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The Pastoral Sainted
"Walk these fields with us. Revel in the passing of the day, the turning of the seasons, the planting, the growing, the harvest, and the fallow."
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The BerserkerThe Grinnir
Token Benefits
Healing & Magic • Pastoral Sanctuary

The agricultural faith of the Mysteries Pastoral has a great deal of influence in the Vale, and the Sainted Three who act as it hierophants wield that capably. They usually seek only health and prosperity for the farmer and workers, while also ensuring that the sanctity and health of the vital land is maintained by their dwarven overlords, who can sometimes be blinded by gold to the dangers their industry can pose. But some are also suspicious of the Sainted, claiming they have sinister intentions, using their powers and the faith of the field-workers to accomplish their ends.

The current Three are Baenlera who wears the Lady's Veil, Dormunn who wears the Solar Masque, and Uldinn who wears the Thunder Masque.

Usual Location

The Sainted Three are based out of the farming community of Grimmisold, although they can be found nearly anywhere in the Vale's many farming communities. They do not enter the vastness of the dwarven citadels, nor do they go south of the Thanewall.


  • The Sainted have always supported and upheld the Thanes of the Vale, and continue to do so to this day. The two groups work closely together to see to the health and prosperity of the Valefolk.
  • The Sainted yet honor the Great Clans, remembering them for throwing open their gates in welcome when men and halflings came seeking shelter in the dawning days of the Vale.


  • Only the two manifestations of untamed wilderness, dangerous to the people of the Vale, earn the enmity of the Sainted: specifically, the blood-soaked Berserker, and the wildnesses of the Grinnir.

Pastoral Sainted Token Benefits

  • Healing & Magic: Those with a history of service to the Pastoral Sainted are frequently welcomed into communities with clerics of the faith who are ready and willing to render them the blessings of the Mysteries, in the form of healing and other magics.
  • Pastoral Sanctuary: Those who prove themselves worthy may at a future date be granted sanctuary, given the wheel-shaped tattoo over the heart that marks them as someone anyone in the faith would grant succor, shelter, and nourishment to, as well as aid in whatever form they might, short of their deaths.