Janci's Beasts of Burden

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Owned and Operated by Janci al-Kriman

Janci, a delightfully intimidating middle-aged hill dwarf, is an agent for many of the livestock dealers in Korhash. He specializes in camels, but he has access to other beasts as well. He is one of the few merchants who can procure trained hippogriffs, although the price is outrageous.

Janci’s asking price for a trained hippogriff is 10,000 pieces of gold, although some few hagglers have gotten him to be more flexible. He can also procure horses, elephants, mules, and oxen.

Janci is unlike many of the merchants in that he extends credit to his buyers. He does this because he wears a mysterious amulet of power around his neck. It is said that this amulet allows him some manner of control over any animal he touches, even if that animal travels far away from him. Some even say his influence over the animal could reach even to the very edges of Gorgotha. Any buyer who attempts to flee with an animal that has not been paid for finds the mount returning to the Korhash, no matter what is done to persuade it to do otherwise, never to fall under the owners influence again.

Janci has established quite a reputation. Only the foolish or the ignorant attempt to steal from Janci. Janci cares for his animals, and all purchasers are warned that if they mistreat their animals, Janci will know and the animal will return. In such cases, payment is not refunded, because Janci has little respect for anyone who would mistreat an animal.