bodily harm, his cybernetics take over his teleportation power for a brief moment, removing him from the path of danger. He teleports a short distance away before such an attack lands.

  • Danger Evasion Protocol: 1 rank • Reactive Teleportation (Imminent Danger)
    • When Horizon is in danger of being attacked, he can use his Reaction to instantly teleport up to 60 feet away before the attack hits, dodging it as long as he clears the affected area of the attack.

Spatial Manipulation

Horizon's innate power is the generation of wormhole effects. He is somehow capable of manipulating spacetime in such a way as to generate "bridges" between two non-contiguous places. Though he has learned some very finite control over this power, it seems to operate subconsciously.

He has mastered a number of tricks using this power, but some still remain outside of his reach. He has also not figured out how to avoid the disorientation caused to living creatures that pass through the spatial rifts he creates (he himself is immune to the effect, fortunately).

This power is built as an Array of Alternate Effects.


Horizon's primary power seems to be the ability to rip holes in the fabric of spacetime to allow rapid passage from one place to another. Although neurologically disruptive to most creatures (see Neurasthenia, below) it provides a rapid means of travel.

  • Wormhole: 9 ranks • Teleport • Standard Action, Range (500 miles), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Easy Extended Only, Linked (Neurasthenia), Portal, Subtle 2 • Drawback (Neurasthenia), Distracting, Increased Action
    • Creates a 5' wide portal that goes up to 500 miles away.
    • Must spend a standard action to Concentrate and keep it open. Am Vulnerable (halve active defenses) while concentrating.
    • Those passing through are affected by Neurasthenia on the other side.

Integrity Disruption

Horizon has also learned to emit a field of disruptive "spatial static" around him, sending out waves of space-warping energy that causes damage in an area around him. Fortunately, he has learned to control exactly whom this targets in that area - everyone else simply experiences the odd sensation of these waves of distrupted spacetime flowing over and past them.

  • Integrity Disruption: 9 ranks • Damage (Area) • Standard Action, Area (30' radius, Selective), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Area, Selective, Linked (Neurasthenia), Subtle 2
    • Inflicts Damage 9 in 30' area centered on Horizon, who can choose to exclude targets in that area.
    • Targets that take damage are also afflicted with Neurasthenia.

Warp Space

With this ability, Horizon can shift space around himself or an ally, preventing an attack from striking them.

  • Warp Space: 9 ranks • Deflect • Standard Action, Ranged (200'•400'•800'), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Reflect, Redirect, Subtle 2
    • May take Defend action, making a Deflect check as a defensive roll against attacks (adding 10 if die result is less than 10). If Deflect check is larger than attack roll, attack does not hit. (At -2 at Medium range or -5 at Long range.)
    • If attack is successfully prevented, may make a normal attack roll for own attack type to send attack back at enemy or any other target.

Locational Shift

Horizon's mastery of spacetime's fabric allows him to quickly teleport himself around an area with a much reduced range than the use of his wormholes. Of course, he can only move himself with Locational Shift.

  • Locational Shift: 8 ranks • Teleport • Move Action, Range (2 miles), Instant, 3 pts per rank +2 flat • Accurate, Change Velocity, Subtle 2, Turnabout
    • Personal teleportation within 2 miles, to a place that only needs to be described
    • He can teleport at rest (go from moving to stopped at end of teleport)
    • Can teleport, take action, and teleport back in another round.

Spatial Beacon

Horizon can create a weak point in the fabric of space around himself, allowing teleporters to home in on it from a greater distance.

  • Spatial Beacon: 9 ranks • Enhanced Teleport • Free Action, Personal, Sustained, 1 pt per rank • Affects Others Only • Limited to Teleporters
    • Anyone targeting the area where he is at with a Teleportation ability subtracts 9 ranks from the actual distance between Horizon and themselves when it is active.
    • This can be used to counter a Nullify Teleport power and vice versa.


Horizon is capable of teleporting others away against their will, sending them up to 250 miles away.

  • Banish: 7 ranks • Teleport • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant, 5 pts per rank + 1 flat point • Accurate, Attack, Extended, Increased Range 2 (Perception) • Limited (Extended Only)
    • Horizon can target anyone within his area of perception, forcing them to make a Dodge resistance check DC 16 or be banished away in a direction and distance of Horizon's choosing.

Banish (Area)

Horizon is capable of teleporting others away against their will, sending them up to 250 miles away. He can affect multiple targets within that area.

  • Banish (Area): 8 ranks • Teleport • Standard Action, xx Range, Instant, 4 pts per rank + 1 flat point • Attack, Extended, Precise • Indirect, Limited (Extended Only)
    • Horizon can target anyone within his area of perception, forcing them to make a Dodge resistance check DC 16 or be banished away in a direction and distance of Horizon's choosing.

Banish (Area): 8 ranks • Teleport • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant • Accurate, Area, Attack, Extended • Limited Teleport 2p/r Precise 1p/r Attack 0p/r (Dodge) Extended 1p/r Area (Shapeable) 1p/r (DC 18) Indirect 1 1p Limited (Extended Only) -1p/r Cost: 4 points per rank TOTAL: 8 ranks @ 4 p/r + 1 p = 33 points (3 extra)

Spatial Loop

Horizon is capable of "trapping" a target in a loop of cycled movement.

  • Spatial Loop: 6 ranks • Affliction (Dodge; Hindered > Immobile > Paralyzed) • Standard Action, Perception Range, 5 pts per rank • Concentration, Cumulative, Increased Range 2 (Perception), Indirect 4
    • Horizon can target anyone in his line of sight, forcing them to make a Dodge resistance check DC 16. The effect does not clearly come from him, seeming to appear out of nowhere around the target with no hint of its origin.


When living creatures pass through Horizon's spatial rifts, the experience seems to overwhelm the neurological integrity of the creature involved. Though it does no lasting harm, it can cause disorientation, sudden exhaustion, vertigo and even unconsciousness. This power is added to those powers it is linked to, and its cost is considered in the cost of those powers already.

  • Neurasthenia: 4 ranks • Affliction (Fortitude; Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated) • Standard Action, Close, 1 pts per 2 ranks +1 flat • Indirect, Linked (Integrity Disruption, Wormhole)
    • Disruptive mental and vertigo that can render someone unconscious.
    • Affects someone who goes through Wormhole or is damaged by Integrity Disruption.
    • Target must make a Fortitude save DC 14.


Horizon's body harbors a complex array of cybernetic augmentations, built and maintained by the nanites in his system.

Translation Module

Horizon has cybernetics that allow him to comprehend, read, and speak any encountered language, with minimal delay in that process. The same hardware allows him to communicate with and understand machines of all sorts as well.

  • Translation Module: 5 ranks • Comprehend: Languages (Speak/Understand/Read Languages) + Machines • None, Personal, Permanent, 2 pts per rank

Perfected Metabolism

The hardware in Horizon's system alleviates much of his biological limitations, removing the need for food, drink, sleep, or oxygen, and makes him immune to aging, disease, poison.

  • Perfected Metabolism: 7 ranks • Immunity (Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation/Thirst, Sleep, All Suffocation) • None, Personal, Permanent, 1 pt per rank

System Grounding

The cybernetics in Horizon's system render him immune to electricity, absorbing and processing the power perfectly.

  • System Grounding: 10 ranks • Immunity (Electricity descriptor) • None, Personal, Permanent, 1 pt per rank

Reinforced Body

Horizon's physicality is bolstered and reinforced by his cybernetics.

  • Reinforced Body: 7 ranks • Protection • None, Personal, Permanent, 1 pt per rank

Cybernetic Senses

Cybernetics enhance Horizon's senses. Specifically, he can analyze energy patterns across the full spectrum, identifying them on sight. He can also see at a heightened distance, and can see in pitch blackness. His hearing is also augmented to allow him to perceive radio waves.

  • Cybernetic Senses: 7 ranks • Senses: Sight (Analytical 2 [Full Spectrum], Danger Sense, Darkvision, Detect Machine [+1 Range], Distance), Hearing (Radio) • None, Personal, Permanent, 1 pt per rank
  • Feature: 1 rank • Able to record senses and playback

Nanite Swarm

Horizon is surrounded by a field of largely microscopic nanites that he constantly releases into his vicinity. The nanites are generated by a "hive" that builds nanites where his heart used to be. His blood is a goopy, silvery-black semi-liquid that looks like mercury, composed entirely of nanites which have rebuilt his circulatory system as a delivery mechanism throughout his body.

This power is built as an Array of Alternate Effects.

Technological Genesis

Horizon can use his nanites to build normal devices – albeit even those with very advanced technology.

  • Technological Genesis: 9 ranks • Create Machines • Standard Action, Ranged (Rank), Permanent, 2 pt per rank + 3 pt • Innate, Precise, Subtle 1 • Permanent

Photonic Field

Horizon's nanite field can generate light, allowing him to create both ambient light and shaped light in the form of illusions. The illusions can fill up to 60 cubic feet of space, and take any forms within it.

  • Photonic Field:
    • 1 rank • Environment (Light) • Standard Action, Range (Rank), Sustained, 1 pt per rank • Turn total concealment to partial, or partial to none.
    • 6 ranks • Illusion (Visual & Auditory) • Standard Action, Perception Range, Sustained (Free Action), 3 pts per rank • Independent

Override Protocols

The field of nanites can invade and disrupt electronic and technological devices and mechanisms. Non-power items shut down and must be repaired; Technological descriptor powers take a standard action to re-activate.

  • Override Protocols: 3 ranks • Nullify (Technological) • Standard Action, Ranged, Instant, 7 pts per rank • Area, Broad (Technological), Concentration (Reaction), Selective, Subtle, Restart Required
    • When used, all machines Horizon chooses to effect in 30' radius must make a power rank resistance checks against an opposed Nullify rank check for every effect or machine they have that qualifies.
    • May use a Reaction to concentrate, keeping affected machines from being restarted (enemies may use extra effort to force another opposed Nullify check to re-ignite).
    • There is no obvious visual component to this effect - machines simply start malfuntioning and shutting down.

Repair Protocols

Horizon's field of nanites can repair both organic and inorganic materials, up to and including someone who has died recently (fewer minutes than the result of the Healing rank check).

  • Repair Protocols: 2 ranks • Healing • Standard Action, Close, Instant, 7 pt per rank + 2 pt • Area, Affects Objects, Energizing, Resurrection, Subtle, Selective, Stabilize
    • Healing rank check DC 10. Each degree of success heals one Damage condition, or hits if all conditions are healed.
    • One degree also causes recovery of Fatigued condition; two degrees heals Exhausted condition.
    • May be used on people or objects. I take on those conditions, however, and cannot use Healing to remove them.
    • If a target is dying, they stabilize regardless of Healing check result.
    • If a target has been dead for a number of minutes less than the result of the Healing check, they return to life.
    • This effect is not overt, and wounds knit beneath blood and damage.

Machine Invisibility

Horizon's field of nanites can disrupt electronic and mechanical sensors in his area.

  • Machine Invisibility: 10 ranks • Concealment (All Senses) • Free Action, Personal, Sustained, 2 pt per rank + 1 pt • Affects Others (Touch), Precise • Limited to Technology
    • Conceals against all senses
    • Prevents all technology from detecting or recording
    • May choose to allow some technology to record, or to allow certain sensory information to make it through. Most often used to allow comms to function while preventing other detection.
    • May affect another person by touch, as long as touch is maintained.


  • Team Comms: 5 communication ear devices
  • Safehouse: Size: Tiny • Toughness: 6 • Features: Isolated, Living Space 1, Secret 3


  • Motivation: Acceptance: Horizon feels different and isolated. He gains a Hero Point when he makes decisions based on trying to become accepted, even if those decisions aren't the wisest in the moment.
  • Hunted: Horizon is hunted by unknown forces. They show up most often outside of Manhattan, so he tends to remain there. He gains a Hero Point when hunters show up, or when being hunted makes his life more difficult.
  • Amnesia: Horizon doesn't remember much of his history before settling into the ruins of Manhattan. He gains a Hero Point when details from his past come up and trip him up.
  • Social Awkwardness: Horizon is awkward and alienated in the company of others. He gains a Hero Point when his reticence and awkwardness causes him difficulties.


Horizon is an amnesiac, and has wandered Manhattan for a number of years. No one is really sure how long he's been around exactly, although the consensus seems to be that he is probably older than he looks. By and large, he has avoided people, mostly being sighted in areas that are too abandoned to live in safely, or in areas that are too difficult to access in ways other than his teleportation.