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Participating in Auction

  • Cloaked and hooded woman (Cathis Dalma) with 2 massive hoven escorts (Bossk and Tomato), one of whom is part bugbear; she wears the holy symbol of Orcus
    • Against a wall, uninterested in social interaction.
    • She hangs around the Genie's Wish. She is a mercenary.
    • Mentions that her faith is working to take the Temple and the Gold from House Embermace and the Temple of Yarakep. Mentions that Xalsien, another angel of Erilassi Mar, became a demon is the head of the effort.
  • 4 adventurers, short redheaded woman in red robes (Sorsha; trying to not be noticed by another guest; the woman who woke Lach, trailed by purple cat with starscape eyes; connected to Fey patron), tall blonde man in heavy armor (Armand), unusually chubby asana elf wearing a sash and pin of the Azure Academy (Nass); short bearded dwarf (one of the Worthy; Terak)
  • Tall woman wearing black and gold robes with a high dramatic collar; wide gold necklace and flashy jewelry; 2 stocky grey skinned creatures with no heads, and a dust mephit; Zalkoryn wizard; Magister Kassiva Beldanna Variss, Wizard of Zalcoryn, Master of the 7th Circle of Alchemy
    • Tried to bribe us to leave, with money and favors, and safe passage from the establishment.
  • 2 Ishi (fallen elves eladrin, Sethira and Insulon), small winged fae, a pixie (Daffodil) and a massive ogre-creature (Nimble) covered in pale blue fur dyed with purple spirals and horns in pinstripe pants, carrying a silver tray with refreshments;
    • they rep the Court of the Apple-Scented Breeze Windings Its Way Through The Spire Mountains; one of the courts of Saren-Ar of Kythenia; Court of Apple Wind serve the Sidhe Lord Craesidal al-Dur, the Golden Matador, the Water in the Rippling Pond and Keeper of the Coconut of Quendor
    • Both Sethira and Insulon are fierce rivals, and are here to climb the ladder.
    • Daffodil enjoys their rivalry, and seems to egg it on. She has resistance to magic.
  • Rofka wearing red black and gold armor; paladins of Ro, worshippers of Anaya Ro, Paladin Aureg of House Farschal
  • Young human with long brown beard, sword and walking staff, blue robes and blue wizard hat; very sad looking; Rallis Malnova Timaryn Moonsinger, high clan vizier for kings and queens of Daltes
    • Intends to inter the Hatt in tomb with its creator.
  • Rofka, Prince Ebor of House Fale; small green feather, agent of Evemwyr; Prince of Zala, a democracy without a prince, House Fale the wealthiest houses of Zala

Just Observing Auction

  • Lucille, the woman managing the endeavor, tall hoven woman in robes with white hair, accompanied by Roach; rep the Moths
    • maintaining eye contact with a hoven guard. She seems to be checking in with him for his reaction.
    • He is clearly her brother, the leader of the Moths.
  • 2 gnolls, male (Rafael) and female (Amelie), with darker fur, with an emerald skinned goblin (Fargie); the male gnoll is wearing an unusual medallion (three disks; Talona, Hestia, Waukeen), rep the Black Hyenas, who run the Coppers.
    • Striker gnolls and Skekir goblin from Transconox, known for being more peaceful; discovered to be a result of old gnomish monarchy breeding program;
    • Skekir goblins are brilliant, cunning, and greedy.
    • Gnolls lack any enmity toward the Moths, acting outright friendly. Gnolls don't seem to like the other gangs, and it sounds like they fear the Coalition.
    • They are not in the auction, here as allies and security.
  • Bald pale woman dressed in rich archaic finery; blood red eyes, talons, pointy teeth; she's a ghoul; others keep their space from her and wields authority the others recognize; Lady Atiele Embermace, operating as a facilitator, acting on wishes of the "Queen of Malixia"
  • Dorgen, a duergar in resplendent clothing and 4 goblin slaves; Aror, armored duergar has one pitiful slave. Clan Nockvar not here for the auction, here to meet with the queen's court
  • 4 hobbits, a girl (Razor) and 3 scowling men (Morningstar, Kriss, Gallows), bedecked in small blades; Jerrin's Daggers tattoos
  • Man and woman wearing hooded cloaks and solid white feline style masks; referring to them as Observers from the Coalition of Tradesfolk Underground (thieves' guild). They are here on the orders of a superior, by the name of Trevor.
    • Don, from the docks.
    • Bethany, a household servant for Councilman Shane Marekata.
    • Find out Magnus is the head of the Underground, a human, and he has some ties she doesn't understand to Councilman Marekata. Magnus recruited her, promising that they're more than a "thieves' guild," aiming to study and learn more about the enemy.
  • Sethiana woman (wood elf), with a gnarled staff and a crow on shoulder; crow is carrying on a conversation with her; Tessyria and Max; here to see who wins the auction; druid of Tuatha Finn