Iron Codex

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A book bound in a padlocked, iron cover, its pages are flat black leather into which lettering has been stamped. It is a treatise on protecting and strengthening of the self, and the occult ramifications of such work. It contains eight rotes. From the nature of the rotes and philosophy within, it's clear this book was written by a soldier or other warrior.


  • Muscle Solidity Exercises: "Honing the Form," Life •••, Resolve + Athletics + Life; Spell used to increase Stamina +1
  • Invocation of Hephaestus: "Transmute Earth," Matter •••, Intelligence + Craft + Matter; Wielding a smith's hammer +1, prayer to Hephaestus the turn before +1
  • Greek Firebane: "Fireproofing," Forces ••, Stamina + Occult + Forces; Brass amulet with Greek writing +1
  • Meditation of Imperviousness: "Unseen Shield," Forces ••, Composure + Wits + Forces; Meditating for one turn before +1, for one minute before +2, for one hour before +3
  • Arrow-Warding Gesture: "Turn Projectile," Forces •••, Presence + Intimidation + Forces
  • Elemental Warding: "Containment," Forces ••••, Intelligence + Occult + Forces; Specially-crafted powder (Resources 2 to make [Intelligence + Occult] uses) +1, outlining area to be warded with powder (1 use per Area Factor) +3
  • Magic-Cutting Blade: "Dispel Magic," Prime •, Wits + Weaponry + Prime, Wielding a blade +1, Touching blade to area of magic on turn before +2
  • The Arrow's Deceit: "Alter Accuracy," Matter ••, Manipulation + Subterfuge + Matter, Cast on a ranged weapon of some kind +1, cast on an arrow or quarrel +2