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Alliance Members

  • High Lord Karuban Golemwright of Ulsteg, Representing Queen-Steward Beldraxa Irontooth of Nakaltia (and a trio of other high noble dwarves)
  • House Senator Anki Millodraxapren of speaking on behalf of the Republic of Erin Del (+3 advisors, another kobold, a goblin & gnome)
  • Scrollkeeper Agara of the Black Ice Tolas who shall act as Emperor of Dontholl Mex, Rakas Yhsetti's Vessel for the Summit, and his advisors, Tevan and Drukup.
  • Duke Cedrick T. M. of Rika and Commander of the Sentinels and Queens Consort, Balek T. M., representing Queen Shera of Ravenholt and guest, the Wind Walker Arivar of the Shattered Court (plus a Malnova clerk trying very hard to be invisible)
  • Lady Isha Jalla Aully of the Karabur Protectorate.
  • Princess Ginsella of House Efalia, representing her brother, King Theodore Efalia, the Golden Knight and Bearer of the Holy Sword of Kings, Solarius.(and half a dozen human courtiers)
  • Baron Roland Karavoss representing Queen Emallia Benu of Talaria and First Scion Kelsifax, Sheriff of Niro's Hill.
  • Prince Leonal Estrasa II and Linus Ganderley, Chosen of The Tribunal representing King Leonal Estrasa of Estland.
  • Duchess Sarah Ul-Danu and Vassa Atking, Chosen of Hera, representing Queen Judana Prohipski of Estland.
  • Mayor of Haven of Sarist, Hob Pineleaf & his assistant Penny and arcane adviser Celent
  • Prince Tomil Swiftstriker, son of Queen Margery Swiftstriker IV of Victoria and his advisor, Duchess Maria Swiftstriker
  • High Inquisitor Sario Lyilla, Chosen of the Tribunal and Hierophant of Domshall
  • Captain Harry Danosh of the Democracy of Kythala
  • Speaker Esma Brume, representing her wife, Governor Agraine Brume of the Isle of Kacey


  • Archmage Dindermal, Dean of the Azure Academy and a quasit scribe
  • High Magus Tiptup dalNovak of the Rose Magi and his assistant Frank Benjamin
  • Sir Xenophon of the Beacon Knights and Bishop of the Malixia Province of the Church of the Dawn and Dusk and Archivist Lolo Sleet
  • Warden Kimma Rivenstone of the Spire Wardens, representing the Chief Warden Emma Ardeniil
  • Lord Scamallach of the Greyborn March, Vassal of the River King in Faerie and Governor of the Malixia City Floods under King Byzar Teth and his advisor, Sean.
  • The Druids

Guests of the Alliance

  • Scrivener Tograx and "The Voice of the Mountain" of Korvanog, representing Balavada the Crucible and her brother, Boladan the Forge
  • Frugug-gu of Algolgol and Tommil CabbageFinder of the Autumn Shire come to represent their Valexys communities
  • Speaker Alinar and Wisdom Na'ar of Kesiana, representing the Chieftess Aisha the Star Caller of Kesiana
  • Commander Gruuk Ogresbane and Zanitan Silvertongue, the Emperor's Vizier of Salista Hoventesh.
  • Brother Krix of the Blackwood Stalkers of Neun Katha
  • King Byzar Teth of Malixia, Advisor Sebastian Ul-Danu and Lord Hjolman of Eightstone and Lyr Mar Far Ganderley, Chancellor of the Malixia City Council
  • Mayor Elliot of Stormgate speaking on behalf of the Unknown Heir of the Monarchy of Enkar, and his assistant Kelsei
  • King Tober Redhammer of Nycandria, and his advisors Coriander Fabelsyaff, First Magus of Dor and Princess Winter Thistle, Heir to the Court of Tears.
  • Advisor Tamala Larksong and Bridge Warden Falden representing President Urik Garden of Varjeduun
  • Prince Tarno Juranis of Caletha on behalf of King Urnao and Queen Juranis, the Royal Vizier Abraha and Sir Laris of the Crown, Chosen of Adnoartina
  • Senator Utho of the House of Crystal speaking on behalf of the Open House of Zala, and his daughters, Una and Alina
  • Curator Rekan of the 7th Ward Silk Clan and Marshal Rhezuk of the Szagra Wardens representing the Management of Confederate Unions of Striker.
  • Representing the Kato Republic; President Ranu Bethinka, Apprentices Toby and Narwik of the Melhir and Queen's Mind Xik and the Hermit of Dasa
  • Representative of the Ft. Periwinkle Government Committee, Sorsha Moonsinger and her apprentice, Becky.
  • Trade Minister Show Nu'an of the Deep Barrows representing the Council of Lamshi-Dhara and staff (a dozen folks of various species are all crowded behind him)
  • Lady Deandra Golden Hart representing Queen Beruniche Cauldron 16th and her advisors, Niko of Thalshan and Commander Gorsham of the Wall; she is flanked by her hulking advisors, one a huutgur (owlbear-folk) and the other a thorga (hippo-folk)
  • Queen No'ah Flourentine Moonsinger of Dark Katrica and Advisors Quinten Lucero and the Platitudes of Avarice