Houses of the Boneway

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Lords of the Boneway

House Yronwood (Major)

Older even than House Martell, and second in power in Dorne to them, House Yronwood's history includes once ruling over the Marches and northern Dorne. Hearkening back to those origins, the head of the House is always given the title "the Bloodroyal". Their long renown has been tarnished by the actions of their recent ancestors, however, who joined forces with House Blackfyre in rebellion against the Targaryen kings and House Martell. Their arms are a black portcullis on a field of sand; their words are "We Guard the Way."

  • Lord Edgar Yronwood is the Warden of the Stone Way, a man renowned for taking his duty seriously and his skill in warfare. (49 years)

House Felton (Knightly)

Laying to the east of Castle Yronwood, House Felton have been sworn to the Bloodroyals for a thousand years. They are renown for the skill of their archers and for the gardens that the House has cultivated within Felton's Rest, their Keep. Their arms are a notched bow on a field of blue; their words are "Standing Ready"

House Drinkwater (Knightly)

To the west of the Yronwoond Tower "Sentry" are the lands of House Drinkwater. They have had troubled times with their liege lords, the Yronwoods, and have openly rebelled several times over the centuries. Currently, however, Ser Garland Drinkwater is a staunch supporter of Lord Edgar. Their arms are a crystal blue waterfall on a split field of yellow and green; their words are "Clear and Sharp as Crystal."

House Wayguard (Minor)

The vanguard of House Yronwoods forces along the Boneway, no foe has breached their keeps defenses in a thousand years. They are known for training special elite fighting men, skilled with both Spear and Bow. Their arms are Two Crossed Spears over a Crimson Shield, on a field of grey; their words: "Vigilant Forever"

House Sanson (Minor)

Making up the bulk of House Yronwoods small navy, House Sanson has existed for only a handful of generations, being raised up after one of the Blackfyre Rebellions when the previous House was wiped out, yet in that short time, they eclipsed all of House Yronwoods other vassals, until House Sungold swore to the Bloodroyals. Since then the Sungolds and the Sansons have been at odds at the Yronwood Court. Their arms are a Tall-masted Ship before a red setting sun on a field of yellow; their words are "Straight and True"

House Redmont (Knightly)

Redmont is a great peak of red stone on which is built the great citadel of Redmont. House Redmont is known for their cavalry, the Redmont Lancers, and for the jousting prowess of their knights and scions. They are sworn to House Yronwood. They fashion their arms with a red butte on an ermine field; their words are "In the Heights".

  • Ser Rudryck Redmont is the master of this house of knights, and a fearsome knight himself. He is called the Bloodknight betimes for his garments of blood-hue at tourneys, and for his ferocity in joust and melee. (31 years)

House Sungold (Minor)

Given their House's perfidy in acquiring their renowned gold mine from House Deltario, the Sungolds have a reputation as conniving and warlike, although the current lady of the House has taken efforts to try and mitigate that reputation. Shortly after their break from House Deltario, House Sungold swore fealty to House Yronwood. House Sungold's arms are a white sun on a field of gold; their words are "Rising in Splendor".

  • Lady Amaya Sungold is a strong-willed woman given to compromise and negotiation over grand-standing and threats. (22 years)

House Wyl (Minor)

In a very real way, House Wyl is at the forefront of any potential conflict, and it shows: their citadel called Boneway Castle is always manned, their troops always drilling and preparing for the inevitable conflict with the forces of the Stormlands that overtakes their peoples every few decades or so. Their arms are a black viper biting a man's ankle, on a field of yellow; their words are "Ware Our Sting".

  • Lady Euphemia Wyl first strapped on the armor her husband was killed in while she suckled her first child. Because there was no one else to lead her troops against the bandits that threatened her hold after they killed her husband, Lady Euphemia discovered steel within her that she has kept polished to today. She has blossomed into a tactician to be feared, as she demonstrated during the War of the Ninepenny Kings, even though that war claimed her first-born son. (43 years)