House Tallhart

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House Tallhart
Proud and Free
Status: Major
Seat: Torrhen's Square
Current Lord: Helman Tallhart
Current Lady: None
Realm: The North
Heir: Benfred Tallhart
Liege: Eddard Stark
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: House Whitehill
Maester: Telben
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: ???
Founded: Rhoynar Invasion
House Traits
Defense: 50
Influence: 55 (5 Free; 1 Heir, 1 Second son, 1 First daughter, 2 Other children)
Lands: 68 (3 Free)
Law: 32
Population: 28
Power: 39 (1 Free)
Wealth: 38 (3 Free)


  • House Fortunes: -1 (Law), +1 (Population), +3 (Maester), +3 (Sept), and gain +1 when Wealth increases due to House Fortunes.

Torrhen's Square

A large town has grown up around the Square itself, a four-sided castle with thirty-foot high walls and square towers at each corner. The town is quite prosperous, as a trading hub between the western part of the North and its capital Winterfell. (Lands: Hills; Large Town, Lake; 42 pts)

  • Torrhen's Square: Castle. An impressive edifice built by Torrhen Stark in the days of Aegon's Conquest. (Defense: 40 pts)
  • Browncloaks: Trained Garrison. The city watch of Torrhen's Square are best known for their brown cloaks, and tall spears. (Power: 5 pts)
  • Knights: Trained Cavalry. House Tallhart maintains a unit of knights, particularly those from House Whitehill. (Power: 8 pts)
  • Maester Telben: Maester. Maester Telben is a tall, regal, goate'ed man, with tremendous knowledge of ancient history, legends and lore and genealogies. (Wealth: 10)
  • The Market Square: Market Wealth Holding. The market at Torrhen's Square sees a great deal of traffic, as the crossroads between the southwestern North, and the rest of the North proper. (Wealth: 10 pts)
  • The Sept of the Shining Lake: Sept Wealth Holding. Perhaps one of the northern-most full community septs in the North, the Sept of the Shining Lake faces the Market Square. (Wealth: 15 pts)


Talltree is the ancient set of old House Tallhart, before they were made the masters of Torrhen's Square. A dense forested area, with a lone tower guarding a major passageway from the Wolfswood into the Barrowlands. (Lands: Hills; Dense Woods; 12 pts)

  • Talltree Tower: Tower. An ancient tower, originally built to protect the northern Barrowlands from wildlings. (Defense: 10 pts)
  • Archers: Trained Scouts. Talltree is mainly defended by House Tallhart's archers. (Power: 6 pts)

Wolfshadow Barrowdown

A stretch of the Barrows located just south of the Wolfswood. (Lands: Hills; Grasslands, Ruins; 11 pts)


Members of the House

  • Lord Helman Tallhart: Lord of Torrhen's Square A quiet and loyal man, Helman is well-beloved by his people and his family. A widower for several years now, Lord Helman has rebuffed any and all attempts by his family to get him to remarry. (Age 45)
  • Benfred Tallhart: Heir of House Tallhart Thick-necked and boisterous, Benfred is a young man who loves to fight. He is almost always surrounded by his friends, a cohort of noble and knight's sons that have grown up together. (Age 15)
  • Eddara Tallhart: A four-year old, Eddara is the apple of her father's eye. She has never known a mother, as her mother died recovering from childbirth. (Age 4)
  • Leobald Tallhart: Castellan of Torrhen's Square The younger brother of Helman, Leobald is known for his pale blue eyes and his severe wit. He is devastatingly loyal to his older brother, and loves his children dearly. Family is everything to him. (Age 40)
  • Berenna Tallhart: Leobald's wife, Berenna is the sister of Lord Hornwood, and a good mother not only to her sons, but to Eddara as best as she can. (Age 27)
  • Brandon Tallhart: A rambunctious boy of nine years. (Age 9)
  • Beren Tallhart: The youngest boy of Leobald and Berenna. (Age 5)

Retainers of the House

  • House Whitehill: Bannermen. (Power: 20)
  • Ser Marron Yldren: A knight in the service of House Tallhart.
  • Ser Paxter Snow: A knight in the service of House Tallhart.
  • Ser Tristifer Bale: A knight in the service of House Tallhart.



  • Decline: -4 Influence, -3 Lands, -3 Power, -4 Wealth


  • Villain: +2 Influence, +2 Power; -2 Law, -5 Population


  • Ascent: +2 Influence, +3 Lands, +4 Power, +4 Wealth


  • Conquest: -1 Defense, -1 Law; +4 Influence, +1 Lands, +4 population, +2 Wealth


  • Infrastructure: +3, +5 to any two

Recent History

  • Lord Helman was Ser Helman before he was lord, and one of the few Northern knights of his generation. He has not continued the tradition of knighthood in his family.

Note: Though this is for a canonical setting element in the Song of Ice and Fire, some of the information here is totally created for my game, and should not be taken as an authoritative commentary on that setting element.