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Jason "Jace" Evans
Jace Evans New Alpha.jpg
Intelligence 1, Wits 4, Resolve 2;
Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3;
Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 2
Mental: Academics 2, Computer 2 (Internet)

Physical: Athletics 3, Brawl 3 (Boxing), Drive 1, Larceny 2, Weaponry 1
Social: Empathy 1, Expression 1 (Acting), Intimidation 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3 (Misdirection)

Mental: None

Physical: None
Social: Allies 1 (Dean of Students), Allies 1 (The Vault), Contacts 2 (Drug Culture, Internet Sex Trade), Hobbyist Clique (Persuasion), Resources 2, Striking Looks 1, Status 1 (Cult of the Moon)
Fighting: Boxing 4, Fighting Finesse (Boxing) 2
Supernatural: Pack 1 (Astoria Pack. Packbound to: All Pack Members), Bestial Defense 2, Pack Territory 2

Health: 7, Willpower: 4, Size: 5, Speed: 11, Defense: 7 (Armor: None), Initiative: 6
Rating: 0 (Balanced)
Facet of Man

• +(Rating) to Feral Tests
• -(Rating) to shapeshifting Tests
• 4 (Man) Leashed Wolf Condition
• 5 (Man) reduce Rage by 1 each sunrise
Man Constant Breaking Points
• Eating human flesh. (-3 to -5)
• Killing someone. (-1 to -5)
• Injuring someone as a wolf.
• Being physically overpowered. (Personal)
Man-Faceted Breaking Points
• Revealing your werewolf nature to someone ignorant of the supernatural.
• Living away from civilization for a week or more.
• Going Feral.
• Someone you feel responsible for is endangered. (Personal)

Facet of Wolf

• -(Rating) to Feral Tests
• +(Rating) to shapeshifting Tests
• 4 (Wolf) Untamed Condition
• 5 (Wolf) shapeshift without test or action
Wolf Constant Breaking Points
• Injuring or killing a packmate. (-1 to -5)
• Contributing to natural devastation (-1 to -3)
• Betraying your pack.
• Taking orders from anyone. (Archetype)
Wolf Faceted Breaking Points
• Refusing to participate in a Full Moon Run with the pack.
• Refusing to defend territory or a packmate.
• Using a bane against another werewolf.

Werewolf Traits
Harmony: 3, Primal Urge: 3, Essence: 8 (max)
Refinements: Harmony: Leash the Beast (Fury Triggers), Civilizing Influence

Primal Urge: Primal Brawl, Instinctual Brawl
Pack Tactics: Can Opener
Gifts: Gifts of Change (The Father's Form)
Rites: None

Werewolf Abilities
Essence: 1E to increase Physical stat by +1 for one scene
Regeneration: 1B per turn, 1Ess to heal 1L; Lethal heals at 15min interval; +Primal Urge to all healing rolls
Senses: +Primal Urge to perception; low light, hearing sensitivity (factor of 10), scent, tracking
Feral Wolf
Silver Wolf: The wolf who always knew he was destined for greater things, even before he became an Alpha, stands revealed as Silver Wolf, the noblest and purest of lineage of all Father Wolf's get. The Alphas of Silver Wolf - who is also called Purest - are called the Ivory Claws, and they are mighty kings of werewolf-kind. The fur of an Ivory Claw begins to bleach to a silvery hue, and their eyes gleam like molten silver.

Affinity Instinct: None. Alphas no longer have Affinity Instincts. They no longer bear the burden of increased susceptibility from one set of triggers; all sources of Rage are equal to them. Reduce the Rage gained from any Trigger by 1.
Feeding the Wolf: You regain a point of Essence and gain a point of Rage when a werewolf not of your pack treats you with obeisance. Also gain a Primal Beat if that werewolf is another alpha.
Triggers: Predator (-1), Territorial (-1), Safety (-1), Fury (-2)

Current Conditions
Alpha (Persistent)
You are an alpha werewolf, imbued with a spark of leadership and power. You have greater control over your shapeshifting: you can always roll your full Stamina + Resolve + Harmony as a reflexive action to shapeshift, and shapeshifting actions no longer inflict damage on you.

For the purpose of interacting with your Feral Wolf, your Harmony is always considered one die higher, and anytime you gain a point of Essence for fulfilling your Feral Wolf Archetype, you also regain a Willpower. Feral Triggers are reduced by one point of Rage gain, but when you face down your Feral Wolf, it is now an opposed test (your Resolve + Harmony against your own Wits + Primal Urge). When Hunting the Wolf, you are always hunting your Feral Wolf, regardless of your respective Harmony and Primal Urge ratings.

You gain access to a number of mechanical benefits, including the Dominance Howl (see Howls). If you are the alpha of a pack, you also have a pool of dice equal to the number of packmates in that pack. You can draw these extra dice to add to any action you take. You can even spend these dice as though they were Essence. Once a die is used from the pool it is gone, but the pool refreshes at sunset every day. Any packmates who have a Harmony of 0 may purchase their first point of Harmony for 2 Experiences, rather than the normal 3.
Possible Sources: Killing another alpha by your own claws and teeth, or successfully challenging the alpha of your own pack. Undertaking the Ancient Hunt.
Resolution: You are defeated in an alpha challenge. You sacrifice your alpha nature to power some magic, or otherwise have it stolen from you.
Beats: Gain a beat when you are forced into damaging or traumatic situations in order to preserve your pack. You also gain Primal Beats based on Alpha Lineage.
Packbound: Entire Astoria Pack
Packbound (Persistent)
You are bonded to another member of your pack (who may or may not be a werewolf). You feel close to them, and gain a number of benefits due to your werewolf nature from interaction with them. Social Maneuvers from your bondmate require one less Door per dot you have in the Pack Merit. Additionally, though, all shapeshifting actions require one less success in general; if you have packmates present when you are shapeshifting, the number of successes required is reduced by the number of those bondmates plus one. This can be reduced to 0, allowing your shapeshifting to be a diceless, automatic action unless you are fighting the Feral Shift.
Possible Sources: The Pack Merit.
Resolution: The death or pack-departure of your packmate.
Beats: Do something in support or protection of your bondmate that puts you in significant danger or risk of some kind.
Territorial (Persistent)
You are very attuned to your pack's territory. You gain a +1 bonus to actions intended to preserve, protect or otherwise maintain the territory. You also gain a +1 bonus to Social interactions with spirits and animals that make the territory their home. Finally, you also gain a +1 bonus to rolls to harvest Essence from loci within the territory. If you have 4+ dots in the Pack Territory Merit, your bonus for these effects increases to a +2.
Possible Sources: Being invested with Territory Attunement from the Pack Territory Merit
Resolution: You are ejected from your pack, or your pack begins to depend on others to truly defend their territory (reinvesting the point of Territory Attunement from you to another in the pack).
Beats: You put yourself at significant risk or trouble in order to make defense of your territory first.
Confident & driven; end condition to change a chance roll into a one-die roll, or a failure into a single success.
Possible Sources: Succeeding at a breaking point, other impressive successes.
Resolution: Your character’s confidence carries him through and the worst is avoided; the Condition is resolved as described above.
Embarrassing Secret
A secret; could turn into Notoriety if revealed.
Possible Sources: Any action that has to be kept secret for fear of ostracism.
Resolution: The character’s secret is made public, or the character does whatever is necessary to make sure it never comes to light.
Swooning: Davis Monk, Gary Bryant
Wild about someone; -2 to any roll that adversely affects them; they gain +2 on Social rolls against you, and treat your impression as one level higher.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Persuasion, Subterfuge; mental powers, having another help you fulfill your Vice.
Resolution: Your character does something for his love interest that puts him in danger, or he opts to fail a roll to resist a Social action by the specified character. Alternately, if the target of your interest does something to badly damage that interest, you may resolve this Condition as well.
Connected: Greek Society, ATO, The Vault
Connected (Persistent)
You have an in with a certain group. +2 to pertinent rolls, or discard condition for exceptional success
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Politics, Socialize (only requires 3 successes with Allies or Contacts).
Resolution: The character loses her membership or otherwise loses her standing with the group.
Beat: The character is asked to perform a favor for the group that inconveniences her.
Glowing Health
Your recovery has left you not only healthy, but hale and renewed. You may upgrade the results of any single Physical test from a failure to a success, or a success to an exceptional success. Doing so resolves the Condition.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success on Medicine or healing roll.
Resolution: Utilize the stated upgrade.
Beats: n/a
Academia Resonance
Effects: Gain +1 Willpower and -1 Rage when entering places of learning (maximum once per day). Spending Essence grants those around you with Resolve of your Primal Urge or lower gain one use of the Rote ability for an Intelligence-based Skill roll within the next day.
Cause: Absorbing an amount of Academia Resonance Essence equal to Composure in a single roll.
End: Essence pool drops to an amount equal to or lower than Primal Urge rating.
Nightmares (Persistent)
Experience terrifying nightmares that inhibit rest. Frequently lose sleep due to terrible dreams, failing to recover Willpower from rest.
Possible Sources: Failed breaking point, mental powers
Resolution: Face down what is responsible for nightmares, or gain treatment for condition.
Beats: Gain one Beat at the end of any game session in which the Storyteller denies Willpower recovery from rest.
End condition to gain a point of Willpower and reduce exceptional success from 5 succ to 3 when taking an action pertaining to inspiration.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Crafts, Expression; Inspiring Merit, mental powers
Resolution: You spend inspiration to spur yourself to greater success, resolving the Condition as described above.


Born: June 11, 1991

Jace transferred to the University of Astoria last year from DePaul University in Chicago. He had been a freshman in DePaul's Driehaus College of Business, but an interest in green industry, especially renewable energy technology, drew him to the emerging scene in Astoria. He continues to pursue a business degree but also dabbles in environmental and marine engineering.

His looks and somewhat aloof allure quickly made him a fixture in the school's party scene, and it didn't hurt that he always had money, drugs, and alcohol to share when he saw fit. It became clear to many, however, that Jace came from a background of privilege, and no one seemed to meet his standards for anything more than passing acquaintance. By the end of his first year, Jace made few friends and yet everyone knew him.

A few have noted that Jace puts much stock in his possessions, and his dorm room is filled with high end electronics and designer furniture and clothing. He intends to replace his aging silver blue Mustang with a cherry red Ducati Superbike this year. After spending the summer in Astoria to fit a few extra classes in, Jace realized that he has outgrown his dorm room, so he is also on the hunt for an off campus apartment.

Outside of classes and partying, Jace spends a lot of time at the gym honing his physique. He was on the swim team in high school and continues to hit the pool, though he no longer competes. He also boxes, but not with much dedication. Jace finds the ocean comforting, and he sometimes goes crabbing with a few other interested students and faculty members, a group organized by the Dean of Students Tessa Edmonton on her boat The Rain Maid.



  • Virtue: Generosity: Although he has had little practice in virtue, Jace finds fulfillment in giving freely to others the things he covets. He is especially drawn to those who have little of their own and come from poverty-stricken backgrounds, which he takes great pains to hide.
  • Vice: Superiority: When things really aren't going well, Jace's surest source of solace lies in affirming that he is a person deserving of a status above others. Often, he acts this out through sexual domination, choosing someone he previously rejected to now receive their much desired night. They receive instead a night of sexual humiliation, verbal abuse, and degradation so that they learn they should never have presumed they could have him in the first place.
  • Aspirations:
    • Become a member of the Vault
    • Remove Harris Clayton from Volk's influence
    • Recruit more cam boys
    • Have his relationship with Reese outed to the pack (Josh)
    • Be accepted into the Cult of the Gibbous Moon
    • Be accepted into the Lodge of the Bull
  • Breaking Points:
    • Passing responsibility off to someone's detriment
    • Injuring someone who is threatening his status
    • Seeing sexual assault
    • Being held down with cologne-like odors present
    • Seeing a child in distress who is alone


  • Possessions: High end electronics including a laptop and tablet, designer everything, a brand new cherry red Ducati Superbike, and Henry Mulgrew's Harley.
  • Weapons: Looks, fists, and scorn
  • Other Notes:

Merit Details

Friends and Family


Family seems to be a sore spot. All Jace ever says when pressed is that he intends to make a name for himself, leading many to believe he may be estranged from a wealthy family of note.

Abe Evans
The Surprise Bro
As far as unknown family members go, Abe could be worse. This diamond in the rough has already proven himself worthy of the new Evans name, so Jace is okay with him sticking around Astoria. Besides, he listens better than most of the Astoria pack and has a talent for deception. Jace is just annoyed the rest of the pack thinks he should care about Abe just because he's related.
Cameron O'Reilly
The Bro We Know
Jace is fully aware that he owes his foster brother Cameron quite a lot for destroying the O'Reilly family. If only Cam hadn't come at him guns blazing. And now that Cam is under Alice's claw, Jace knows the bill for his past sins has come due. Still, he hopes to get Cam out of this alive; he never deserved anything that's been done to him.


Warner Pelt2.jpg
Warner Pelt
The Fallen Boy Scout
Jace initially thought Warner was a total chump, but he's developed a protective attitude toward the boy scout. Jace recognizes that they are both dealing with Henry Mulgrew's death, but Jace has so far resisted pushing into Warner's affairs. Still, he worries that Warner might be more heavily weighted by the tragedy than he can admit.
Dane Ryerman
The Dealer
Jace made it a point to find one of the best drug dealers in Astoria when he arrived in town, which led him to Dane. The man had other, longer term customers, so Jace ensured his priority by offering a little more than money in return. Some oral here and there, even the occasional overnight, keeps Jace flush with recreational substances. Of course, knowing his fellow students' scorn toward the old hippie, Jace demands discretion in their exchanges. Still, he himself has a soft spot for the man, who represents a reprieve from the constant maintenance of his image at school.
Melissa "Sissy" Thompson
The Former FWB
Melissa spent the better part of last year trailing Jace at parties, but he ignored her. However, after a disastrous Chemistry midterm in the spring, Jace finally gave into her advances to work out some of his frustration. She surprised him by being a far more willing participant in her own degradation than expected, and Jace has seen her several times since. She confided that her childhood nickname was Sissy, which Jace gleefully started using in their encounters, and she has adopted its use more broadly since. Sissy respected Jace's requirements for their relationship and is apparently not bothered that Jace has moved on to other hook ups, so he is rewarding her by supporting her ambitions to enter the UofA's high society.
Harris Clayton
Former Study Partner
A sophomore that Jace met last year, Harris was a bright student that Jace recruited for JayCannon.com and to help him study. Harris was bitten during the Bonfire Party and kidnapped into Volk's pack. Jace intends to get him back from Volk somehow.
Thomas Michael Craig
The Departed
Jace bumped into Thomas at a party during Freshman orientation while sharing a joint. He inexplicably took a shine to Thomas, showing more than his usual amount of warmth. Of all the friends that have left Astoria, at least Thomas went of his own accord. He'll always have a place in Jace's pack.
Jace Silver Wolf.jpg
Jace's Wolf
Yeah, boy, we did it together. Hey, stay down! (He still gives great side eye, too).


Lysa Amber Godfrey
Veterinary Medicine Major (Sophomore)
The quiet one of Aedia's former group, Lysa is actually a clever and very likeable young woman. She is a good planner and coordinator of people who loves animals (and they love her right back). Though she had a reputation of having an unfortunately low self-esteem and a tendency to get "white girl drunk," Lysa has approached the Winter Term of school with a strong attitude and a winner's bravado. Jace has tagged her as a rising star in college society, so he's steadily bringing her into his orbit as he climbs the social ladder.
Carter Smythe
Engineering Major (Sophomore); Cross Country, Rugby, Wrestling (Captain), ATO
Jace once intended to make the late Henry Mulgrew the king of ATO, but now he's decided that Carter will make a suitable replacement to fashion into a power player in the frat scene and part of Jace's inner circle.

Potential Romantic Interests And The People Actually Getting The D

Davis Monk
The Boyfriend
Jace was attracted to Davis when he met him, but it was seeing him in action at the Bonfire party that really turned Jace on. Jace has never been keen on the idea of actually dating men, but his deepening connection with Davis can't be denied. He started to present Davis publicly as his boyfriend along with a little image polishing for the Marine veteran, but now that Davis is back with his family, Jace is in the awkward position of being semi-single again.
Reese Tavis
The Chew Toy
Reese has recently fallen under Jace's influence, taking up Sissy Thompson's role as Jace's sexual servitor. That he is also a werewolf is a bonus allowing Jace to experiment with the more bestial side of weresex. They both share a bond with fallen Henry Mulgrew, which strengthens their ties with each other. However, Jace has no intention of developing any deeper intimacy with Reese beyond packmate with benefits.
Tessa Edmonton
The Sugar Momma
Dean Tessa Edmonton helped Jace transfer to the University of Astoria, and they were involved sexually until Jace revealed the supernatural world to her. Tessa is more important to him than he openly admits because she's the first person he's ever felt he can rely on, and any glimmer of hope that there are good people in the world started with her. Since then, he's started believing in others, especially Davis Monk and the late Henry Mulgrew, but his recent reconciliation with Tessa is the best event of the new year.
Gary Bryant
Private Dick
Whoever this fucking guy is, his timing couldn't be worse. Jace is hurting over the loss of his boyfriend, and in waltzes some sexy dude who might be able to help get Harris back, so Jace can't ignore him entirely. Jace already has Tessa and Reese, he doesn't need a rebound, Gary. Only . . . fuck you, we need to talk.
Henry Mulgrew
The Lab Partner and Hookup
Jace may not be able to admit it, but he harbored far deeper feelings toward Henry than he ever had for anyone else. That specter hasn't passed yet.
Aedia Randall
The Sorority Princess
There's no point in regretting what's passed with the dead, but Jace has a lingering curiosity about Aedia the Alpha, the side of his fallen paramour he never knew.

Jay Cannon Boys

Zev Caldwell porn alias Johnny Brick
Former Coast Guard
Zev was the first recruit in the new lineup for JayCannon.com. He's former Coast Guard and an aspiring electrician, but he's making more money through the website than anywhere else. Jace will make sure the money keeps rolling in for Zev to keep him around until the Jay Cannon roster is more solid.
Clyde Griffon.jpg
Clyde Griffon porn alias Griff Kidd
Portland Burnout, Hipster Twink
Once a weekend go go boy in Portland, Clyde moved to Astoria to "take a break from it all" after his relationship with a sugar daddy went sour. He's pursuing an unfocused interest in craft brewing now and is all too happy to collect an easy paycheck from JayCannon.com to fund it. As Griff Kidd, Clyde fulfills the needs of Jay Cannon customers looking for a younger, fresher face. Jace is happy to have a cam boy who doesn't care about the seedier aspects of camming and is motivated by fast money.
Darnell 01.jpg
Darnell Wilson porn alias Danny Truth
Porn Activist
Darnell put himself forward to Zane Connley when he learned about recruitment for JayCannon.com. An internet blogger, he has argued for sex positive portrayals of gay men in media and felt called to step up to the plate when the opportunity arose. He also supports himself as a traveling reiki practitioner along the coast based out of Astoria.
Tommy Halloran porn alias Tommy Hightower
The Comeback Kid
A good-looking townie in his early twenties who has returned to JayCannon.com now that the blackmail situation is resolved. Because he was a popular performer, Jace is planning some special shows featuring the return of Tommy Hightower to JayCannon.com.
Kay Sutton porn alias Coby Slater
The Former Blackmailer
Originally responsible for blackmailing Tommy, Kay was in the closet throughout high school and beyond. He saw Tommy on a site he frequented, and tried to blackmail him. Zane sussed out who was responsible and has since not only helped him come out, but convinced him to work for JayCannon.com as Coby Slater.
Zane Connley
Marketing Major (Sophomore); member of GSA
Zane claimed to be working for JayCannon.com to gain access to the Vault. Jace was not happy when Zane revealed this, but because Zane promised to help market the site and deliver several new cam boys, Jace has let it go for now. He has suspicions that Zane may have been Tommy's blackmailer, however, so the young drag queen isn't in the clear yet. Jace has been careful to present a mix of promised violence and sensuality to keep him under control.



A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Downtime Condition: None
  • Money: Jace always has plenty of cash on hand for a college student, a never ending supply to most students' eyes.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Jace favors skinny jeans, leather pants, Ed Hardy or plain but expensive white t-shirts, designer tank tops, tight v necks (when he bothers to wear a shirt at all), baseball caps, and sunglasses in a broader range of circumstances than necessary. It's also usually evident that he wears fashion briefs.
  • Communication: Text, chat, e-mail, all non-committal.
  • Food: No carbs, lots of protein and veggies
  • Housing: Youngs River Lofts: A lavish three story loft that Dean Tessa Edmonton gifted to Jace, but he passes it off as an allowance from his parents. It is a much more convenient location for Jay Cannon performances than Jace's old dorm room.
  • Days: Classes and pack training. Jace has adjusted his old schedule to allow for more pack-oriented activities. He now starts his day with an early morning jogging patrol of the Astoria territory partnered with the more athletically inclined of the Astoria pack, typically Vanya Simonson, Reese Tavis, Warner Pelt, or Elaine Litchfield. In addition to classes, he trains with the UofA's boxing team, though he doesn't compete. On days off from boxing, he trains with Davis Monk in hunter and military techniques.
    • Fall 2012 Classes: BUS 301 - Prescriptive Business Analytics, ECON 303 - Financial Management, MARENG 231 - Wave and Fluid Mechanics, MGMT 301 - Organizational Behavior, PHYS 101 - Physics Fundamentals
  • Evenings: If there are any worthwhile parties at night, Jace is likely to be there. He's a regular at the Crossroads, where everyone goes to put in face time. Jace spends as much time as he can studying, but he also has to devote a few hours a night performing for and maintaining JayCannon.com. He covers this activity by pretending to hate being interrupted while studying.


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 4
Unspent Experiences: 1
Spent Experiences: 17
Experiences Earned
• June 25th: 2 beats
• July 9th: 5 beats
• July 23rd: 4 beats
• August 6th: 7 beats
• August 20th: 4 beats
• September 3rd: 4 beats
• September 17th: 7 beats
• October 1st: 5 beats
• October 29th: 4 beats
• November 12th: 4 beats
• November 26th: 5 beats
• December 10th: 4 beats
• January 7th: 4 beats
• January 22nd: 4 beats
• Between Sessions: 2 beats
• February 4th: 3 beats
• February 18th: 4 beats
• March 4th: 4 beats
• Between sessions: 1 exp
• March 18th: 1 exp, 2 beats
• April 15th: 3 beats
• May 13th: 2 beats
Strength 3, Athletics 2, Pack 1, Finesse (Brawl) 2, Wits 4, Brawl (Boxing), Harmony 1, Brawl 3, Composure Sacrifice 2, Gift of Change (The Father's Form), Harmony 2, Athletics 3, Status (Cult of The Moon) 1, Allies (The Vault), Hobbyist Clique (Persuasion), Boxing 3, Territory 2, Refund Improvised Weaponry 1, Boxing 4, Persuasion 3, Bestial Defense 2, Primal Urge 3, Harmony 3
Primal Experiences
• Current Primal Beats: 2
• Unspent Primal Experiences:
• Spent: 6