Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

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Though stormtroopers are frequently attached to other military branches – most often to the Imperial Army while planetside, or the Imperial Navy while in space – stormtroopers are their own distinct branch of the Empire's military.



Commander: High Colonel • Composition: 4 regiments
The legion is the largest defined level of organization within the Stormtrooper Corps. It is the approximate equivalent of an Imperial Army battlegroup.


Commander: Lieutenant Colonel • Composition: 4 battalions
According to Imperial tactical standards, a regiment is considered sufficient to seize a Class A planetary starport.


Commander: Major • Composition: 4 companies


Commander: Captain • Composition: 4 platoons


Commander: Lieutenant and Sergeant Major • Composition: 4 to 5 squads
Like the squad, stormtrooper platoon is variable in size.


Commander: Sergeant • Composition: 8 or 10 stormtroopers, plus a sergeant
The smallest composition of stormtrooper formations. Squads are built by platoon leaders, with numbers based on what is necessary for the mission at hand. A squad is always composed of stormtroopers of the same specialization.


  • Stormtrooper: Every specialty of stormtrooper can and does act in this capacity, as one of the legions of white-helmeted terrors of Imperial dominance.
  • Bombtroopers: Bomb Squad. Specialists at disarming explosive devices, with armor that can withstand controlled explosions and high-velocity shrapnel, helmets with advanced chemical sensors and full muffling mode to protect vision and hearing from explosions. They also have access to advanced bomb-disposal droids.
  • Firetroopers: Incinerator Assault. Flamethrower wielding troopers with Oppressor flamethrowers and wide-angle plasma rifles, as well as accelerant bombs and chemical igniters, plus thermobaric canister and mortar launcher use.
  • Hazard Stormtroopers: Hazardous Environment Operations. Specialized in fighting in biohazardous environs, whether natural or created. Armor sealed against acidic, electromagnetic, biochemical and other environmental threats, as well as rich life-support technologies. Hazard troopers are often outfitted with cybernetic limbs and respiratory augmentations.
  • Imperial Marine: Naval Operations. Imperial Marines are stationed aboard naval warships and serve as the first wave boarding parties on captured vessels. They specialize in breaching maneuvers with cutting lasers and explosive charges, and use of shock assault weaponry. Skilled in shipboard combat, either as boarders or in repelling same.
  • Lavatroopers: Magma Operations. Trained for operation in active geological formations, their armors are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and have robust temperature control and respiratory systems.
  • Radtroopers: Radiation Zone Operations. x
  • Riottroopers: Riot Control. x
  • Sandtroopers: Desert Operations. x
  • Scout Troopers: Biker Scout Operations. x
  • Seatroopers: Aquatic Operations. Troopers that are deployed on oceanic worlds, with equipment that can stand deep sea pressures and provides life support for the trooper. Mobility is augmented by flippered boots and backpack propulsion units, and they carry modified E-11 blaster rifles that double as spearguns.
  • Skytroopers: Jump Assault. x
  • Snowtroopers: Arctic Operations. x
  • Spacetroopers: Zero G Operations. x
  • Swamptroopers: Wetland Operations. x

Elite Specializations

  • Emperor's Imperial Guard: Emperor's Bodyguards. x
  • Novatroopers: Emperor's Honor Guard. x
  • Coruscant Guard: Imperial Capital Security. x
  • Darktroopers: Counter-Insurgency. x