House Wachstrom

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House Wachstrom
Rising Like The Flood
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: Rivergard Keep
Current Lord: Elbys Wachstrom
Current Lady: None
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Tarah Wachstrom
Liege: Lord Emeryk Graben
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Founder: Ser Selwyn Wachstrom
Founded: Aegon's Conquest
House Traits
Defense: 33
Influence: 28
Lands: 6
Law: 31
Population: 14
Power: 28
Wealth: 20

Originally a masterly House in service to House Graben, House Wachstrom has demonstrated its loyalty and fine service over the years, earning them respect and influence enough that around the time of the Blackfyre Rebellion Lord Graben petitioned Lord Swann to raise them to a minor House, with full rights of Pit and Gallows.


  • House Fortune: Law -1, Fishery +1, Chapel +1, Godswood +2d6-6; Wealth increases gain +1.


The majority of the domain called Rivergard is an island sitting in the middle of the Marchwater River, and an eastern bank of marshy land. The island itself is quite distinctive, with its tall north-facing cliffs on which sit the castle. South of the Keep, the land gently slopes downward into a rich tangle of old-growth elder, alm and weirwood. (Land: Wetlands; River; 6 points)

  • Rivergard Keep: Though called a "keep," the island fortification in the middle of the Marchwater River qualifies as a small castle. (Defense: 30 points)
    • Rivers-heart Sept: Chapel. A fair-sized chapel to the Seven is part of Rivergard Keep. The Wachstroms have opened it up to the people of their domain, many of whom turn up in small boats on feast and processional days. People even come from the Graben domain on the other side of the river to attend services sometimes. (Wealth: 5 points)
  • The Marchwater Godswood: Godswood. In the tangled woods on the south face of the island is an ancient First Men Godswood, the only one of its kind in the Marchwater Vale. Though House Wachstrom keep to the Seven, they have never demanded the Godswood be destroyed, and have claimed that they never will. (Wealth: 5 points)
  • Marsh Fishermen: Fishery + Processing. The small shires and estates of Rivergard are made up of fishing communities. Over the years the people here have developed not only a lifestyle based around fishing the river here, but also pickling it in a brine steeped with an herb called sweet riverruff. These barrels of fish are preferred storage or travel foodstuffs all through the Stormlands. (Wealth: 10 points)
  • The Wachstrom Fleet: Veteran Warships (2 units). The lord's docks, which take up more than three-quarters of the docks at the base of Rivergard Keep are the home to House Wachstrom's fleet of ten warships dedicated to the defense of this portion of the Marchwater. They sail routine patrols up and down the waters, sometimes going as far as Helmport. (Power: 24 points)
  • The Anchormen: Green Garrison. The garrison at Rivergard is not the best trained soldiers in the Stormlands, certainly, but history has proven they don't have to be: it is the rare force that can make it across the river to reach the small island. The Anchormen wear blue and white uniforms, with leather caps and breastplate, and wield spears. (Power: 3 points)

Members of the House

  • Ser Alwyn Wachstrom: Young lord Alwyn inherited Rivergard three years ago when his father died in his sleep after a week of wheezing, coughing illness. Alwyn fostered at the Graben seat and was childhood friends of its two oldest children. Due to his rash actions in the imprisonment of Ser Donnel Swann, effectively rising up against his liege, Ser Alwyn took the Black, and was sent to the Wall. (24 years)
  • Tarah Wachstrom: Heir of the House. The younger sister of Alwyn, Tarah was also fostered at Marrowmont. To anyone with eyes, she has always followed Emryk around, mooning after him quite determinedly. She currently dwells in Rivergard, helping her brother run the House there. Recently dishonored by Ser Donnel Swann, Tarah watched in horror as her brother took actions that got him sent to the Wall. She is now betrothed to marry Ser Lyonel Estermont. (16 years)
  • Lord Elbys Wachstrom: Lord of the House. The youngest of the Wachstrom children, Elbys is squired to Ser Ulwyck Mace. He has become the lord-in-name of Rivergard, though his sister and soon-to-be goodbrother Ser Lyonel will rule in his stead until he comes of age. (12 years)

Retainers of the House

  • Ser Korin Dow: Castellan and Master-at-Arms. A fast friend of old Lord Denys Wachstrom's, Ser Korin is Lord Alwyn's primary advisor. Though he tries to help the young man as much as he can, Ser Korin is definitely a fighting man first and foremost. (40 years)
  • Ser Lyonel Estermont: Master-of-Ships. A minor cousin of House Estermont, Ser Lyonel's seasons on the ocean have put him in good stead. Though he hasn't been in the House quite as long as Ser Korin, he also was a good friend of Lord Denys. Though he never thought much of Alwyn, Ser Lyonel has always been fond of Tarah, and has agreed to marry her and become Lord Protector of Rivergard until Elbys comes of age. (28 years)
  • Marq Mace: Squire. Ser Lyonel's squire and the son of Marrowmont's Master-at-Arms, Marq is a quiet and serious young man who clearly takes his training very seriously. His time with the Wachstrom household has instilled in him a love for ships. Though he was originally Alwyn's squire, he has now been taken on by Ser Lyonel, and proven himself of benefit in helping to run Rivergard. (13 years)


Lineage of House Wachstrom
  • Victory: After House Graben received a significant grant of river-side lands from a fallen House, Lord Graben elevated his most steadfast and loyal of knights to a master of those lands.
  • Glory: Wachstrom knights demonstrated tremendous skill at arms and valor during the Blackfyre Rebellion, prompting the Lord of House Swann to elevate them to full House status, with House Graben continuing as their liege lords.