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Heraldry of House Targaryen

Members of the House

There are a number of other lineages besides those shown here. For the most part, however, those lines have tricked off, either simply dying out without viable issue, being slain in one royal civil war or intrigue after another or simply losing so much of the Blood of Valyria that its daughters were married away into other Houses without retaining the Targaryen name.

Royal Line

  • Maester Aemon: Already sworn as a maester when his father died, Aemon turned down the throne in favor of his younger brother Aegon V. Rather than possibly become embroiled in plots by those who might wish to put him on the throne, Aemon took the black, and serves on the Wall to this day. (61 years)
  • Rhae: Having been a daughter of a king, the sister to one and now the aunt to another, most politically aware folk in King's Landing see the reclusive Rhae Targaryen as an important advisor. For her part, she prefers the seclusion of the Maidenvault, along with her sister Daella, visited only by family and usually then only by invitation. To the best of anyone's knowledge, Rhae has never taken a consort of any kind. (57 years)
  • Daella: Far more outgoing than Rhae, Daella shares in a bit of her sister's mystique. She is far more socially active than Rhae, as well, often seen in court and at the various social affairs in King's Landing. She is a great fan of tourneys, having been made the Queen of Love and Beauty at one when she was young. Invitations to tea in the Maidenvault usually come from Daella. (54 years)
  • King Jaeherys II Targaryen: King of Westeros Newly coronated, King Jaeherys is a solemn, thin man with long pale hair and eyes like sparkling amethysts. His thinness and complexion makes him look sickly, and he does tend to eschew physical activity, preferring his books. It is known that he carries on an ongoing correspondence with his uncle on the Wall. (36 years)
  • Queen Laela Velyaron: Queen of Westeros. Queen Laela is an exceedingly devout woman, and spends a great deal of her time in seculsion, praying, at the sept or doing charitable works. Castle rumor says that she objected to the wedding of her children to one another insisted upon by her husband, and that the two rarely speak anymore - a tragedy, considering that they married for love and were once inseparable. (33 years)
    • Aerys II: Married to his sister Rhaella a year or so ago by their father's insistence, Aerys is a bit of a wild prince, aware of his power as a Crown Prince of the Realm, and only too happy to exercise them. He is quite the carouser, as well, and frequents the richest inns and brothels with his small coterie of friends. (16 years)
    • Rhaella: Rhaella recently gave birth to her and Aerys' first child, Rhaegar. News of her beloved grandfather's death at Summerhall drove her to an earlier birth than the maester anticipated, but Grand Maester Pycelle's skill ensured both mother and child were alright, and quickly recovering. Rhaella doesn't seem to object to Aerys' carousing - indeed, she often facilitiates it. Those who wonder how she became so canny frequently point to the upswing in her taking tea at the Maidenvault since her marriage to Aerys. (15 years)
      • Rhaegar: The newborn Rhaegar is still but a babe in arms. Rhaella has refused to use a wetnurse, though she does have a septa to hand to assist her anytime she may need it. (0 years)
  • Ser Alberys: Commander of the Gold Cloaks. The third son of Aegon V doesn't have much use for a life of royal nonsense. Barely looking the part of a Targaryen, Alberys has blonde hair and blue eyes, and a thicker build than most Targaryens. He was given command of the Gold Cloaks after his return from the War of the Ninepenny Kings. (32 years)
  • Rhaelle: The youngest child of Aegon V, Rhaelle was married into House Baratheon at the tender age of fifteen. Though her husband died a few years after she gave birth to their first son, Steffon, she remained at Storm's End to raise him and govern. Rhaelle has been spending more and more time with her fifteen year old son. Rumor has she's searching for a bride for the serious young man. (31 years)

Breakspear Line


So called for their descent from the renowned tourney knight Baelor "Breakspear" Targaryen, the Breakspear Line has grown quite small over the years. Indeed, it has often been noted that the Valyrian blood in their veins is rather dilute by this point.

  • Ser Qhoryn: One of the knights of the Targaryen household, Ser Qhoryn is mostly a tactician these days. Though the role of Master-at-Arms for the royal household is usually held by the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Qhoryn is only too happy to take on those duties when Ser Gerold Hightower is busy - which is often. (47 years)
  • Siraphys Volmark: Sickly and given to fainting spells, Siraphys hails from a tiny Iron Islands House. Ser Qhoryn met her during a small tourney in Lannisport in his youth, and won her hand by naming her Queen of Love and Beauty. Though the two get along well, Siraphys frequently is sequestered in their chambers with one ailment or another. (45 years)
    • Beryll: Currently missing, Beryll ran away from King's Landing at the young age of sixteen and hasn't been seen in a decade. By now, most assume she is dead. (26 years)
    • Ser Mardhis Targaryen: A serious knight, most who knew him as a boy say that he was bright and vivacious before his sister ran away. Some claim that he is one of the few people who knows where she went, though he's denied such ever since it happened. Still, he adamantly insists that she isn't dead, that he "just knows" somehow. (21 years)

Brightflame Line


Descended from the notorious Aerion, called "Brightflame", this line is quite well aware of Aerion's seeming madness.

  • Rhoanys: Patriarch of this line, Rhoanys is a very serious and clever man. His father's madness weights heavily on him, and he is exceedingly aware of public perception of himself and his family. Scandals and aberrant behavior distress him significantly. (46 years)
  • Ydara Hightower: A daughter of House Hightower in the Reach, Ydara lives for the social scene, although she is something of an innocent. She often worries about what others think (albeit for different reasons than her husband does). (42 years)
    • Aelvyia: The second child of Rhoanys and Ydara, Aelvyia fought being married to her brother, Vhaerax. In time, she gave in, out of her father's concern for their bloodline and perception as Targaryens, and came to love her brother-husband...just in time to lose him to the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Now, she and her young son Aerion II can often be found haunting the Godswood or shoreline. (23 years)
      • Aerion II: A boy of sweet demeanor and strong Valyrian features, Aerion II took a long time to speak, but now that he has begun speaking, is clearly a lingual prodigy. His first words were in Valyrian, rather than Common, and he is fluent in both Common and Valyrian, and speaks a smattering of other tongues. (4 years)
    • Vysaeria Targaryen-Deltario: The black sheep of the family, Vysaeria seems to have hitched her wagon to the fortunes of House Deltario, even marrying its heir before he died in the War that also claimed her loving older brother. (22 years)
    • Ser Vaelstyn: A knight in service to House Hightower, Ser Vaelstyn is brash and loud, proud of his legacy and heritage. He is fond of painting around his eyes in black khol, to create a sinister appearance on the tourney and battle-fields. He has never hidden the fact that he firmly believes his sister Vysaeria should marry him, as their older siblings married. (21 years)

Other Targaryens

  • Ghella, the Sad Aunt: The daughter of pox-ridden Daeron III, called "the Drunkard", Ghella has been feeble-minded since childhood. She is cared for by a pair of kindly septas who read to her and take her for walks in the gardens and Godswood of the Red Keep. (49 years)
  • Rhomys & Rhayne: Masters of Whisperers. Rhomys and Rhayne, twin sons of Rhaegal, are a subject of some scandal: they are lovers, both men, and have spent their lives refusing marriages by their families. They are inseperable; indeed, they are hard to tell apart, preferring simple black robes, their only affectations being the garnets they wear at fingers and ears. Almost no one addresses their scandalous behavior, however, because the brothers have spent their years together gathering a spy network that is second to none. Rumors say they did so to curtail any whispers about them originally, but now they serve their family as Masters of Whispers at the Small Council. (56 years)

Retainers of the House

The Small Council

  • Unknown: Hand of the King. Jaeherys has yet to name his Hand.
  • Ser Gerold Hightower: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. (See Below)
  • X: Master of Coin. X
  • X: Master of Laws. X
  • Rhomys & Rhayne Targaryen: Masters of Whisperers.
  • X: Master of Ships. X
  • Grand Maester Pycelle: Grand Maester. X

The Kingsguard

  • Ser Gerold Hightower: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. X
  • Prince Lewyn Martell: Well-regarded for his skill at arms and chivalry.
  • Ser Gwayne Gaunt: X
  • Ser Harlan Grandison: X
  • Ser Jonothor Derry: X
  • Ser Barristen Selmy: X
  • X: X