Independant Society of Antiquaries Group Loot

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The Lost & The Found Group Loot


PP: 1258
GP: 14,448
SP: 3901
CP: 298

Trade Bars¹
PTB: 0
GTB: 0
STB: 0
CTB: 0

PI: 0
GI: 0
SI: 0
CI: 0

¹Trade Bars are worth 10 pieces of their coinage equivalent, i.e. 1 GTB = 10 GP
²Ingots are worth 100 pieces of their coinage equivalent, i.e. 1 GI = 100 GP


Greater Quality Gems
1000 GP Value
Black Opal x2
Blue Sapphire x2
Emerald x3
Fire Opal x4
Opal x1
Star Ruby x1
Yellow Sapphire x1
Lesser Quality Gems
Azurite 9gp
Rose Quartz 20gp
Lapis Lazuli 11gp
Peridot 20gp

Potions and Scrolls

Potion of Animal Friendship
Potion of Climbing
Potion of Haste x2 (1d4 rounds of Haste)
Potion of Healing x 9
Potion of Greater Healing x 6
Potion of Growth x2
Potion of Levitation x 3
Potion of Superior Healing x 3
Potion of Water Breathing x 11, 1 hour
Potion of Perfect Healing x1 (Revivify and/or Fully restore all HP)
Burn Ointment
4 Levitation potions
1 Scroll of Witch Bolt
1 Scroll of Nystul's Magic Aura
1 Scroll of Resurrection


Alchemist Kit

Crafting Materials

Crafting Schema

Favors, Information, etc.

As a group Alva will give us early knowledge of missions before posting for adventuring groups
Each member of the group has earned Alva's favor and can get an audience with her at any time.

Not Quite Magic Items

Silver Wands x5

Magic Items that will be traded

Not Ours to Keep

Crown of Malixia City
Artifact - Bloodstone of Fistandantalus
Carashiel crystal
Guild Gate Cube

Magic Items

Immovable Rods (2 total)
Rod, uncommon
This flat iron rod has a button on one end. You can use an action to press the button, which causes the rod to become magically fixed in place. Until you or another creature uses an action to push the button again, the rod doesn’t move, even if it is defying gravity. The rod can hold up to 8,000 pounds of weight. More weight causes the rod to deactivate and fall. A creature can use an action to make a DC 30 Strength check, moving the fixed rod up to 10 feet on a success.
Dust of Sneezing and Choking
Wondrous item, uncommon
Found in a small container, this powder resembles very fine sand. It appears to be dust of disappearance , and an identify spell reveals it to be such. There is enough of it for one use.
When you use an action to throw a handful of the dust into the air, you and each creature that needs to breathe within 30 feet of you must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become unable to breathe, while sneezing uncontrollably. A creature affected in this way is incapacitated and suffocating. As long as it · conscious, a creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on it on a success. The lesser restoration spell can also end the effect on a creature.
Rod of Security
Rod, very rare
While holding this rod, you can use an action to activate it. The rod then instantly transports you and up to 199 other willing creatures you can see to a paradise that exists in an extraplanar space. You choose the form that the paradise takes. It could be a tranquil garden, lovely glade, cheery tavern, immense palace, tropical island, fantastic carnival, or whatever else you can imagine. Regardless of its nature, the paradise contains enough water and food to sustain its visitors. Everything else that can be interacted with inside the extraplanar space can exist only there. For example, a flower picked from a garden in the paradise disappears if it is taken outside the extraplanar space.
For each hour spent in the paradise, a visitor regains hit points as if it had spent 1 Hit Die. Also, creatures don't age while in the paradise, although time passes normally. Visitors can remain in the paradise for up to 200 days divided by the number of creatures present (round down).
When the time runs out or you use an action to end it, all visitors reappear in the location they occupied when you activated the rod, or an unoccupied space nearest that location. The rod can't be used again until ten days have passed.
Bag of Tricks - Rust
Wondrous item, uncommon
This ordinary bag, made from gray, rust, or tan cloth, appears empty. Reaching inside the bag, however, reveals the presence of a small, fuzzy object. The bag weighs 1/2 pound.
You can use an action to pull the fuzzy object from the bag and throw it up to 20 feet. When the object lands, it transforms into a creature you determine by rolling a d8 and consulting the table that corresponds to the bag's color. See the Monster Manual for the creature's statistics.
The creature is friendly to you and your companions, and it acts on your turn. You can use a bonus action to command how the creature moves and what action it takes on its next turn, or to give it general orders, such as to attack your enemies. In the absence of such orders, the creature acts in a fashion appropriate to its nature. Once three fuzzy objects have been pulled from the bag, the bag can't be used again until the next dawn.
D8 Result
1 Rat
2 Owl
3 Mastiff
4 Goat
5 Giant goat
6 Giant boar
7 Lion
8 Brown bear

Recent Aquisitions

Bottomless canister of Dust of Cleaning
Canister of enchanted hot coaco (Grants 2 Hit dice of temp hit-points) - 10 doses
Wand of Fear
Wand, rare (requires attunement)
This wand has 7 charges for the following properties. It regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.
Command While holding the wand, you can use an action to expend 1 charge and command another creature to flee or grovel, as with the command spell (save DC 15).
Cone of Fear While holding the wand, you can use an action to expend 2 charges, causing the wand's tip to emit a 60-foot cone of amber light. Each creature in the cone must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you for 1 minute. While it is frightened in this way, a creature must spend its turns trying to move as far away from you as it can, and it can't willingly move to a space within 30 feet of you. It also can't take reactions. For its action, it can use only the Dash action or try to escape from an effect that prevents it from moving. If it has nowhere it can move, the creature can use the Dodge action. At the end of each of its turns, a creature can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.
Wand of Polymorph
Wand, very rare (requires attunement by a Spellcaster)
This wand has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges to cast the polymorph spell (save DC 15) from it.
The wand regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.
Wand of Viscid Globs
Wand, rare (requires attunement)
Crafted by the drow, this slim black wand has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges to cause a small glob of viscous material to launch from the tip at one creature within 60 feet of you. Make a ranged attack roll against the target, with a bonus equal to your spellcasting modifier (or your Intelligence modifier, if you don’t have a spellcasting ability) plus your proficiency bonus. On a hit, the glob expands and dries on the target, which is restrained for 1 hour. After that time, the viscous material cracks and falls away.
Applying a pint or more of alcohol to the restrained creature dissolves the glob instantly, as does the application of oil of etherealness or universal solvent. The glob also dissolves instantly if exposed to sunlight. No other nonmagical process can remove the viscous material until it deteriorates on its own.
The wand regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at midnight. If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand melts into harmless slime and is destroyed.
A wand of viscid globs is destroyed if exposed to sunlight for 1 hour without interruption.
Studded Leather +2 - Thunder Resistance
Studded Leather +2 - Acid Resistance
--------Fight in the square with the colossus--------
Spore Hood - Allows wearer to use gaseous form (but a cloud of spores) 1/day.
Robe of the Azure Mage (rank 2); Requires attunement
+2 armor that stacks w/ Mage Armor
Regen 5hp/round
Grants advantage on concentration
Slate that transmit to a secondary slate anything written on it
Evandrielle's sash
Sash can lengthen and harden for many purposes:
Whip (1d4 slashing) or Staff (1d6 Bludgeoning (1d8 2H)) +2
Rope of climbing
Iron Bands of Bilarro
Goose (it can act as a watch/alarm goose as well as a sneak-thief)
Portable Hole
Rod of Teleportation (3 charges per day); Requires attunement
Misty Step (1)
Dimension Door (2)
Teleport (3)
Unknown silver-streaked pale blue crystal with Tianne rune for Breath and Mind at its core
Can be used and consumed as a focus for a spell to manifest the spell into a "living spell". The nature of the creation will vary depending on the type of spell. CR is based on the level the spell is cast at + the proficiency bonus of the caster. The created entity has limited intelligence and when is manifest is Friendly towards the caster. The caster has no further control of the creature and its demeanor towards the caster may change based on their interactions.