House Waterman

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House Waterman
Like the Torrent
Status: Minor
Seat: Knifewatch Tower
Current Lord: None
Current Lady: Merise Waterman
Realm: The North
Heir: Ser Kronn Waterman
Liege: Wyman Manderly
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Aeryn Waterman
Founded: Blackfyre Rebellion
House Traits
Defense: 13 (3 Free)
Influence: 22
Lands: 25
Law: 11
Population: 11
Power: 14 (1 Free)
Wealth: 12 (2 Free)

A minor house in vassalage to House Manderly, the Watermans were elevated no more than a hundred years ago or so. Ser Aeryn Waterman was one of the Manderly household knights who was given the task of tending to the run-down Knifewatch tower just north of White Harbor and clearing out the land around it of the bandits who frequently preyed on merchant barges that ran up and down the White Knife.


  • House Fortunes Roll: -5 (Law), +1 (Abbey); Influence Resource increases due to House Fortunes roll are increased by 1.

The Knifewatch

A section of lands a day or two by river from White Harbor, the Knifewatch is a small stretch of land on both sides of the White Knife. The House's Knifewatch is a river-side tower with an excellent view both up and down river, and a beacon house at its very top to send signals to White Harbor. (Land: Plains; River, Light Woods; 11 pts)

  • Knifewatch Tower: Tower An older tower that has seen ample renovations over the years, the Knifewatch has been in the hands of a variety of houses over the centuries. (Defense: 10)
  • Waterman Lancers: Trained Cavalry X. (Power: 8)

Swaryn Woods

A section of woods that lies on the other side of the river from the Knifewatch. (Lands: Plains; River, Light Woods; 11 pts)

  • Swaryn Yeomen: Trained Garrison The watchmen and guards who maintain a patrol throughout the Swaryn woodlands. (Power: 5)
  • Deepwoods Abbey: Abbey Settlement Wealth Holding A small monastery built in the deeps of the Swaryn. (Wealth: 10)

Members of the House

  • Lady Merise Waterman: Merise has been a widow for three years or so. Truthfully told, she more haunts the Knifewatch than rules it, and so it is slowly coming apart at the seams.
  • Ser Kronn Waterman: Newly knighted and recently released from Lord Manderly's service, Ser Kronn has returned home, full of bravado and confidence, to try to put things right with his home. He is finding the task to be more than he bargained for, however.


  • Before being elevated to a House in their own right, the Watermans were knights in the service of House Manderly. They retain their loyalty to the Merman Court.
  • Decline: Bandits have become aware of the slow disintegration of order and rule in the Knifewatch and started to prey on boats up and down its length, disappearing back into the wilderness when they are pursued. (-3 Influence, -5 Lands, -3 Power, -5 Wealth)

Note: Though this is for a canonical setting element in the Song of Ice and Fire, some of the information here is totally created for my game, and should not be taken as an authoritative commentary on that setting element.